Khushi-its my life (Episode 16)


Khushi ep 16:

Recap: Rakshak’s surprise for Khushi

The episode starts with Rakshi’s return to their home. Rakshak is getting ready to go to office n Khushi is busy in her works. Someone knocked the door. Khushi opened it n surprised. Rakshak came down.

Rakshak: Khushi, who is dat?

Khushi didn’t hear him n Rakshak came n surprised to see as its Khushi’s parents.
Khushi hugged them.

Khushi: Dad…Mom…(she is so happy)

Rakshak: Khushi,r u going to talk with them without inviting inside?

Khushi: Come inside dad n mom. Sorry I forgot everything aft seeing u both.

Vignesh: Khushi, I came here to invite u to ur sister’s marriage. We can’t enter into the house of a criminal.

Khushi: No dad,u r misunderstanding him.He is….

Vignesh: Wat should I call a person who married my daughter through black mail? Is he not a criminal? Entire world know abt him.

Khushi: Dad pls….

Rakshak holded her hand and sighed her with his eyes saying its ok.

Vignesh: U r my elder daughter. I want u to come to the marriage of ur sister.
He gave invitation card to her.

Khushi: Sorry dad. I respect u n love my sister. But I can’t attend the marriage as u didn’t invite my husband. How can I attend it alone even aft disrespecting him? I am sorry.

Neeraja: Khushi,its ur sister’s marriage. R u going to hurt her without coming?

Khushi: Maa, I didn’t want to hurt her but how can I insult Rakshak by attending it? Sorry

Neeraja convinced Vignesh n then invited Rakshak too to attend the marriage. They left. Khushi is upset with their words.

Rakshak: Khushi,now why r u crying?

Khushi: I can’t see anyone insulting u

Rakshak sat near her n took her close to him.

Rakshak: U r seeing their anger on me but I am seeing their love on u.

Khushi: How did they know the truth?

Rakshak: I asked Abhi to say the truth to them.

Khushi: I can’t attend the marriage.

Rakshak:But why? It hurts ur parents n sisters dear

Khushi: How can I go without u?

Rakshak: Who said I am not coming? I am attending the marriage. Both bridegroom n bride’s parents invited me. How can I be without attending? Its upto u whether to accompany me or not but I decided to go

Khushi:But Raks, they won’t treat u as son-in-law n u will b insulted before everyone.

Rakshak: Don’t worry. I will manage
everything. So r u ready to come with me?

Khushi:Hmm but still…..

Rakshak: If u trust me,then leave everything on me n just smile.

Khushi smiled n leaned on his shoulders.

Rakshak: Ur smile makes me crazy everytime.
He kissed her.

Rakshak: Pack our clothes,we shall leave to ur home today evng. Abhi asked me to come today itself.

Khushi:We can go on the date of marriage
Rakshak:But I promised Abhi that We r going to come today.


Rakshak: shall we hav break fast now

Khushi:I forgot. Lets have breakfast

They had brkfst.

Rakshak: I am leaving now,so u hav to..

Khushi hugged n gave kiss to him.

Rakshak: Khushi,don’t think abt anything. Just b cool n happy. I will make everything fine. I am leaving now,bye.

Evng Rakshak returned home n they both got ready n went to Khushi’s maternal home.

Varsha n Vidya: Didi

Both hugged Khushi. Neeraja came n took Khushi with her without even talking with Rakshak. Khushi turned back to see Rakshak.

Khushi:Maa, Rakshak also came with me. pls wait for a minute.

Khushi went to Rakshak. Rakshak smiled seeing Khushi tensed.

Rakshak: Its ok..lets go inside. Its our home,there is no need of welcoming us specially.

Rakshak and Khushi went to their room. At nite, Vidya called Khushi n Rakshak for dinner. They went n Khushi’s dad got up from the table to leave seeing Rakshak. Rakshak noticed it.

Rakshak: Khushi, I feel uncomfortable to eat together with all.So I will hav my dinner in room. U pls carry on with ur family.

Khushi took food to Rakshak. She too thought to have dinner with him.

Rakshak: Why r u having food here

Khushi: I can’t leave u alone

Rakshak: My dear, everyday we will hav dinner together.But till u r here, u just have it with ur family. Othewise they will get hurted

Khushi: They r hurting u intentionally but still u r saying not to hurt them.

Rakshak: Khushi, I am ur husband n u loves me a lot. But they r ur parents. U love them too. U should nvr hurt them as u love me. One day, surely I will win their love. Now u relax n hav ur dinner with them.


Rakshak: Don’t u listen to me?

Khushi:hmm ok

She left n had dinner with them. Everyone are so hpy as Khushi came home. Khushi is thinking about Rakshak. They had their dinner n Rakshak is on call in balcony while Khushi returned to room.

Rakshak: No Surya, I am not angry on u. But I just want to suggest u one thing. Without knowing totally abt anyone,nvr blame them.Especially in the case of girls n their character. I can’t leave that minister easily. He must pay for the tears Khushi shed from a year. He must b punished severely. I won’t leave him at any cost.

Khushi hugged Rakshak hearing his words.

Rakshak: Surya,I will talk later,bye.

He disconnected the call n turned towards Khushi.

Raks: Wat happen?

Khushi: I love u.

Raks: I too love u. But don’t u know that I need something else along with ur hug?

Khushi: Something else?

Rakshak: Haan..A sweet kiss

Khushi smiled n turned back. Rakshak hugged her n turned towards him.She kissed him.

Rakshak: Now u can’t stop me from loving u.

Rakshak sat on bed n pulled Khushi. She fallen on him. He hugged her. Someone knocked the door.

Rakshak: Who’s dat?
Khushi: Let me see

Rakshak left her. Khushi opened the door.

Varsha: Di, Maa is calling u.
Khushi: I am coming.

Khushi to Rakshak
Khushi: Maa is calling me
Raks: please go
Khushi smiled seeing his reaction. She left.

Her mom n sisters r showing sarees bought for marriage to Khushi. Khushi’s sis observed the injury to Khushi’s hand n caught her hand.

Vidya: Wat happen to ur hand di?

Khushi: Nothing its a small cut happened while cooking.

Varsha: But its not like a cut, it looks as if its a burn

Neeraja: Vidya n varsha, stop it.While cooking, injuries r common. no need to make it an issue.

Khushi: I feel sleepy.Bye.

Khushi came to room n found Rakshak sleeping.She slept.

Next day:
Abhi came to Khushi’s home. Khushi’s mom is feeding Khushi, Varsha, Abhi, Vidya with her hands as she usually do it. Rakshak saw them.

Raks: Maa, Can I join with them?

Khushi’s mom saw him n threw the dish.

Neeraja: Never call me as maa. If I have a son like u, I would kill him.

Saying this she left n everyone r shocked with her behaviour.

Abhi went to console Rakshak n Khushi went to her mom.

Khushi: Maa, y r u behaving like dis with Rakshak. He is not as bad as u think. Infact he is a very gud person. He loves me a lot.

Neeraja hold her hand.

Neeraja: I can understand how much he loves n cares for u by seeing this injury.

Khushi: Its just…..

Neeraja: Don’t try to fool me as u did with ur sisters. I know the difference between a burn caused while cooking n burnt by cigar.

Khushi: Maa, he is not like dat now.At present he loves me a lot. He had changed a lot.

Neeraja: Stop it Khushi. As he is ur husband, u can forgive him. But I can’t forgive him for torturing my daughter.

Khushi went to her room n thinking abt mom’s words in balcony.Rakshak came n saw Khushi thinking deeply. He hugged her.

Rakshak: Wat my darling is thinking so deeply?

Khushi: Nothing

Raks: Hiding something

Khushi: I am sorry

Raks: For wat

Khushi : For mom’s behaviour

Raks: I already forgot it. Any parent will behave in the same way wen a person takes away their daughter from them.

Khushi: Mom saw injury on my hand.So she behaved like that.

Rakshak remembered the incident n broke the hug n went into room.

Khushi: Shall we go to our home? We can come for marriage.

Raks: No Khushi. Their anger had a reason n they r right in their behaviour. I can’t erase my past mistakes by being good at present. Its my fault to hurt u.

Khushi: Rakshak,pls don’t worry. Situations forced u to behave so.Only situations r wrong n not u. I love u n I am lucky to hav u as my husband.

Rakshak looked at her with guilty for his mistakes.

Everyone came down n are busy in arrangements. Suddenly, Rakshak caught hand of a person and took him from there to a side. Rakshak heard him commenting abt his wife n her family.

Rakshak: Wat did u say abt my wife?

That person: Who r u?

Raks: I am Khushi’s husband.

That person: Oh u r that unluckiest. I said rightly abt her. She had love affair with Abhi n they both got arrested too. She roamed entire city with Abhi. Everyone knows that. But she married u for ur property n now Abhi is marrying her sister. So, great family.

Rakshak punched him on his face.

Rakshak: I know abt my wife very well. She is pure n the best. Never dare to talk wrongly abt her n her family. Otherwise I will smash u.Be careful.

He punched again in his stomach. Vignesh saw this.

Vignesh: Stop it.Wats going on here.

Everyone came there.

That person: Chacha ji,He is talking wrongly abt Khushi n our family. I asked him not to talk like dat abt his wife. He started beating me.

Khushi: Wat? Rakshak nvr talks like dat. I know abt him well

Vignesh: Stop this nonsense. Here I invited everyone n wished to get my daughter married in peaceful n cheerful environment. But because of ur husband, everything was spoiled. Khushi, if u want us, stay with us. Otherwise leave with ur husband immediately. I can’t accept such a mannerless person as my son-in-law.

Abhi n Khushi r abt to say something, but Rakshak stopped them. Khushi n Rakshak r in room n are abt to leave. They went to her parents.

Rakshak: Sorry dad n maa, though u didn’t like me calling u so, I am seeing my parents in u both. U r right that I didn’t trust Khushi n tortured her a lot. But now I realised her love. She is the one who changed me with her love n patience. I can’t change past. But I promise u that rest of my life, I will love Khushi unconditionally n will make her happy every second.

Varsha n Abhi, Sorry if I create any mischief in ur marriage knowingly or unknowingly.

Varsha: Yes jiju, u must b sorry for saving my father when all the relatives back stepped to help for his surgery.

U created mischief in my marriage, by helping my father to arrange money for my marriage unknowingly.

U did a very big mistake by warning a person for saving the respect of ur wife n our family. Though its not ur mistake, u didn’t say even a word for protecting relationship. So, u must b sorry.

Khushi is seeing Rakshak in shock. Everyone didn’t understand her words. Varsha explained everything that happened.

Vignesh: I am sorry Rakshak. We misunderstood u without knowing facts.

Rakshak: Don’t be uncle. Because there is no sorry between father n son.

Vignesh hugged Rakshak.

Vignesh: We got 2 sons in the form of u n Abhi. We are lucky.

Rakshak (thinking): Khushi came into my life n removed my loneliness n now she gave a family too. I love u Khushi.

Precap: Rakshi’s dance in Sangeeth n their lovely moments.

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