Khushi-its my life (Episode 21)



Episode 21:

Recap: Rakshi’s lovely moments

The episode starts with Khushi studying the file of a patient. Attender knocks her door.

Khushi: Yes come in

Attn: Madam,Sir is calling u

Khushi: Sir??

Attn: MD sir.

Khushi: ok.I will come.

Khushi(thinks): Y did Rakshak call me?

Khushi went to Rakshak’s room n opened his door with anger (fake anger). Rakshak is thinking that still she is angry on him truly.

Rakshak: Don’t u know the manners of knocking the door before entering MD’s room?

Khushi: What? U urself called me

Rakshak: Ok.Come in Dr.Khushi. Take ur seat.

Khushi: Rakshak, don’t waste my time.Tell me why did u call me?

Rakshak: Dr.Khushi, I am ur MD not ur husband to vent ur anger on me.

Khushi: Don’t test my patience Rakshak.

Rakshak: Yes. I too thought to say the same.

Khushi: What do u mean?

Raks: Y r u late today? Don’t u know the timings of our hospital? Don’t test my patience. I hate my staff coming late.

Khushi: Don’t u know the reason for my late?

Raks: How can I know? Dr.Khushi, didn’t u know how to talk with ur boss?

Khushi: Ok sir. I am late because my husband is suffering with mental illness. So, I gave medicine to him n I came. So its late.

Raks:Oh so sad doctor. Hw r u baring with him?

Khushi: Its my fate sir.

Raks: But actually I came to know he is mad coz of u.

Khushi: Thank God. However u too accepted my husband is mad.

Raks: Yes he is mad of u n for u.

Khushi admiring him n his love.

Raks: By the way I called u because I am having some problem with my heart. Can u pls check as u r famous cardiologist.

Khushi took her stethoscope n acted as if she is testing him.

Khushi: Oh my God. Bad news for u sir. The problem is u didn’t hav heart at all

Raks: Yes I know.

Khushi: What?

Raks: Yes I gave my heart to my wife.

Khushi left him n moved from there. But Rakshak pulled her towards him n she fallen in his lap. He hugged her.

Khushi: Sir, this is not fair. I am not ur wife. Leave me.

Raks: Now its lunch time darling. So now u r my sweet wife.

Khushi: Really?

Raks: What

Khushi: Now I am ur wife, right?

Raks: Yes

Khushi: Ok then

Khushi turned towards him n started beating him playfully on his chest with her hands. Rakshak caught both her hands n pulled her more closer n kissed on her cheeks.

Khushi: Rakshak,pls leave me. I need to go. Its hospital

Raks: Ok. But on one condition.

Khushi: what

Raks: Tell me I love you

Khushi looked into his eyes n released herself from his hands n got out from his lap.

Khushi: Love is not something which u can get through force Rakshak. You can’t get love even if u use ur whole money n power. I need to go. Bye.

Khushi left from there n Rakshak thought a while n then felt relaxed as if he got some idea. Rakshak went to her room n opened it n saw Khushi crying. Khushi wiped her tears seeing him n turned back. Rakshak holded her hand n took her to home.

Khushi: What happen to u?

Rakshak: Nothing. I know u will b crying. So came to ur room. I took u to home bcoz I want to end this today. Khushi didn’t understand. Rakshak went n brought water n coffee for both of them.

Khushi: If u want coffee, u can tell me. Y did u prepare it? I will do it for u.

Raks: Y? is coffee becomes poison if I prepare?

Khushi didn’t say anything n took coffee but Rakshak can sense that she is regretting for her words. Rakshak took her hands into his hands.

Rakshak: Khushi, I know y u r acting as if u r angry on me.

Khushi shocked listening his words.

Raks: U r not angry on me. U still loves me a lot. But u know that knowing I am the reason for our child’s death, I will b depressed. I will feel guilty throughout my life for it. So u showed fake anger on me to divert my focus from regret to regaining ur love. U know well that in convincing u, I will forget everything. Ur love is more important to me than anything. Am I right Khushi?

Khushi hugged Rakshak n both had tears in their eyes.

Khushi: Rakshak, we can nvr change the past. Regretting won’t change past but can make future beautiful. So pls forget it Rakshak.

Raks: Can u forget it Khushi?

Khushi: Its difficult but I can forget it with the naughtiness of my this child.

Saying this Khushi caressed his hairs.

Raks: Don’t u ever get angry on me?

Khushi: I love u Rakshak. I never get angry on u. We can nvr hurt anyone whom we love the most.

Rakshak hugged Khushi n Khushi hugged him back.

Rakshak: I love u Khushi. I want to say something to u.

He broke the hug.

Rakshak: Khushi, I know my past actions made u to be scared of me. But now I changed. I nvr ever behave like dat with u again. I didn’t like u fearing for me. I want to see only love n hpyness in ur eyes,not fear. Do wat u want n b as u r. I am sure u nvr do anything wrong. Don’t sacrifice ur dreams n wishes for me. I want to see the old Khushi who is confident n courageous. Promise me that u will b as u are before.

Khushi hugged him

Khushi: Yes.I promise.

Rakshak hugged her n kissed her on forehead admiring her pure n unconditional love.

Next day:

Khushi and Rakshak had their breakfast.

Khushi::Today my frnd is coming from US. I am going to airport to receive her. Can u come earlier to home?

Raks: I am not going to office today. I can’t leave u to go alone anywhere till u recover completely. Lets go together n pick ur frnd from airport.

Khushi n Rakshak went to airport. Khushi pointed soneone n said she is her frnd. Rakshak shocked seeing her frnd. Khushi waved her hand b she came to her.

Khushi: Hi Maya

Khushi hugged Maya.

Khushi: This is Rakshak, my husband. Rakshak, my best friend Maya.

Maya looked him with mixed feelings of sorrow,anger n confusion. However both greeted one another in front of Khushi. Khushi observed their face feelings but acted as if she didn’t notice.

Precap: Maya revealed Rakshak’s past to Khushi leaving her shattered.

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