Khushi-its my life (Episode 3)


Episode 3:

Recap:Rakshak arrested on Khushi’s complaint.

Khushi goes to hospital.She attends an emergency case.Surgery was done successfully.Khushi is in her room at hospital.Suddenly,Police came there.

Police:We came to arrest u,Miss Khushi.
Khushi:What? But why?

Police:Due to ur negligence,patient had passed away and his wife complained on u.

Khushi:But,no.Surgery was successful.How did this happen?

Police:Madam,pls move.You can prove urself in court.

Police arrested her.Aft 15 days,its proved that due to her negligence,patient was dead.Her medical degree was cancelled and was paid one lakh as fine to the court.Khushi was shocked abt all this as she was unable to understand wats happening.Suddenly,she gets a call.

Khushi:Hello,who is dis?

The person laughs loudly.

Khushi:Who is dis?

Unknown:Hw r u khushi?R u hpy? I told u already dat u can’t escape from me.



Khushi:R u the reason for all this?


Khushi:Just to suffer me,you killed a person.How cruel you are?

Rakshak:I can n will do anything to suffer the one who goes against me.

Khushi:hmm.U can’t suffer me n take away my hpyness.I will reopen the case n will prove my innocense.

Khushi disconnects the call n cries.Aft 15 days,its Khushi’s marriage with Abhi.Everyone are happy and are in celebration.Khushi gets a call and She goes away from the wedding hall.Everyone searches for Khushi.Abhi goes to police station and files missing case about Khushi.He returns to the wedding hall.Abhi tries calling Khushi again n again but she didn’t pick the call.Shocking everyone,Khushi and Rakshak comes there as married couple.

Abhi:Khushi,whr r u n hw r u? Wats dis? Did he force u to marry him?

Khushi:No.I married him wholeheartedly.

Vignesh:Stop it.My daughter nvr do anything wrong.Watever she do,there will b a reason for it.Tell me Khushi,why did u marry without informing us?

Khushi:Because I know u won’t accept me marrying Rakshak and cancelling this marriage.Actually,I love Rakshak from a longtime.

Vignesh:We respect ur decision.Its ur life.When u hidded ur love on Rakshak from us n eloped with him,nothing remained to talk with u.Get out from here.From today,I had only 2 daughters.My elder daughter was expired today.

Khushi:I expected all this.However before marrying Rakshak,I already decided that I hav no family.From now,Rakshak is my family n he is my life.I am least worried abt u all.

Neeraja slaps Khushi and asks her to leave from there immediately.Rakshak and Khushi leaves from there.

Khushi at Rakshak’s palace:

Rakshak leaves to his office and Khushi remember his words.

FB shows.

Khushi gets a call from Rakshak and he asks her to meet him immediately.Failing will lead to her family’s death.She goes to Rakshak.

Rakshak:Wow.U look so beautiful as a bride.

Khushi:Shut up.Why did u ask me to come here.

Rakshak:To ask u to make me the owner of this beauty.

Khushi:What nonsense r u talking?

Rakshak:I will come to the point.When I got u arrested,I thought its a grt punishment for u but u made me realise that it doesn’t have any power by saying I can’t take away ur hpyness.So I want ur hpyness.Everyone says Happiness lies in Love.So,marrying u makes u miss ur love.Thats lifelong punishment for u.

Khushi:Wat?marrying u? I would rather die than marrying u.

Rakshak:hmm.u hav no choice baby.Because not u but ur family n ur love will b dying if u refuse marrying me.

He shows video of how his men kept bombs in entire wedding hall.He shows his men inside n outside the wedding hall.Khushi cries n requests him to leave her family and Abhi.

Rakshak:If u accept to marry me,then nothing happens to ur family.I am marrying u just to make u my maid and not my wife.Till u serves me n obeys my order,ur family will b safe.I promise u that.Now,do u agree to marry me?

Khushi nods.Rakshak marries her.

Precap:Rakshak starts torturing Khushi by restricting her.

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  1. omg how will kushi overcome in this situation really sad for kushi.

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes swara..but Khushi have to overcome bcoz had no option.

  2. finally its here..loved it…it going to b intresting

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Sona…

  3. Oh god rakshak is an idiot or what ohhh poor kushi

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Hi hayathi..yes now Khushi is in pathetic situation but aft 2 episodes u will see her courage..

  4. Feeling sad for khushi ….nice story n what’s going to happen next.

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes sad for Khushi..but soon she will face the situation in her own way n style..she creates her own hpyness,destiny n life,never let it happen..

  5. Intresting continue, one requevest write badmeejdil plz

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u..

  6. raisha singhvi

    Sindhu pls update daily really your fan fiction is wonderful just in 3 episode your story is well wriiten ??

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u ….

  7. Awesome twist. ..let’s see how khushi deals with rakshak…

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Roma.

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