Khushi-its my life (Episode 4)


Episode 4:
Recap:Khushi married Rakshak.

Khushi sits on the bed crying.Someone knocks the door.Khushi opens it.

Maid: Madam,Sir ordered us to decorate the room for…..

Khushi:Ok,come in.

They are decorating the bed with petals of red rose in the heart shape.They decorated room with flowers,candles.They kept fruits and arranged everything.

Maid:Madam,Sir told to help u get ready.

They are decorating Khushi too according to Rakshak’s order as if she is also a non living thing.

Khushi(thinking):Now,he had all rights on me and he didn’t even need my consent.What kind of a person he is.How can I bare this.Though he married me,I don’t love him.Without love how can agree to handover me to him?Hmm.However,I had no option.I can’t say no because my No costs the lives of ppl I love.(she hides her tears infront of maid)

Rakshak returned home n then maid left.He saw her n he refreshened n got ready.Khushi sat on the bed.He came near to her.She was frightened and he can clearly hear her heart beat.He is abt to touch her and Khushi closed her eyes.

Rakshak:Khushi,I married u to satisfy my ego.Now I am happy.I never touch a woman without her approval.Though,u r my wife,I won’t touch u without ur acceptance.But remember,it doesn’t mean u r free

Khushi(thinking): Hmm.Even in taking revenge,he had principles.Very strange but however God saved me.

Rakshak:No one can save u from me except me.

Khushi looked him with fear.Rakshak caught her lips tightly to see her feeling pain.

Rakshak:Now,remember the rules which I am going to say now.

1.U should wear designed sari n heavy jewellery representing my status.
2.Never go out of this room.
3. Should never call,talk or meet anyone including ur family without my permission.
4.Never cry infront of me.I hate tears,but however I must accept the truth that seeing u cry coz of me makes me happy.
5.Forget all ur likes n dislikes n act according to my wish.
6.Nvr try to question me.U should nvr utter a word before me.Coz u hav no right to talk infront of me.U hav only one option i.e. to accept every word of mine.So,no need to talk anything.

Understand?(shouted loudly)

Khushi was frightened n just nodded.He left hold on her lips.

Rakshak:Failing to follow my rules,u will face the punishment which u can nvr imagine.Anyhow,seeing Khushi who stands for justice n is courageous,frightening for me n remaining silent infront of me makes me hpy and satisfied.This is perfect punishment for rejecting my love in past.One more thing,to this world,u r my so called wife but to me only maid.Act accordingly.

Saying this Rakshak slept peacefully and with pride of winning her.

Precap:Khushi asking Rakshak to visit her dad,admitted in hospital.

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  1. Oh god itni saari ristrictions mad or what

    1. Hmm..he may not have any feelings at all..

  2. omg really scary episode dear ,but i like it very much dear keep it up.

    1. Thank u swara..

  3. So sad….but nice..

    1. Thasnk u Sona..

  4. Nice episode dear.

    1. Thank u Lakshmi..

  5. Omg sindhu KSV, how cruel is rakshak…so many rules n that too very unbelievable…poor khushi..feeling soooooooo bad for her…hope she change this cruel guy in sweet one…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Don’t worry Roma..He will change..

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