Khushi-its my life (Episode 24)

Final Episode:

Episode 24:

The episode starts with Rakshak talking with Abhi.

Raks: Hw is Varsha?

Abhi: She is fine

Raks: Only fine?

Abhi: I didn’t get u Rakshak

Raks: Do u know Varsha loves u?

Abhi: What?

Raks: Yes she loves u a lot. Though she knew u didn’t love her she married u because of the hope that u will accept her as ur wife one day. I am sorry to involve in ur personal life; but I am concerned abt u n Varsha. Though u love Khushi, now she is married n she is happy with her life. Its really very rare to get the ppl who loves us a lot. Khushi didn’t love u but Varsha loves u. Pls tc of her n don’t do the same mistake which I have done. Its so bad to hurt the one who loves us.

Abhi went from there. Rakshi went to an old age home. Khushi took Rakshak to a lady n showed to him. Rakshak lost his temper n went from there followed by Khushi.

Raks: Y did u take me here?

Khushi: Don’t u know

Raks: I am an orphan n the only one I had in my life is u. dats it. I don’t want anyone else n I can’t forgive her in my life. She is the one who is responsible for the bitterness I experienced in my life.

Khushi: Raks, She is ur mom. How can u say u hav no one except me.

Raks(shouts): She is not my mom. She is the one who cheated my father n responsible for his suicide.

Khushi: Stop it Rakshak. What do u know abt her? Its true that she loved someone but married ur dad coz of her parents force. After that she dedicated her entire life to ur father. But ur chacha intentionally polluted ur dad’s mind for the sake of property n he kidnapped ur mom. He created a rumour that ur mom eloped with one whom she loved. Ur dad without knowing facts committed suicide. Ur mom aft knowing this killed ur chacha n is in jail till now. Do u know who is Mr.Sanjay?

Raks: Sanjay? R u talking abt the one who handovered my property to me? Actually aft leaving our clg, I went to Mumbai. There Mr.Sanjay met with an accident n I saved him. Aft that he told me that he knew me n handovered my property to me.

Khushi: Didn’t u feel it as funny? How can he recognise u aft a long time? Anyways I will make it clear to u. He is the one whom ur mom loved before marriage. Ur mom asked his help to find u. He is searching for u n finally found u. He handovered ur property to u n he left India.

Rakshak understood the facts n went to his mom. He hugged her n Rakshi brought her to their home.

Abhi’s home:

Abhi reached home n called Varsha. He sat on his knees with red rose bouquet in his hand. Varsha surprised to see him.

Abhi: I love u Varsha. Can u stay with me forever as my life partner?

Varsha: I love too Abhi

Varsha hugged Abhi. Abhi kissed her.

Rakshi’s room:

Khushi is starring at moon through the window n Rakshak hugged her from back.

Rakshak: My life totally changed coz of u Khushi. I got my mom,sis,frnd,new family everything just coz of u. U made me complete by taking away my loneliness. I love you

Khushi: I love u too.

Saying this Khushi turned n kissed him on forehead n realised wat she did n tried to move from there with shyness. Rakshak caught her hand n kissed her lips. He hugged her. Khushi hugged him back.

Next day:

Rakshi with Rakshak’s mom n Khushi’s parents n Abhi-Varsha n Vidya went to temple altogether.

Rakshi are happy with family n Abhi-Varsha started their married life. Rakshi is in touch with Maya. A true love changed the life of Rakshak completely. Khushi with her love n patience made her happy along with Rakshak’s life.

Scene freezes showing entire family together coming out of temple after praying.

Thank u everyone for ur support n love..Take care. Wish u all good luck. May ur life b blessed n shined with colours of love,frndshp,hpyness,success,wealth,kindness n prosperity as a rainbow. Bye everyone.

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  1. omg you end today inash and rakshi why dr pls come with new story. i really like your ff love you dr.

    1. Thank u dear swara..I will try dear to come up with new ff..But I am not sure..Love u so the best for ur future..

  2. U ended dis too. . .and dat too so fast. . . Pls cum up with ur nxt ff, ur a gud writer. . . Bye til den 🙂

    1. Thank u dear…Will try..Bye n tc..

  3. Nice episode n Happy ending .Raksh’s life is filled with happiness. Will miss u n ur ff soo much dear. I think u r busy it’s ok. Wish u all happiness n success in our life n all the best ,u will reach ur goal definitely. Bye u so much Sindhi????…take care…

    1. Thank u dear..I will miss u all so much dear..Yes sis, I am busy with my studies..So ended both at once..All the best..Keep smiling..Luv u too..take care..

  4. super story dear I love very much I’m reading this from 1 st itself super dear

    1. Thank u maya…All the best for ur

  5. Why did u end so fast???
    Will be waiting for your next story

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Ya aditi I am a bit busy..I don’t hav any idea of starting new ff in near future..Thank u..

  6. Yaar u end it so soon nice story thanq

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Rishi for following my story till now..All the best for ur

  7. Omg this tooo 🙁
    Y dear r u busy so soon u finished both …. Silent Tears are rolling down …. Not evn able to type … Bye

    1. Yes darling …I am a bit busy these days..Pls don’t cry..As I promised u I will b in touch with u.. Thank u for ur support,tc…All the best dear…

  8. Will miss u

    1. Sindhu K S V

      I will miss u too dear..

  9. Awesome, wowwww such a lovely episode…raks past revealed n khushi brought new light to his life…abhi n varsha cute pair. .lovely story. you loads for this beautiful story

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Roma dear..

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