Khushi-its my life (Episode 23)

Khushi 23:

The episode starts with Rakshak sitting on bed n starring at Khushi remembering her words. Khushi taking her jewellery at dressing table notices Rakshak looking her n blushes. She tries to move from there n slips. Rakshak caught her n Khushi fallen on Rakshak n both fallen on bed. Rakshak looked Khushi n removed hairs falling on her forehead n cheeks. He kissed her on forehead n cheeks. He touched her lips softly n kissed her lips.

Raks: I love u

Khushi: I love u too.

Rakshak hugged her n kissed again.

Next day:

Khushi:Raks, Can u pls tell me what happened exactly on that day? Only then I can convince Maya.

Raks:Sure. On that I am on nite duty n Sanjana is also on duty, but at different wards. Actually before a week, Sanjana told dat she had doubt on MD Smith that he is conducting few experiments of his newly invented drugs on patients which is leading to their death. Intentionally we both asked management for nite duty coz its the time when he conduct experiments.

As I got an emergency case, I am in operation theatre. Aft surgery, I came out n by that time I got Sajana’s call many times. I called her back but she didn’t respond. I rushed to her ward n found her in miserable state. She was still conscious but almost dead. She sighed me to check her phone n expired. I took SD card from her phone as soon as I can n I didn’t know who but someone hitted on my head n I fell unconscious.

Morning,I came into conscious but everyone blamed me for Sanjana’s death. I got arrested. But coz of DNA test I am proved innocent n I returned India.

Khushi: Did u check the memory card?

Raks(in tears): Yes. Sanjana kept her phone on the table n recorded everything. Their experiments on patients n their misbehaviour with Sanju was also recorded.

Khushi: Y didn’t u submit it to court?

Raks(tears): Khushi, I treated her as my sister. Its my responsibility to protect her self respect. So Aft coming out of prison, I used money to make doctors n others to shut their mouth. Aft that everyone believed Sanjana committed suicide but not raped.

Khushi(in tears):But how can we leave the culprits like dat? They must b punished.

Raks: We can punish only when they are alive

Khushi: Do u mean they are…

Raks: Exactly. None of them are alive.

Maya returned to Khushi after giving the ashes of Sanjana to her parents. Maya looked Rakshak n she is in tears

Maya: Bhai,Can u forgive ur sister?

Rakshak n Khushi looked her with surprise.

Maya:Sanjana’s mom told everything to me. Sanjana using an app enabled mobile to send the entire video to her brother through internet.

Maya hugged Rakshak. After a week Maya left to US. It had been a month,Rakshi are happy with their life. One day at hospital, Khushi slapped a person:

Khushi: How can u ppl be so rude? Ur wife committed suicide just coz of ur torture. How can u burn her cigar n how do u think that ur wife had affair with someone without proof. Its just disgusting. Idiots.

Rakshak n Abhi are watching this but Khushi didn’t notice. She took the patient to operation theatre n saved her.

Khushi: Look, from now treat her with respect. If a small injury happens to her, I will see ur end. Be careful. I will report abt u to police. Take care of her

Khushi left from there n saw Rakshak n Abhi.

Khushi: Wat u guys r doing here. Don’t u both have any work?

Rakshak: Just thanking God

Khushi: What?

Abhi: We are just seeing the dare devil.

Rakshak: Omg, Devil is back

Khushi: What happened to u both suddenly?

Raks: Just heard ur warning n watched ur slap to that person for doubting his wife.

Khushi understood what does he mean n smiled.

Khushi: Raks, Today at evng I want to visit a place with u. R u free?

Raks: Ya sure. I will pick u at evng.

Raks: Abhi, I need to talk something with u. Pls come with me.

Khushi left to her cabin n Rakshak n Abhi went to Raks cabin.

Precap: Rakshak meeting his mom n Abhi proposing Varsha.

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  3. Awesome episode, raks past was very hurting…how can some people stoop so low that can kill the very good person …it’s really shameful…so sad for sanjana…rakshi made for each other…khushi dare devil…wow…precap is very interesting….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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