Khushi-its my life (Episode 2)

Khushi is working at hospital.

Suddenly someone comes n close her eyes from back.

Khushi:I know its my swt swt enemy Abhiram.

Abhiram:Hmm..Khushi nvr lose.

Khushi:Yes she nvr lose till Abhi is with her.

Abhi:Love u Khushi.

Khushi:Love u too.

Abhi:Just one month remained for our marriage.Aft dat u r all mine.

Khushi smiles.

Abhi:ok,lets move.I will drop u at home.

They both r going in car.Suddenly Khushi sees a car hitting an old lady n going with same speed.Khushi sees who is driving from the glass.

Khushi:Abhi,stop the car,lets take her to hsptl.

Abhi:U nvr change.

They both took her to hsptl n admitted there.

Khushi went to police station n complained regarding accident n gave car num.Police checked it on the website n got details.

Sub Inspector:Do u know who’s car it is?

Khushi:Yes.Its Rakshak and he is the one who is on driving seat too.

SI:Do u know abt him.

Khushi:Yes I know.He is cold blooded criminal.

SI:He is a great bussiness magnet.Don’t take risk madam.He won’t leave u if u complain on him.

Khushi:I am not scared to complain.R u scared to arrest him.

SI:Mind ur language.I am warning u only for ur sake.

Khushi:Thanks but pls register the case.

SI arrests Rakshak.Rakshak sees Khushi in station.

Rakshak:Ur complaint had no value.I will b out within an hour.But u can’t escape from me.

Khushi:God protects me wen I stand for justice.

Rakshak:I can buy even that God to change the fate of ppl who goes against me.

Khushi reaches home n everyone worries knowing this.

Khushi’s dad:Don’t worry.I know my daughter always do only right things.I am always proud of u Khushi…

Khushi:Thank u dad

Khushi gets a call regarding emergency case at hsptl.She leaves to hsptl immediately.

Precap:Khushi’s medical certificate cancelled n Rakshak marries her.


Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      Lets see dear…coz sometimes ppl who r bad bcoms good n ppl whom we think are good bcoms villains later on..lets see whether abhi is good or bad..

    • Sindhu K S V

      True stands for anything..but few ppl goes back for their safety leaving the loved ones..lets see wat type of person is abhi..

  1. aditi

    Omg rakshak marries khusi so soon now the hate to love story will start plzzz plzzz update one more chapter I can’t wait plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sindhu K S V

      ya only the one who stays close can understand the good in a bad person..So may be Khushi’s hate turns into love..

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