Khushi-its my life (Episode 13)


Episode 13:

Recap: Khushi failed to prove her innocense.

The episode starts with Rakshak returning home. Khushi was sleeping coz of tiredness. Rakshak sees Khushi.

Rakshak(shouts): Khushi

Khushi woke up slowly.

Rakshak: Did u prepare dinner for me?

Khushi: Rakshak, sorry I slept till now. I didn’t even know wen I fall asleep. Pls give me sometime n I will do everything.

Khushi stood up n was walking very slow. Rakshak didn’t observe her. Khushi is preparing dinner. Rakshak went to her.

Rakshak: Prepare dinner only for me. U r not allowed to hav ur dinner today for forgetting ur works. Tomorrow by the time I get up, arrange everything properly in our room. All the works must b done before I woke up.

Khushi nodded. He didnt allow her to have brk fst n she felt restless n slept without having her lunch. She is so hungry n weak. But she can’t say that to him coz she is really scared these days for his anger. Khushi silently served him dinner n slept. Khushi didn’t sleep properly coz she may not wake up early n Rakshak reacts rudely to her.

Rakshak woke up n saw Khushi arranging everything in room properly.

Rakshak: So u woke up early today. Thats gud.

Khushi saw him.

Khushi: Yes. I arranged things in order. You can get ready. I made everything ready.

Rakshak: Break fast?

Khushi: its ready.

Rakshak: Very good. Did u clean the whole house today?

Khushi: Yes

Rakshak: Ok. now u go n wait for me. I will come down.

Khushi: ok

Rakshak came down n had breakfast.

Rakshak: Khushi,today I am giving a party to my business partners n frnds. Prepare these items (he handovered a big list to her). Do everything by ur own.

Khushi: But Rakshak, I am not feeling well. Pls give me atleast 2 days time to recover.

Rakshak: Khushi,don’t make me again to lose control on my anger. U must follow my orders. Thats it. U can’t take rest bcoz u r not well coz of my punishments. But u deserve more than that. I won’t allow u to rest till u r proved innocent. Till then u must work without rest. Prepare everything on time. Everything must b perfect. If u didn’t do it, u know better wat I will do.

Khushi: ok

Khushi feels very tired n weak.But she prepared everything. Rakshak reached home

Rakshak: Did u complete the work?

Khushi: Yes.

Party is started. Khushi served everyone n made the party successful. She was so tired n slept. Rakshak slept thinking abt that truth is going to come out tomorrow. Morning he had break fast silently n went off. Khushi is so scared as its her last chance n if truth didn’t come out, she is not in a position to bare his torture anymore as she is so tired both physically n mentally. At the sametime she can’t even leave Rakshak bcoz she promised him that she nvr leaves him.

Rakshak got the details of the minister. Rakshak went to minister directly. As Rakshak is famous, minister identified him easily.

Rakshak: Sir, I want to conduct a business with ur son as partner.

Minister: Glad to know it Mr.Rakshak. My son will meet u within 2 hrs.

Rakshak left from there n he completed a business meet n was going out from a restaurant.

Unknown: Rakshak

Rakshak: Avinash?

Avi: Thank God u recognised me. hw r u? whr r u all these days?

Rak: I am doing great. I came from US one year before. hw r u?

Avi: I am fine. I am staying in Mumbai n came hyderabad today for my sister’s marriage.

Rak: Ok

Avi: By the way did u contact Khushi n Abhi?

Rak: I..I didn’t

Avi: Oh God. U hav to meet them. Aft all they r ur best frnds na.

Rak: Frndshp is ended wen I left our clg before 3 yrs.

Avi: Only frndshp or love too?

Rak: What? Love?

Avi: Don’t act Rakshak. Don’t u know how much Khushi loves u? When u left the clg Abhi n Khushi searched for u a lot. But u r not found. Khushi cancelled all the matches choosed by her parents n waited for u. She is always confident that one day u will come back to her. Abhi n Khushi missed their happy days in clg the moment u left. Abhi is really a gud frnd n even aft clg he searched for u. But now u r saying u didn’t meet them n frndshp was ended. By seeing ur attire, I can say u r in a good position. May b ur status made u blind n to forget ur frndshp. I didn’t want to talk to u anymore.

Avinash left. Rakshak was almost shattered. He came into this world with his mobile ringing.

Other side: Sir, u r right. The CD given by u is tampered. We abducted minister’s son n hotel manager n they confessed the truth. We are abt to get original CD within 15 mins.

Rakshak: Ok. send me the CD to the office.

Rakshak left to office. The boy entered n handovered CD. Rakshak played it n saw minister’s son locking Abhi n Khushi in room n calling police. Rakshak called Surya to reopen Khushi’s case.

He remembered the words of Khushi n Abhi saying that Khushi loves him. He is totally shattered n his eyes are filled with tears. He started his car n went to Abhi.Abhi is in his cabin at hospital.

Rakshak: Abhi

Abhi: Rakshak? U here???

Rakshak hugged Abhi. Abhi is in shock seeing Rakshak in that condition.

Abhi: Rakshak, r u ok? Wat happened to u? Is Khushi ok? Y r u……

Rakshak: I am sorry Abhi. I didn’t understand ur frndshp. U r a gud frnd. I am sorry.

Abhi eyes are filled with tears.

Abhi: No Rakshak. Don’t b sorry. I can understand ur situation. Even if I am in ur situation, I will misunderstand u too. Now u realised truth n my frnd is back. I am happy for that.

Abhi hugged Rakshak.

Abhi: Did Khushi know this?

Rakshak: No. I didn’t know how to face her.

Rakshak’s eyes are filled with guilty. He left from there without giving a chance to Abhi to convince.

At home, Khushi is waiting for Rakshak. Its already too late n he didn’t arrive. Khushi was tensed. Minute by minute Khushi’s heart beat is increasing with mixed feelings. She can’t go out as she was locked in house n didn’t have mobile to call for information. Khushi is waiting n crying. She was unable to do anything.

Abhi called Rakshak.

Rakshak: Abhi

Abhi: whr r u?

Rakshak: at farm house

Abhi: I guessed. Y didn’t u go to Khushi.

Rak: I can’t face Khushi. I don’t know whether Khushi forgives me or not. First of all, I can’t see into her eyes. I can’t talk anything with her. I didn’t deserve her love and forgiveness.

Abhi: Rakshak, Khushi is missing u from a long time. She is waiting for ur love. I am sure she forgives u. Aft all Khushi loves u a lot. I know u too love her. Whatever u did, u did it with love. But remember, For love, trust n understanding are necessary. Only then u can win in love. Khushi trusted n understood u. Though u hurted her, she still saw only ur love in dat. She can bare anything except separation from u. Don’t hurt her more.

Rakshak disconnects the call n on the way to home.

Precap: Rakshak bowed before Khushi for her love n patience.

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  1. wow finally rakshak realize kushi pure love super waiting for next episode pls update soon dear.

    1. Yes..Rakshak realised truth…

  2. wow..nice update

    1. Thank u..

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    1. Yup its Rakshi’s love time..

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    1. Thank u sis..

  5. Finaly, raksh came to knw the truth. . .waitng for raksh n kushi to unite in true lov. . . Pls updt nxt part too. . . Pls. . .pls. . .pls 🙂

    1. Yup he realised truth n Khushi’s love too..

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    1. Thank u maya.. Surely u will find Rakshi romance in coming episodes..

  7. Awesome rakshak came to know the truth… Now happy time in their life.. Update nxt part soon.. Can’t wait …Plz Plz plzzzxx…

    1. Thank u Ananya….

  8. Superb update dear .Belated happy sankranthi sindhu.
    i have read last three parts ,all r amazing..atlast rakshak came to know the truth..but he trusted khushi n gave her last chance to prove her innocence before that only and that is true love ..
    Will be waiting for next update ..
    Love u sindhu..take care…

    1. Thank u dear.. Wish u belated Sankranthi.U r right..its true love..he said indirectly that his heart trusts her…thats the reason for giving her a last channel…Thats true love…

  9. Awesome, marvellous episode, finally rakshak found truth n regretting for misunderstand n hurt khushi…poor khushi had to tolerate sooo much. no more torture for her, she deserves only love n care…precap is very interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma dear…ya no more torture to Khushi… Only happiness from now.m

  10. Finally happy move gud

    1. Yup..Happiness starts in Rakshi’s life..

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