Khushi-its my life (Episode 14)


Episode 14:

Rakshak realised the truth n apologised Abhi

The episode starts with Khushi switching on the TV. She saw the news of reopening her case and arrest of minister’s son. Khushi was shocked to see the news.

Now her mind is filled with negative thoughts as Rakshak didn’t reach home yet. Her fear was increasing by every minute. Suddenly the door was unlocked. Rakshak returned.

Khushi ran to him n hugged him.

Khushi: Where r u till now? Y r u so late. I am so worried about u. I can’t even come out or call u. U may b angry on me but this is really too much of hurting me Rakshak.

Though he understood her tension, he didn’t hug her bcoz of guilt. Her love made him more guilt. He remembered his words, slapping her, burning her hand, making her to stand in chilled weather n hot sun, restricting her etc.

Khushi realised that he didn’t react. She thought still he didn’t trust her. She left him

Khushi: Sorry. Pls fresh up n come. Dinner is ready.

Khushi turned to leave.

Rakshak: Khushi

Khushi turned towards him . Rakshak is on his knees.

Rakshak: Khushi, I am sorry. Sorry for everything.

He caught both her hands. He is in tears.

Rakshak: Sorry for everything I did till now. I know that a simple word sorry can never erase my fault. I can’t take away the pain u felt these days coz of me. I don’t know whether u can forgive me or not. I know I am not a good husband n not at all suitable to u. But still I want to say only one thing to u now i.e. not I love you but I trust u. I trust u n ur love completely. Today I really bowed down for ur unconditional love n never weavering patience.

Khushi is so happy that she can’t even control her tears but this time it’s happy tears.

Khushi: Rakshak,pls get up first.pls.

Khushi hugged him.

Khushi: Rakshak, U didn’t do anything wrong. Though u hurted me, I always found ur love in that. U r such a great husband. Till now though I am pretending to b happy, I am always dying inside of the blame posed by minister on me. Today, its most important day in my life. Because I am relieved from the blame on my character. This is all because of u Rakshak. Husband is the one who protects wife from all sufferings n hardships in life. For me, u r the best husband. U r the one who erased blame on my character permanently. I love you so much.

Rakshak lifted Khushi in his arms. He took her to the room n dropped on bed. He kissed her on forehead n cheeks.

Khushi: Rakshak, we still hav time for this. Fresh up n hav ur dinner.

Saying this Khushi got up from bed. Rakshak caught her hand.

Rakshak: Wait. sit Khushi. From today pls don’t do anything till u recover completely. I can’t see u in pain anymore. U r a princess for ur parents n for me, u r my queen.

Rakshak and Khushi had their dinner together. Rakshak n Khushi went to their room. Rakshak hugged Khushi n turned her towards him. He moved his fingers from forehead to cheeks n then on her lips. Khushi can clearly feel his love through his soft touch.

Rakshak: U r the one and only beautiful girl in this whole world to me. I love u Khushi.

Khushi blushed n saw into his eyes.

Rakshak: Do u still love me?

Khushi: Can’t u see my love on u in my eyes?

Rakshak: I can see myself in u.

Khushi: Thats the only way to express love perfectly.

Rakshak kissed her. Rakshak hugged her tightly which resembles feelings in his heart that he can’t live without her n she is his life. Khushi hugged him back saying to him silently that she doesn’t need anything than his love.

Next day:

Rakshak woke up n saw Khushi getting ready. Rakshak hugged her from back n moved his fingers on Khushi’s back.

Rakshak: I love you Khushi.

Khushi: Love u too. But its already morning,so leave me.

Rakshak: I can’t leave u even for a second. Why should I leave my love?

Khushi: Because if I get late in making things done, my husband will be angry on me.

Rakshak turned Khushi towards him. Khushi saw tears in his eyes.

Rakshak: From now ur husband will never b angry on u. Because he loves u a lot more than himself.

Khushi wiped his tears.

Khushi: Sorry Raks, I am just joking. Lets forget everything n b happy.

Rakshak: Raks (Khushi used to call him Raks in their clg days)? is my Khushi back to me? Khushi, u no need to wear this kind of sarees etc. Be as you are n as u like.

Khushi: Every wife decorates herself just to b beautiful in the eyes of her husband. When u like to see me in this attire, I will b always ready to dress myself like dis infront of u. Because because I love u.

Precap: Rakshak’s surprise for Khushi

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