Khushi-its my life (Episode 12)


episode 12:

Khushi slept. Rakshak is unable to sleep seeing Khushi. He went to cupboard n brought ointment n took Khushi’s hand into his hands. He applied it on her hand.

Rakshak(thinking): I love u Khushi. I am sorry for hurting u. But I can’t bare u cheating me. I need ur love. But ur acting as if u love me making me to lose control on my anger. I can’t see u crying but ur love on Abhi making me mad day by day. I hope that u will prove that u didn’t do anything wrong. Because I can’t live without u n if its proved u r wrong, I don’t know wat happens to me.

He kissed on her forehead. He slept. Khushi opened her eyes n her eyes r filled with tears.

Khushi(thinks): Rakshak, I know u love me a lot. Seeing my tears u became restless n injured ur hand. If ur love is coupled with a bit of trust on me, we both would b very happy. But u nvr listens n understands me. I love u n only u, till my last breathe. I nvr leave u.

Next day,

Rakshak woke up n saw Khushi sleeping. He thought to let her sleep but again he remembered Surya’s words. He threw water on Khushi. Khushi woke up.

Khushi: Hey r u mad?

She saw Rakshak infront of her.

Khushi(thinks): Oh god, I forgot I am with Rakshak. For a minute, I thought I am at my maternal home. I miss my sisters.
She remembered her sisters playing with water one another.

Rakshak: Wat did u say?

Khushi: I am sorry. I forgot I mean I thought its my sister who threw water on me.

Rakshak caught her hair n made her to stand.

Rakshak: Don’t u know how to talk with ur husband? oh u forgot. Don’t worry. I will teach u how to respect,talk n behave with me n nvr to forget me even in ur dreams.

Saying this he threw her on bed.

Rakshak: Now get ready n make breakfast faster.

Khushi got ready n made breakfast for him.

She is serving him. Rakshak caught her hand n saw the injury.

Rakshak: I want to say u something.

Khushi : ok but pls have ur break fast.

Rakshak: Khushi, I want to give u a chance to escape. I will leave u. Go to ur parents, Abhi or anywhere. I won’t interfere in ur life anymore. But the only condition is u will not be allowed to enter into my house or life again. Staying here n failing to prove ur innocense makes ur life horrible. Tell me ur decision.

Khushi: I want to keep my promise of nvr leaving u. I won’t leave u.

Rakshak: Don’t u want to get rid of me? Its better to leave now otherwise u will b punished for every small mistake of ur’s. Think again.

Khushi: I love u. Staying away from u will b more painful than ur words n torture.

Rakshak: U r saved by saying u won’t leave this house. Otherwise u can’t even imagine wat I would do to u.

Abhi came to Rakshak’s home.

Abhi: Rakshak, I need to talk to u.

Rakshak saw Khushi. She left from there.

Rakshak: What made u to come here?

Abhi: I am getting married. I came here to invite both of my frnds.

Saying this he handovered an invitation card to him. He asked Abhi to come in.

Rakshak: Khushi, bring 2 coffee immediately.

Khushi came there with coffee. She served to both n Abhi saw her injured hand.

Abhi: Wat happened to ur hand?

Rakshak: Its the punishment for hiding secrets from me. She deserve more than that. Leave it and tell me who’s the bride.

Abhi: Varsha. Khushi’s sister.

Khushi is happy listening to this.

Rakshak: Can’t u go from here?

Khushi left.

Abhi: Rakshak I am going to marry now. pls don’t suffer her. She loves u a lot.

Rakshak: Thats y she hided her affair with u?

Abhi: Wat r u talking? We don’t have such relationship between us.

Rakshak: Oh then y did police arrest u both.

Abhi: Its a trap Rakshak.

Rakshak:Then y did she hide it from me.

Abhi: No. She thought to say that to u. But its my fault to stop her. I thought u may misunderstand us,so I told not to tell that to u. Rakshak, pls don’t hurt her.

Rakshak: Can u leave now?

Abhi left.

Rakshak: Khushi (shouted)

Khushi came there.

Rakshak caught her lips tightly n pinned her to the wall.

Rakshak: Y did u hide it from me? because of Abhi? So u respect him more than me. Ur love on him is more than the fear u had on me.

Khushi: Its not like dat. But I am sorry

Rakshak: I nvr forgive u Khushi.

Saying this he brought her out of the house.

Rakshak: Stand on this stone in sun. Don’t come in till I permit u.

Rakshak made her to stand in sun whole day. Her legs are burnt coz of sun. But she had no option but to obey his order. At nite Rakshak called her to come in. Khushi was unable to stand and sat in sofa.

Rakshak: Who permitted u to sit? Go n prepare dinner for me.

Khushi was unable to walk properly. Rakshak is not in a condition to observe this. She slowly went to kitchen n prepared dinner for him. Khushi served food for him. By that time Rakshak’s temper was lessened.

Rakshak: Did u hav anything from mrng?

Khushi: No

Rakshak: Have it now

Khushi: I will have later.

Rakshak: Did I ask ur opinion? I just ordered u to have food right now.

Khushi had her dinner n was walking on stairs to reach room. Rakshak observed that she was unable to walk.

Rakshak: What happen to ur legs?

Khushi: Noth……

Rakshak lifted her in his arms n took her to room. He saw her feet wounded n legs got swelling.

Rakshak: Apply this to ur feet.

Khushi: U love to see me in pain.So I can bare this for ur hpyness.

Khushi slept. Rakshak applied it on her hand n feet.

Rakshak: No need to act as if u r asleep. Get up n take this tablets.

Khushi took tablets

Rakshak: Tomorrow we shall go out n tell me where we hav to go to prove u didn’t do anything wrong.

Next day Rakshak took her to the hotel Vema. Khushi asked manager to show her the CCTV footage of the day that incident was happened. By her request, manager gave it to her. They played the CD. Its showed only Abhi n Khushi going into the room, but not minister’s son. Rakshak looked her seriously. Rakshak took the CD n holded Khushi’s hand tightly n took her to home.

Khushi: Rakshak pls believe me.

Rakshak: Tell me how to trust u even aft watching that video? R u going to say its tampered now?

Khushi: Trust is based on love.Things that can’t b seen by eyes can b felt through heart. u can nvr understand that. Because possessiveness n mistrust dominated ur love on me. In our clg days, I loved u but refused just to change u. Aft that I n Abhi searched a lot for u. But we didn’t find u. U didn’t even know all this. Its ok. Now I am really helpless. I can’t prove truth to u. You can do watever u want. I am ready to face any punishment for loving a person immensely who nvr trusts me. I will b staying in maid’s room as u said.

Saying this,Khushi left. Rakshak went to her n took her to their room.

Rakshak: Tell me wat happened exactly on that day. Who trapped u n why? Don’t hide anything.

Khushi told everything to him.

Rakshak: I will help u to find out the truth. But if its a lie, u can’t stay with me anymore.

Khushi hugged Rakshak

Khushi: I can’t leave u. I will bare anything to be with u.

Rakshak: But I can’t b idle seeing my wife taking the blame on her character wen she didn’t do anything. At the sametime can’t forgive her wen lies to me.

Rakshak left from there. He went to his office.

Rakshak: This is the CD. Its tampered. I found a disturbance in the video. Check it. Find out that minister n manager working at that time in hotel. I want truth to come out. Use money,men or power, but Khushi’s innocense should b proved.

Staff: Ok sir. We will give u the details within 24 hrs.

Precap: Rakshak apologises Abhi. Unable to face Khushi.

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