Khushi-its my life (Episode 20)


Khushi ep 20:

Recap: Khushi’s miscarriage coz of Rakshak’s torture.

The episode starts showing Rakshak in office.

Staff: sir pls sign these files.

Rakshak signed n gave back to him.

Staff: Sir, r u ok?

Rakshak: What do u mean?

Staff: U signed as Khushi.So…

Rakshak closed his eyes n took a deep breathe.

Rakshak: I am ok. Bring them tomorrow.
Today I want rest.

Rakshak left to home. As Khushi is at hospital,now he is all alone. He went to his room. He remembered Khushi n their lovely moments. He threw all the things. He went to make coffee in kitchen. He remembered hugging Khushi n kissing her. Milk over boiled n Rakshak irritated n threw the entire bowl in sink. He sat in hall n remembered their fun time.

Rakshak(thinking): Khushi, U totally became a part of my life. If u leave me, this silence will kill me. I can’t correct my past deeds. I can’t bring our child back. But I am not ready to let u go from my life. Without u, I don’t find any need to live. I don’t know how to convince u but I will nvr leave any chance to make u to love me.

Rakshak unable to stay there n came to his hospital. He went n opened door of Khushi’s room. Khushi n Abhi r busy n so serious in discussing abt a patient.

Rakshak: R u busy or shall I come in?

Abhi n Khushi looked at him. Khushi is frightened remembering Rakshak’s reaction in the past wen he saw her with Abhi.

Abhi: Nothing like dat.we r just discussing abt a patient. I am leaving. Bye.

He left. Rakshak looked Khushi n came near to her. Khushi is standing near her table. He came near to her n as she was frightened, she bent back on the table n closed her eyes. Rakshak looked her shaking lips n kissed her lips. Khushi opened her eyes n found him so close.

Rakshak: Shall we move?

Khushi: Ya sure

They are walking but Khushi is looking him. Rakshak found it.

Rakshak: I trust u Khushi. Now I really don’t hav any doubt on u. I love u.

Khushi n Rakshak sat in their car.

Rakshak: Where shall we go?

Khushi: Don’t we hav home?

Raks: I am asking do u want to go to our home or restaurant, beach,park, movie etc. Anywhere u love.

Khushi: Home is the best place. I want to go there.

Raks: But u don’t hav peace of mind there

Khushi remembered her words which she spoken in anger at mrng. She regretted for hurting him but didn’t say anything. They reached home. Khushi went to her room to get refresh n saw things thrown down.

Khushi: This is the reason I said I don’t hav peace of mind at home.

Rakshak lied on bed n got up with her words.

Rakshak: I will arrange things properly. U take rest.

Rakshak tried to arrange things but in vain. Khushi took things from his hands.

Khushi: I will do it. U go n get fresh.U look so tired. I will get coffee.

Khushi set everything n went into kitchen. Rakshak remembered that he threw milk bowl in kitchen. He came out n saw the room clean n smiled. Khushi brought coffee for him n gave it to him.

Rakshak: Kitchen..I mean bowl

Khushi: I can’t bring entire kitchen or bowl. Have coffee.

Khushi rested on bed n slept.

Rakshak(thinking): You r so sweet Khushi. We can’t b away from one another. I love you. I want to see love in ur eyes but still now I find only fear in ur eyes. I didn’t want u to fear for me Khushi. Relationship between husband n wife should be based on love not on fear. You should be free n independent as u r before our marriage. You should feel free to live ur life as per ur dreams. Marriage is not to curb freedom, but the extension of love to another person n his family.

Rakshak kissed on her forehead n Khushi woke up n saw him near to her. He went away from her.

Khushi: I will prepare dinner

Raks: Its ok.Take rest. I will prepare for us.

Khushi: No need.

Khushi made dinner n both had it. They went to their room. Rakshak hugged her n looked into her eyes.

Rakshak: Don’t u love u me? I know u love me a lot. If not y r u taking care of me n not allowing me to cook?

Khushi pushed him n turned back.

Khushi: I hate u I hate u.I am not caring for u. I prepared food by myself because watever u give me with ur hands, it will turn into poison for me. I can’t trust u.

Rakshak got hurted n went off from their room. Khushi eyes r filled with tears.

Next day:

Rakshak woke up n came to room n saw Khushi getting ready.

Khushi: Breakfast is ready.

Rakshak didn’t respond to her n went off.

Rakshak went to table found a chit near his plate. He opened it n saw the message on the paper written, “I am Sorry”. He smiled n looked her. Khushi didn’t react n had her breakfast. She got ready to leave.

Rakshak: Khushi, If u want me to leave to office, u have to give my gift. Otherwise I won’t go n won’t let u go too.

Khushi: Ok I won’t go n u too don’t go.

Its almost one hour n both r sitting infront of one another. Khushi went to kitchen n took water. She is coming into hall from kitchen n Rakshak stopped her n came near to her.

Khushi: What

Rakshak: My gift

Saying this he pinned her to the wall n came very near to her face n Khushi closed her eyes. Rakshak kissed on her forehead, on cheeks, on lips n her neck. He left her n Khushi is still closed her eyes.

Rakshak: R u not going to hospital today?

Khushi opened her eyes n Rakshak holded her hands n kissed her hands. Khushi lost herself in Rakshak’s love.

Rakshak: Its too late. lets go.

Both went to office but both r lost in one another thoughts. Both smiled remembering one another.

Precap: Rakshak’s true love convinced Khushi. Khushi’s frnd arrived from USA who knew Rakshak’s past.

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    1. Separation? No one can separate Rakshi..Their relationship is based on love n understanding..

  4. Oh good episode… Wow. Romantic scenes… Scary precap …. But Khushi is not like rakshak to become furious with out knowing wat actually happened with him…..

    She. Is an understanding girl…..

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  5. Awesome chapter and superb rakshi scene. Will be waiting for next chapter

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  6. So nic episode. Rakshak is really trying hard to get back khushi… Feeling good about it…

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  9. Awesome episode, khushi so much hurt n raks too regretting his deeds…ahhh… the fight…n deep love…so sweeeeeet heart touching story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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