Khushi-its my life (Episode 18)


Khushi ep 18:

Recap: Rakshi dance n happy moments.

The episode starts with Rakshi looking one another still in dancing posture.

Varsha: Jiju, Shall we play song again?

Everyone laughed and Rakshak left Khushi. They came from stage.

Khushi: Now propose me

Rakshak: I already proposed u

Khushi: When?

Rakshak: During clg. Now its ur turn

Khushi: What? its not fair.U told dat u will propose me if I dance with u. I am waiting for it.

Rakshak(smiling): I am waiting for ur reply from 3 yrs dear.

Khushi: Do wat u want. I won’t propose. I am leaving now.

Khushi stood up angrily n moving from there. She reached the entrance of the party hall. Stopped hearing Rakshak’s voice n turned back.

Rakshak took the mike on the stage.

Rakshak: Khushi, from a very long time, I am waiting for this moment.

Distance made my love stronger
Time made my love sweeter

Ur love made my loneliness fade away
Ur patience made my anger stay away

U r my heart beat who made me to live,
U r my life who made me to love,

I am ur’s n all ur’s
I love u Khushi,
Can u be mine forever?

Khushi eyes filled totally with tears. Her emotions are uncontrollable. She ran to Rakshak n hugged him.

Rakshak gave rose to her,

Rakshak: Will u be mine forever?

Khushi smiled n took the rose.

Khushi: I am all ur’s ever n ever. I love u

Everyone clapped seeing their love. Khushi blushed. Party was ended.

Rakshi’s room:

Khushi is laying on bed. She looks dull n weak.

Rakshak: R u ok?

Khushi: I feel weak n tired. May b coz of dancing in party.

Rakshak: I think we need to consult doctor. Because from a week, u r saying u r weak.

Khushi: Don’t u know I am a doctor myself.

Rakshak: Me ( he stopped his words)

Khushi: How can u be a doctor aft discontinuing ur studies?

Rakshak: Leave it. I am abt to say that I am also tired. ok,Take rest

Khushi slept thinking his words.

Khushi(thinking): Is he a doctor? But he discontinued his studies. Why didn’t he change the topic. Whats there to hide in it?

Rakshak(thinking): U r right. I am a doctor but its a nightmare. I don’t know hw will u react aft knowing my past. But I hope our love stays forever.

All the rituals completed n finally its Abhi-Varsha’s marriage.

Varsha remembering Abhi’s words:

Fb starts:

Abhi: Varsha, it is necessary for us to marry for saving Khushi from Rakshak.Its the only way to make her happy. I know its difficult for u to marry me as we both didn’t love one another. But I will surely try to make u happy n we will b good frnds forever. I may not love u but I will surely take ur responsibility aft marriage.

Varsha: I am ready to marry u

fb ends.

Varsha(thinks): Abhi, u may not love me. But I love u. I nvr expressed my feelings to u n may be I can nvr express in future too. I am happy dat atleast we can b frnds forever.

Varsha wiped her tears n Rakshak saw that.

Rakshak: Varsha

Varsha: U here

Raks: Do u like marrying Abhi?

Varsha: yes jiju.of course

Raks:Then y r ur upset? If u didn’t like this marriage, I will cancel it now itself.

Varsha: No no. I love Abhi but

Raks: But Abhi loves Khushi. Is this ur prblm?

Varsha: Yes but hw do u know that Abhi loves di?

Raks: Khushi said everything to me. I know Abhi is marrying u to clear my doubt on them. But its already cleared. Varsha, don’t panic. I am sure love can change a person n surely ur love makes Abhi to love u. Don’t worry.

Varsha: I hope so. Thank u so much jiju for giving me confidence.

Rakshak left from there. Varsha n Abhi came into mandap. Abhi tied mangalsutr to Varsha. They got married with the blessings of their loved ones. Everyone r happy n youngsters started dancing.

Vidya pulled Khushi to dance. Khushi started dancing n then they asked Varsha to join them. Varsha n Abhi danced n Rakshak joined them. Everyone r dancing happily n with a hope of being happy forever.

Suddenly Khushi fainted n Rakshak caught her in arms. Everyone r frightened. Neeraja sprinkled water on her but she didn’t come into concious. Rakshak took her to hospital.

Doctor: We think something is wrong with her

Rakshak: What happened?

Doctor: Reports are yet to come sir. We can’t say anything now.

Rakshak: Save her at any cost. Pls doctor.

Doctor: Lets see the reports first.

Doctor left.

Abhi:Rakshak,cool down.Nothing happens to Khushi

Rakshak(in tears): I can’t live without her. I will become all alone. She is my only hope to live.

Precap: We think our mistakes r small n easy to rectify. But not all the time. Sometimes our mistakes are tough to rectify n may cost a life too.

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  1. omg what happened kushi i hope she is fine pls update next episode dear i can’t wait.

    1. May b or may not b dear..Lets see wat happens .

  2. Sindhi today’s episode was so fun filled but I am bit tensed about precap… Plz update nxt part real soooon.. I am not able to wait.. Plz update soon…

    1. Hi dear..don’t worry… Rakshak’s stupidity deserves punishment…Its not that easy to rectify mistakes..He must understand dat…He must understand wat is love,trust n relationships.. So its a small sad twist in the story..But it is just to make him change n understand ppl well n think before doing anything..

  3. Superb episode yaar. But what happened khushi ?

    1. You will know in next episod dear ..just wait

  4. Again seperation noooo plzzzz

    1. Don’t worry..they won’t b separated..You will see another version of Rakshak…

  5. Waaaaat …. Khushi ??? No y am I thinking so …. No nothing wil hapen to her. …..
    bee Eddbb dvasc
    I think her health condition worsened coz of she was made to walk too much during rakshak’s hate period towards Khushi….

    Really the precap seems frightening…. Fear ? fear ? fear ? evrywer , no one to share wit

    Ok no prob wat evr u do wil b very valuable and meaningful to evry ones living …. Thank u ksv dear ….

    As it is u creating this story I am ready to accept any sort of twist and change in the story ….. ?

    1. Yes his physical n mental torture towards Khushi is the reason for tragedy..keep guessing wats the tragedy…

      Walking,working without rest,standing,burning hand everything r the reasons..Twist is necessary to make Rakshak change n think well before doing anything… Though its painful, it shows his true love too..

  6. Nice update go on

    1. Thank u Rishi..

  7. Oh, so worried for khushi, what happened to her? Raks torture made her so weak n sick…I hope she get well soon. you loads

    1. Yes dear..she will b ok soon..

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