Khushi-its my life (Episode 15)

Khushi ep 15:

Recap: Rakshak bows before Khushi for her love n patience.

Rakshak: Khushi, u no need to wear this kind of sarees etc. Be as you are n as u like.

Khushi: Every wife decorates herself just to b beautiful in the eyes of her husband. When u like to see me in this attire, I will b always ready to dress myself like dis infront of u. Because because I love u.

Rakshak hugged Khushi n kissed her.

Khushi: Now u r getting late to office. So pls get ready n come down.

Rakshak: ok but lets have breakfast together from today.

Khushi: ok

Rakshak got ready n came down. They had breakfast together.

Rakshak: Ok, I am leaving to office now..

Khushi: ok

Rakshak: I said I am leaving.

Khushi: Ok,bye

Rakshak hitted his head n pulled Khushi towards him n hugged her from back n whispered in her ears:

Rakshak: I won’t go without taking my gift

Khushi: Which gift

Rakshak: Hug n kiss from u.

Khushi blushed.

Rakshak:I am getting late.

Khushi turned towards him n hugged n then gave a kiss on forehead.

Rakshak: So now its my turn

Khushi turned back n Rakshak hugged her again.

Khushi: I nvr imagined that Rakshak will b so romantic.

Rakshak: Its all ur fault sweet heart. U r the one who spoiled me n changed like this. I can’t stop myself from loving u.

Khushi smiled n Rakshak removed her hairs falling on cheeks n kissed her n left to office.

Rakshak returned home n found house locked. He unlocked it n went inside n called Khushi.

Rakshak: Khushi,Where r u?

Khushi: U returned so early

Rakshak: Yes. but whr r u?

Khushi: U didn’t say that u r coming home for lunch today?

Rakshak: Its unplanned arrival

Khushi: Oh sorry,I am coming within 10mins

Rakshak: I asked where r u?

Khushi: I am on the way to home.

Rakshak:Come safely. bye

Khushi returned. She looked dull.

Rakshak: U look so dull n tired. Y didn’t u take ur car with u?

Khushi: I just went to near by park. So, I didn’t find its necessary to take car with me.

Khushi sat in sofa n is thinking seriously.

Rakshak: Can u pls get me coffee?

Khushi didn’t react.

Rakshak: Khushi, r u ok? I need some coffee,pls.

Khushi is still thinking n didn’t answer him.

Rakshak(thinks): Wat happened to this mad girl? hmm..its ok.

He went to kitchen n came out with coffee for him n Khushi. Rakshak kept her cup of coffee on teepoy

Rakshak:Khushi, have this coffee. ur tiredness will go off.

Khushi didn’t react. Rakshak shaked Khushi’s shoulder to make her come into this world.

Rakshak: Coffee

Khushi: Oh sorry. I forgot. I will bring coffee for u.

Khushi stood up to go to kitchen. Rakshak
caught her hand n made her to sit near him.

Rakshak:I asked u to taste the coffee prepared by me.

Khushi took coffee n had it but didn’t even smile.

Khushi: I am a bit tired. I feel sleepy. If u hav ur lunch, I will take rest.

Saying this Khushi tried to move from there.
But Rakshak caught her hand.

Rakshak: Wat happened to u?

Khushi: Nothing

Rakshak:Khushi, I didn’t like u to hide anything from me. I am not asking this with my authority. But asking u bcoz if u tell the reason, I will solve ur problem n make u happy. Tell me

Khushi: Nothing.I am really tired. Nothing more than that.

Rakshak: r u sure?

Khushi: Of course.

Rakshak left her hand n Khushi served him lunch.

Rakshak: U too hav ur lunch

Khushi: I am not hungry now.

Rakshak looked her seriously.

Khushi: ok, I will have my lunch with u.

Rakshak: Skipping meals is not good for health. Don’t u know this Doctor?

Khushi is having her meals silently. Both completed their meals. Rakshak went to their room n Khushi aft completing her works,came to room.

Rakshak: Khushi, Evng we r going to some
place.Be ready


Evng Rakshak took Khushi to his farm house. He closed her eyes with his hands n took her to a room. He opened her eyes. Khushi is surprised to see the decoration of the room. It was decorated with her photos from childhood to till now. He clapped n petals of rose fallen on her from roof. Rakshak took her to another room. It was decorated with candles. He took her to the table n asked her to sit by pulling the chair. Khushi sat n Rakshak sat infront of her. Khushi opened the lid of the dishes placed on table.

Rakshak: Its ur fav Shahi Paneer. Am I right that its ur fav?

Khushi: Yes. So u still remember my likes.

Rakshak: of course bcoz I love u

Khushi smiled. They had their dinner n went to the room decorated with her photos. Rakshak sat on bed n pulled her towards him. She fallen on him. He hugged her n looked into her eyes.

Rakshak: U look so beautiful today.

Khushi tried to turn her face feeling shy but Rakshak made her to see into his eyes.

Rakshak: Do u like this surprise?

Khushi(smiled): A lot

Rakshak: I will do anything for ur smile. But nvr b sad. I can’t see u dull n upset. I am there for u to solve anything. I just need ur hpyness.

Saying this he kissed her.Khushi hugged him n tried to hide her tears. She is happy for his love but sad too. Rakshak understood her feelings.

Rakshak: Do u miss ur family?

Khushi: No because u r my family n u r with me right now.

Rakshak broke the hug n they both sat. Rakshak took Khushi’s face into his hands n wiped her tears

Rakshak: Do u miss ur parents n sisters?

Khushi hugged him. Rakshak caressed her hairs n consoled her.

Rakshak: So is this the reason for ur dullness

Khushi: How do u know?

Rakshak: I can understand u dear. But y don’t u tell me? Do u felt that I will feel bad for making u away from them?

Khushi didn’t understand wat to say.

Rakshak: Don’t worry. I will take u to ur parents tomorrow.

Khushi: But they will b angry on us

Rakshak: I will tell the truth that y agreed to marry me.

Khushi: Then they will b angry on u.

Rakshak: I can bare anything for u. Now leave all this. I will set everything right. Now please smile.

Khushi smiled n hugged him. Rakshak too hugged her. Khushi slept happily remembering his love n Rakshak smiled seeing Khushi’s hpyness.

Precap: Rakshak tolerating anger n insults from Khushi’s parents for uniting Khushi with her parents.

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  1. Wowww rakshak charecter nice na

    1. Yes by day he is becoming so sweet.. May b its the reward for Khushi’s love..

  2. how sweet rakshak

    1. Yup dear..he became so swt..

  3. Woww..such a nice episode..Poor rakshak will have to bear insult..vey sad..

    1. Don’t worry dear..I will end the next episode with hpyness..but don’t u feel Rakshak should bare some insults for her whereas Khushi bared a lot of torture for him..?

      1. Yaaa I agree with you..he tortured khushi very badly

  4. Rakahak has become soo sweet.. I loved his this change… But tomorrow’s episode seems emotional..

    1. Yes he changed a lot..Its so sweet too …But actually its not change bcoz he loves her from a long time but coz of misunderstanding he tortured her.Now its cleared n hence his love is back..

    1. Thank u Rishi…

  5. Superb episode dear.Umm rakshak became sweet n naughty. For khushi’s happiness he should bare some troubles .Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care..

    1. Thank u Lakshmi..Yup he had to go through few troubles for her.. Love u too swt

  6. pls update soon dear

    1. Hi geetha..I will update it asap dear..

  7. Awesome episode, rakshi getting better with each episode, precap is nice. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u..Ya Rakshi are trying to forget everything that happened…but its not that easy all the time…

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