Khushi-its my life (Episode 17)


Khushi ep 17:

Recap:Rakshi united with Khushi’s parents.

The episode starts with Rakshi having dinner with their family happily. Everyone r laughing, Khushi n her sisters r teasing one another, Rakshak n Abhi chitchatting. Everyone completed their dinner went to their respective rooms.

Scene shifts to Rakshi’s room:

Rakshak hugged Khushi n Khushi smiled.

Rakshak: R u happy?

Khushi: So much. Thank u Raks

Rakshak: U have another gift too

Khushi: U r the biggest gift in my life

Rakshak turned her towards him n gave a envelop to her. she opened it n looked Rakshak.

Rakshak: R u more happy now?

Khushi:Don’t u hav any objection if I continue my profession?

Raks:Not at all. Khushi, Don’t leave ur likes for me. Be as u r n do wat u like.

Khushi hugged him with hpyness.

Rakshak: Can I ask u something?

Khushi: Yes

Rakshak: But pls b frank in ur answer

Khushi: ok

Rakshak: Do u really forgive me?

Khushi: Yes. I didn’t even remember. Leave it.

Raks: Because of u for the first time I experienced love n now I too had a family. Thank u Khushi.

Khushi broke the hug n looked him.

Raks: Do u want to ask me anything?

Khushi: Yes. But…

Raks: Its ok. ask me wat u want to ask.

Khushi: I…I want to know… abt ur past.

Rakshak face became serious.

Rakshak (shouted): Khushi, u r free to do watever u want. But don’t try to interfere in my life. Its non of ur business. Stay away from my past. Its better for both of us. Don’t take advantage of freedom I gave to u. I hate it

Rakshak left from there to balcony. Khushi looked him with tears. Aft some time,

Khushi(thinks): May b he had bitter past n needs time to share it with me. Its my fault to make him angry.

Rakshak(thinks): How can I talk like dat with Khushi? She is my wife n had right to know abt me n my past. When I asked her not to hide anything from me,I too shouldn’t hide anything from her. Unnecessarily I hurted her.

Rakshak turned to go to Khushi but stopped seeing her behind him.

Khushi: I am sorry for making u angry.

Rakshak took her close to him.

Raks: No Khushi. Its my fault to shout on u unnecessarily. I am sorry. U hav all rights to know abt my past. I will surely tell u everything as soon as we reach our home aft Abhi’s marriage.

Khushi: Its ok. Take ur time n tell me only wen u want to share with me.

Rakshak: No because if we think we can say when time comes,that time never come. And before the time comes our loved ones will come to know abt dat from others n lose trust on us. So I will say everything to u wen we return our home.

Someone knocked the door. Raks opened it.

Vidya: Jiju, Abhi jiju is calling both of u to terrace.

Raks: Ok we are coming.

They went to terrace and found all younsters there.

Abhi: Welcome to our lovely couple.

Raks: Whats up.

Abhi: Actually I had a plan for all younsters esp for lovers.

Varsha: What?

Abhi: Actually Sangeeth is only for girls. So, I am planning a different program similar to Sangeeth tomorrow evng for all youngsters both girls n boys. We can have fun there. What do u all say.

Everyone: Dats awesome. we are ready

Raks: U pls carry on. I hav some work

Khushi: Ya, me too

Varsha:No u both must come. Because u both are newly married n aft all we know that u r love birds from clg days.

Rakshak: No no thats wrong

Vidya:We know everything jiju. Di used to share everything with us. So u must come

Everyone: Yes must come

Rakshak looked Khushi n Khushi nodded.

Rakshak: Ok.we r joining u all

Abhi: But keep it as a secret from elders. Got it guys. Now go n plan for tomorrow. Gud nite.

Rakshi’s room:

Khushi is smiling.

Rakshak: Wats d reason behind ur smile

khushi: Tomorrow u will know.

Raks: If I ask u to say now?

Khushi: Tomorrow I will make u to propose me infront of all of them

Raks: Oh really.grt plan..but won’t work..Because my plan is always better.

Khushi: Wat do u mean.

Rakshak hugged Khushi n said in low voice in her ears.

Raks: This party is my idea to make u to propose me infront of all of them.

Khushi: Acha..lets see

Raks: Ya sure..plan well for tomorrow.For now Gud nite sweet heart.

Rakshak slept n Khushi preparing for tomorrow.

Next day evng:

Khushi wore red n golden colour lehenga with loose hair n matching accessories. Rakshak wore white suit. Abhi n Varsha wore chocolate colour suit and chocolate colour lehenga representing would be couple. Everyone gathered there. Party begin.

Abhi and Varsha danced on sun sathiya song.

Abhi: Now the most lovely couple are coming to entertain us. That is none other than Rakshak and Khushi..Welcome them

Rakshak stood up n forwarded hand towards Khushi asking her to dance

Khushi : I can’t dance

Rakshak(audible only to her): Ok then b ready to propose me.

Khushi: No

Raks: Then dance with me. If u dance with me, I am ready to propose infront of everyone

Khushi accepted the challenge and both came on to the stage.

Rakshak and Khushi started dancing n song plays:

Hoo Hooo Oooo..
Hoo Hoo Hooo…
Hooo Hooo…

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi,
Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen,
Utar Aayi Jheel Mein Jaise Chand Utarta Hai Kabhi,

Haule Haule Dheere Se,
Gunguni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Taranum Mein Tum,
Choo Ke Mujhe Guzari Hu Yu,
Dekhu Tumhe Ya Mein Sunu,
Tum Ho Sukoon, Tum Ho Junoon,
Kyu Pehle Naa Aayi Tum?
Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi, Hoo Hoo..
Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen, Hoo Hoo..

Mein To Yeh Sochta Tha Ki Aaj Kal,
Upar Wale Ko Fursat Nahi,
Phir Bhi Tumhe Bana Ke Woh,
Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya,
Rutbe Mein Woh Aur Badh Gaya..


Badle Raaste Jharne Aur Nadi,
Badli Deep Ki Timtim,
Chedhe Zindagi Dhun Koi Nayee,
Badli Barkha Ki Rimjhim,
Badlengi Rituyein Adaa,
Par Mein Rahungi Sada,
Ussi Tarah Teri Bahon Mein Baahein Daalke,
Har Lamha, Har Pal..

Zindagi Sitar Ho Gayi,
Rimjhim Malhaar Ho Gayi,

Khushi n Rakshak totally lost in dancing n forgot the world. Rakshak remembered his first meet with Khushi, their marriage, choosing first option to gain his love, her concern n love on him.

Dance finished n Khushi is in Rakshak’s arms n both are having eyelock. Rakshak is abt to kiss her but came into senses with applause of everyone.

Precap: Rakshak proposing Khushi infront of everyone n Abhi n Varsha’s marriage. Khushi faints in the marriage.

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  1. Superb episode dear. Both r planning to make the other to propose them infront of everyone… amazing year. Precap is superb n khushi faints ,seems like something good news.Will be waiting for next update n where is inash update?
    Love u ??..take care…

    1. Hi dear…Thank u..Khushi faints n it turns the story…Inash was updated.. I will try to update both in alternate days…love u too n tc darling sis..

  2. omg what happening kushi by the way nice episode dear

    1. Thank u swara dear..u will know wat happened to Khushi in 19th episode…

  3. Wowww awesome rakshak

    1. Yes he is becoming awesome day by day..

  4. This episode was fun… Loved it… I would love to see rakshak’s proposal… Update nxt part so soooon….

    1. Thank u dear..Ya in next ep u will see Rakshak proposing infront of everyone..

  5. good one!

    1. Thank u Roshini dear..

    1. Thank u Rishi..

  6. Wah ful paisa vasool episode ….
    Awesomeness filled…..
    No words to express ….
    Youngsters plan…… Dance ….. Both love birds plan to make each other confess ……. And the main twisty surprise is with the wonderful last words of precap ….

    Kushi faints ///?? Koi Kush kabri hey kya ??? Acha hoga aage padne ke liye aur bhi mazboor Ho gayi …..

    But ksv plzzzzzz update inash also simultaneously….. Rakshi also became fav for me but inash is ur first achievement….. So dnt forget inash ….. Thank u once again…

    1. Thank u dear..ur words really made me smile..

      No dear, I never forget Inash because frankly I love Inash than Khushi..but the prblm is Rakshi story is already written so I am just updating it.But Inash,I have to write the episodes…I am a bit busy with family n studies..I will try to update it as regularly as possible…

  7. Awesome, marvellous episode, rakshi sooooo adorable couple. cute convo n surprise party…dance n song very good. …what’s raks past? Precap very exciting n I think khushi has good news. 😉 ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug 🙂

    1. Thank u Roma darling..You will know reason for Khushi’s fainting in 19th episode…

  8. pls update next episode dear

    1. I submitted dear..its under review..

  9. thank you

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