Khushi-its my life (Episode 5)


Episode 5:
Khushi wakes up and sees Rakshak getting ready. Rakshak gives a designer sari and jewellery to her. Though, Khushi is a girl who likes to be simple, had no choice except to follow his order. Khushi dressed herself as per his wish. Rakshak gets a call.
Rakshak:Rakshak speaking,who’s dis?
Vidya: Jijaji,I am Vidya,Khushi’s sister.
Rakshak: So?
Vidya:I want to talk with didi.Dad got heart attack and….
Rakshak: Khushi,its ur sister with her.
Khushi(cries): Vidya,hw r u n all?
Vidya: Di,dad got heart attack and admitted in hospital.They told 30 lakhs r required for operation.
Khushi:Don’t worry, I am coming.
she disconnected the call. Rakshak took mobile from her.
Khushi:I want to talk to u.please
Khushi(cries): Papa is in hospital.I need to go.His operation requires 30 lakhs.I need to arrange the amount.please allow me to go,please.
Khushi sits on her knees and begs him.
Khushi:Rakshak,pls I will do watever u say.But pls for once allow me to go.
Rakshak holds her shoulder and makes her get up.He slaps her and Khushi falls down.

Rakshak (shouts n warns her): If I say no for once,its No forever. Now ur dad is in hospital bed, but if u visit him,ur entire family will b on death bed.Mind it.
Rakshak leaves from there.Khushi cries and worried abt her father.
Its nite and Rakshak returns home.He knocks the door and sees him with a girl in drunken state.
Rakshak:Oh,I forgot abt u.Ok,sleep well and I am leaving to guest room.
Khushi sees the girl.
Rakshak: She came here to relax me and make me happy. She is very gud at dat. He puts his hand on the girl and takes her to guest room. He closed the door.

Khushi(thinking): What is dis? I had many dreams abt my husband n married life.But now all r shattered. I can’t save my family.How pathetic is my life now.

No,I won’t accept this. If I am like dis,he will suffer me more.I am his wife,not maid. I won’t accept his demon acts on me.I will stop this.I won’t allow life to happen, I will create my own life.

Khushi goes to guest room and knocks it.

Precap:Khushi meets Abhi and Rakshak finds Khushi missing.

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  1. omg i have one dount kushi rakshak pair or not ?rakshak fall kushi or not? pls tell me dear

    1. Dear,Khushi n Rakshak are the pair..

  2. Such a pervert chi i hate him yaar

    1. Yes he is not gud.But he will change..

  3. He is so bad..heartless…did he pay for khushi’s dad treatment

    1. Yes dear..he is bad..

  4. I think from now onwards she won’t accept his conditions .

    1. May b lets see dear..

  5. Story is getting interesting.. I think now we can see a bold and stern khushi.. Update nxt part real soon…

    1. Thank u Ananya dear..

  6. Intresting continue

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Rishi..

  7. Looks like khushi won’t tolerate anymore…hope for best…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Its updated,I mean submitted..

  8. raisha singhvi

    Sindhu you write so well I just love the story but pls make it a little lenghty pls its a request and update soon loved it ??

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..ok Surely I will make it lengthy…

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