Khushi-its my life (Episode 19)


Khushi ep 19:

Recap:Rakshak proposing Khushi,Abhi Varsha’s marriage n Khushi fainted.

The episode starts with nurse saying doctor calling Rakshak. Rakshak went to meet doctor.

Doctor:Sir, I am sorry to say this to u. Khushi’s life is in danger. She have to undergo a surgery immediately. Another bad news is

Rakshak: Do anything but pls save my Khushi. Wat do u mean by another bad news?

Doctor: Khushi had miscarriage. Baby was expired.

Rakshak: What? But we didn’t find any symptoms of pregnancy

Doctor: U will find symptoms of pregnancy only after 6 weeks of baby development in womb. But miscarriage may happen even in first 3 weeks of pregnancy without the notice of u both.

Rakshak: But how did it happen? There is no stress for her now. She is so hpy at present.

Doctor:Reports showed that she underwent physical n mental torture. This stressed her a lot n as she is weak, it led to abortion. If we examine the reports, we can still note that she is under stress even now. Her fear n stress didn’t leave her even now. We know Khushi well as a cardiologist n the one nvr fears for anything. But now we don’t the reasons but she became so panic n stressed. Anyways,lets do the surgery n take away the expired baby. Expired baby created infection n coz of that her life is in danger now. Sign these papers sir

Rakshak: Ok

Doctor: Even if she is saved aft surgery, still she had complications. So treat her with utmost love n care. Try to make her happy n relaxed. Until n unless her fear goes off, she won’t b fine. Take care of her.

Rakshak: ok

Rakshak came out n found Abhi there. Rakshak hugged Abhi. Abhi consoled him.

Vignesh: Wat happened to Khushi.

Rakshak abt to say but stopped by Abhi.

Abhi: Small surgery has to b done to Khushi for appendix. She will b ok.

Operation was done n Khushi came into conscious but didn’t find Rakshak.

Khushi: Rakshak

Abhi: I will call him

Abhi went to Rakshak

Abhi: Khushi is calling u

Rakshak: I can’t face her. Y did u lie to her parents?

Abhi: Because if they know the truth they won’t forgive u forever. Now u r changed.So forget it Rakshak

Rakshak:I can’t lie to Khushi. I will say her the truth.

Abhi:But we know well about Khushi. She will hate u.

Rakshak: May b I deserve her hatred.

Rakshak went to Khushi.

Rakshak: I want to talk with Khushi.

Everyone left leaving Rakshi alone. Rakshak went near to Khushi n kissed her on forehead with tears.

Khushi: Wat happen? Y r u crying now? I am fine now .don’t worry.

Raks: I want to say one thing to u n aft dat u may not forgive me.

Khushi: What?

Rakshak: U had miscarriage bcoz of the physical n mental stress caused by me.

Khushi: Miscarriage? Abortion?

Rakshak looked her. Khushi cried uncontrollably. Rakshak tried to console her by holding her shoulder.

Khushi: Don’t touch me. I hate u

Raks: Khushi, I am sorry. But didn’t do anything wantedly. I love u.

Khushi: I will forgive u but can u bring my baby back with ur power,money n status? Can u? U killed my baby. The moment my child was killed, my love on u is also dead. Don’t try to come closer to me from now. Stay away from u if u want me to b alive. Otherwise u will see me dead.

Rakshak: Khushi

Khushi: Get lost from here.

Rakshak left from there. Aft a week Khushi was discharged. Rakshi behaved normally before everyone without showing off their differences.

Neeraja: Khushi,stay with us till u recover.

Rakshak(thinking): Pls Khushi,don’t leave me. Pls don’t go

Khushi: Its ok maa. I will stay with Rakshak.

Vignesh: Or ur sister Vidya will stay with u both.

Khushi: No maa. U can’t manage everything alone. So I didn’t allow Vidya to stay with me.

Abhi: No problem aunty,Rakshak will tc of her. He loves her a lot.

Khushi: Yes he cares for me a lot n sometimes I can’t even bare his caring.

Rakshak looked Khushi as he understood wat she mean. Rakshak took her to home n everyone left leaving them. Khushi is in their room n Rakshak is in hall n slept in sofa remembering Khushi’s words. Khushi crying remembering her miscarriage.

Next day:

Khushi woke up n getting ready. Rakshak came to her.

Rakshak: Have ur breakfast.

Khushi didn’t answer him n got ready to leave.

Rakshak: Khushi,where r u going?

Khushi went to downstais n abt to leave. Rakshak was angry as she didn’t respond. He holded her hand tight n pulled her near to him. Khushi is looking him with mixed feelings of anger,sorrow n a bit of fear. Rakshak remembered doctor’s words saying to treat her with utmost care n love. His anger went off.

Rakshak: Where r u going without having breakfast?

Khushi was a bit frightened by his tight hold on her hand but confused with his words.

Khushi: Hospi…hospital

Rakshak realised her fear n left her.

Rakshak: I am sorry. R u not feeling now?

Khushi: I am joining in my duties again.

Rakshak: Take rest for few more days n then

Khushi: I want peace of mind. I can get it only wen I leave u. But I can’t leave u as I promised u. So I want to b busy with my profession atleast.

Rakshak got angry hearing her words which broke his heart as she said she wants to leave him. But he controlled himself. He can sense the fear of Khushi n her anger too. He know well that his anger is dangerous to her health n must control himself. Only his love can make her normal.

Rakshak: Ok.Have ur breakfast.u r so weak. After that I will drop u at hospital.

She had her breakfast. He dropped her at his hospital. Rakshak went to his MD cabin n Khushi is walking to reach her cabin in 5th floor. She went to the lift n found its under repair. She is abt to go through steps. But Rakshak came to her n lifted her on his arms.

Khushi: Rakshak,leave me.This is hospital n all r seeing us. I told u not to come close to me.

Rakshak: I am just taking care of my wife.

He dropped her at her cabin.

Rakshak: Lunch will b sent to u. Have it on time. Otherwise u will not have mental peace

Khushi: What?

Rakshak: Yes. I will b coming here to take away ur peace of mind. Tc.Bye. I love u.

Khushi looked him seriously. Rakshak went from there n reached his cabin.

Rakshak(thinking): I love u Khushi. I will do anything for u. If my anger is dangerous to ur life, I will leave it. I will leave anything for u. I will take care of u till u recover completely. After that if u want to leave me, I won’t stop u.

Khushi(thinking): I love u Rakshak. But u should change. U must control ur anger. U must think before taking any decision. Ur fast reactions must change. U should understand ppl by urself not through proofs n evidences.
I won’t forgive u till u change completely.

Precap: Rakshak realising Khushi’s importance in his life.Trying to convince her through loving her.

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  1. wow fantastic dear but please unite soon rakshi i love you sindhu the way your writing skill is amazing i have tears in my eyes god bless you dear

    1. Thank u swara…love u too.God bless u..

  2. Very sad yaar ,they lost their first baby. We couldn’t be able to take back our words n deeds which we did in anger. Same thing happened to rakshak he can’t do anything other than repenting for his mistakes. His love for khushi will definitely change in his nature. Love u sindhu???..take care…

    1. Yes dear..Anger always harms us n nvr helps anyone. Rakshak’s anger harmed his child n love..But don’t worry Rakshi will b united soon..

  3. Oh no miscarriage poor kushi

    1. Haan dear..But soon happiness will b back to them..

  4. feeling sad for kushi

    1. Yes dear..but sorrow is followed by hpyness..Soon they will b hpy forever..

  5. Awsome episode yaar continue

    1. Thank u..

  6. A bit of sadness and a bit of happiness in my mind now coz while reading I thought the problem with Khushi may b she became infertile for ever …. So nothing happened like tht …. Thus happy ….
    Chee my mind thinking always -ve ….

    Ooohhh poor Khushi …. It’s really a wonderful news tht a new life is living through a life …. But devastating news was tht it is dead ….
    Wat kind of emotions wil b rolling in khushi’s mind ….. Whether she should b happy tht she was a mother or whether she should cry coz she lost her baby…. Or whether she should console rakshak or console herself or wat all ……

    But evn in anger she dint leave her hubby’s side … That that is the spirit of love ( love aftr marriage) …… Good work ….. No awesome work …. No fabulous work ….. No fantastic work ….. No fantabulous work ….

    Uff I’ve gone mad thinking wonderful words to describe my feelings ….. But I really want to give you a tight hug….. Love ya and thank you soooooo mmuuuchhhhh ksv dear ….. U r one in my heart forever evn aftr my death in my spirit’s heart ♥….

    Lol this epi was like I blurted out some emotional talks …. Sory if I said anything wrong ….

    1. Thank u so much for ur love darling..Ur words really made me emotional..Luv u dear…tc..

  7. Ahhh, it’s so tragic for rakshi that they had to go thru this very tough situation. ..but as you said in last episode comments, raks had to pay for it…now both r in immense pain but their true love, care, deep trust n faith will bring them close again…I hope they’ll be together soon. you loads and take care

    1. Yes dear..surely they will b close again..Thank u for ur valuable comment..Lov u sis..

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