Khushi-its my life (Episode 22)


Khushi ep 22:

The episode starts with Rakshi n Maya having dinner together. Rakshak is tensed n completes his dinner fastly n went off. Khushi is in kitchen n Rakshak goes to Maya.

Rakshak: Maya, I need to talk with u.

Maya: Is anything remained to talk between us?

Rakshak: Maya, I didn’t do that. Now even Sanjana is not alive to prove the truth. Pls believe me.

Maya: Yes now she is dead.So u can say u didn’t do anything bcoz there is no proof. I nvr forgive u Rakshak. I know now y u r requesting me. But I want to say u one thing, Khushi already knew everything. Atleast say the truth to ur wife. Now pls get out from here.

Rakshak shocked knowing that Khushi already knew his past. He went to his room n found Khushi doing some work.

Raks: Khushi, I need to talk to u

Khushi: About ur past? Don’t worry I nvr doubt u. I trust u immensely. Though wen I heard it at first, I am shattered but I know ur character so now I trust u. I called Maya here to give ur sister back to u.

Rakshak: But when did u come to know the truth?

Khushi: Before 2 days

fb starts:

Khushi is at hospital n got a call from Maya.

Maya: Hi Khushi. I am coming to India.

Khushi: Thats a grt news. I will receive u. But wats the reason for ur sudden arrival?

Maya: To meet my frnd’s family n give them her ashes.

Maya was emotional n Khushi didn’t understand anything.

Khushi: Wat r u saying?

Maya: Yes Khushi. I told u abt my frnd u remember?

Khushi: Yes. She was cheated n raped by the person whom u both treated as ur brother

Maya: Yes she was expired.

Khushi: Maya, if u don’t mind can u explain me wat happened exactly.

Maya: Aft completing graduation in medicine, I joined in a hospital “Veyance Hospital n Diagnostics” at Newyork. There I met with Sanjana n Rakshak who belongs to my batch n both r good doctors.

Khushi: Rakshak?

Maya: (scenes showed their bonding n love)Yes. He is so close to us. In very less time, everyone thought we are siblings. We believed Rakshak a lot. As he is betrayed by his frnd n had some past love failure, initially he didn’t even believe us. But Sanjana used to care for him n once for Raksha Bandhan, we tied Rakhi to him. From then, we became more close. Whenever we have any problem, Rakshak used to help us. We enjoyed this bonding a lot. There is no secrets among us. We used to fight, care n support one another. One day both Rakshak n Sanjana had night duty at hospital. Morning when I went to hospital, I am shocked to know the news that Rakshak raped Sanjana. I nvr imagined Rakshak would behave like dat. Sanjana is in coma for one yr and expired recently. That blo*dy Rakshak escaped from the case as there is no proof. Then he went to India.

Khushi disconnected the call n searched for that news in the internet n shocked seeing Rakshak’s photos. She cried literally. But she wiped her tears n decided not to ask Rakshak about this thinking:

Khushi(thinking): No Rakshak is not of that character. He didn’t touch me even aft marriage without my acceptance. He can nvr force any girl like this. Something is wrong. Though Rakshak is an orphan, he values relationships a lot. He nvr get such thoughts on a girl who treats him as brother. I must find the truth.

fb ends

Rakshak hugged Khushi

Raks: Khushi, really I am so lucky to hav u as my wife. Thank u for ur trust. I will surely prove the truth.

Khushi hugged him back.

Khushi: I am always with u in ur every struggle, sorrow n hpyness. Lets prove it together.

Precap: Rakshak explaining the truth to Khushi n their trials to prove his innocense to Maya.

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  1. wow kushi so cute

    1. Yes she is..

  2. Khushi is amazing n she loves him soo much .He is very lucky to have her in his life. Love u???…take care…

    1. Yes dear…Love u too…tc

  3. Nice episode..
    I have a doubt
    I have written a fan fiction
    And when I click submit it shows me the following
    “Missing Info:Challenge Question”
    What do u mean by that???

    1. Dear,it means a question given at the bottom before submit.. Its a very simple mathematical question..need to solve it..

      1. Thank u soo much

  4. Sindhu awsome yaar khushi,s charectes so sweet keep going

    1. Thank u Rishi…

  5. Awesome, lovely episode, sindhu it’s a great story…raks past is very bitter but khushi loves him unconditionally n knows him very well…precap is very good. raks will prove his innocence with help of khushi. ..wowwww,..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma darling..

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