Khushi-its my life (Episode 11)


Episode 11:

Khushi remembers her past:

fb starts:

Before one year:

A minister admitted in hospital with heart attack. Khushi was assigned to attend the case. Khushi asked him to go through few tests. Aft seeing the reports she found he was attacking to escape from a rape case. Khushi gave report against him n called police n media n the minister was arrested.

After a week, Khushi got a call from unknown number:

Unknown: Hello Khushi madam

Khushi:Who’s dis?

Unknown:My name is not imp now,but do u know Vidya?

Khushi: Vidya? wat happened to my sis?

Unknown: Till now nothing happened but if u didn’t reach room no.104,hotel Vema,within 15mins anything may happen to ur sis. Its all in ur hands. Come alone.

Khushi leaves hurrily from there. Abhi sees her and calls her But she didn’t listen to him. Abhi follows Khushi.Khushi goes to the said place. There she finds ministers’s son. He tries to harm her but Abhi fights n saves her. He locks them in the room n calls police. Police arrest Abhi n Khushi. Their photos came in newspaper as per minister’s plan blaming Khushi’s character. Shockingly, Vidya was safe n she was not at all kidnapped. So, Khushi failed in proving her innocense in court. Both Khushi’s n Abhi’s parents decided to get them married. Khushi didn’t accept it. But was convinced by Abhi.

Abhi: Khushi, I know u love Rakshak but he changed a lot these days. Most importan is that he won’t understand situations. He won’t trust u. Aft all this,he definitely won’t marry u. I am not forcing u but to make ur parents saved from the words of ppl around, I think we have to accept this marriage.

Khushi: But We don’t love each other.

Abhi: I am sorry to say this but I love u from our clg days.As I know u n Rakshak are in love,I didn’t say this to u till now. Lets marry but I nvr force u to accept me. I will wait till u love me,till then lets b frnds. If u can’t accept me ever,its ok for me.

Khushi agrees to marry him.

fb ends.

Khushi was locked in the room n was scared remembering Rakshak’s anger. Rakshak returns n opens the lock. He asks her to sit beside him. He starts smoking n leaves smoke on Khushi’s face. Khushi starts to cough.

Rakshak: Till now I didn’t smoke at home as I know u r allergic to smoking. But today I am smoking just to suffer u.

Khushi gets up to move there. Rakshak catches her hand tightly n makes her to sit.

Rakshak: Don’t try to escape bcoz whereever u go, I won’t leave u.

Saying he caught her palm n burned it with cigar. Khushi shouts with pain.

Rakshak: Shout more. I am experiencing more pain than this bcoz of u n Abhi.

Rakshak holds her hand and throws her out of the house.

Khushi: Rakshak pls understand me

Rakshak: Shut up. Stand here in the chilled weather till morning.Don’t try to come in n Don’t move even an inch from this place.

Saying this he closed the door. Khushi starts crying.

Next day he opens the door n finds Khushi standing in the same place.

Rakshak: Good. U stood in the same place. U must have that fear for me. I am happy to see u in this condition. Come in n get ready n start ur work. Khushi silently follows him n abt to enter the room.

Rakshak: Stop there. From today u r not allowed to enter my room. U r going to stay in the room alloted to maid. U must follow the same rules prescribed for them. Whenever I am talking to u, u must bend ur head n nvr rise ur head before me. Fold ur hands before me n behave like a servant.

Saying this he left n Khushi went to maid’s room. She started crying. Rakshak had brkfst n threw the remaining out to make Khushi not to hav food. He locked her in maid’s room n went off.

Khushi(thinks): Now his anger reached to the peak. He made my situation more horrible. Wat should I do? Somehow I must prove my innocense to him. But how can I prove my innocense without going out. Somehow I should convince him to allow me to prove myself..

At Rakshak’s office:

Staff: Sir, today we have 3 meetings n if they r successful………

Rakshak:Cancel all the meetings till I say.

Staff:But sir it creates huge lose to the company

Rakshak: Do wat I say.

Rakshak reached home. He saw Khushi crying from window. He went to his room. He threw all the things in room. Hearing the sound,Khushi understood he returned home.

Khushi:Rakshak pls open the door.Rakshak pls
Rakshak opened the door n went to his room. Khushi went to the room n found everything thrown in the room. She saw Rakshak n found Rakshak in tears. She saw his hand bleeding. Khushi went near to him.

Khushi: Didn’t ur anger went off aft injuring my hand. Y did u injure ur hand again.

Saying this she tied bondage to his hand. Rakshak hugged her.

Rakshak: I really want this love to b true. I love u Khushi. But I don’t understand y u loves Abhi that much. How can u hide such a big truth from me. If u accept ur mistake and have said the truth,I would hav excused u. But u betrayed me by hiding that u had affair with Abhi before our marriage.

Khushi: I didn’t do anything wrong Rakshak. Please trust me. Atleast give me one chance to prove the truth.

Rakshak brks the hug n caught her hair

Rakshak: Even now u r not ready to accept ur mistake. Get out of my sight.

Someone knocked the door. Rakshak opened n remembered that he invited business partners to home for lunch before a week. He sighed to Khushi. Khushi understood n went off from there. She is serving them the lunch.

Business partner: Rakshak, food is very tasty. U r so lucky to hav such a wife.

Rakshak: She is not my wife,just my maid.

Listening this Khushi is unable to control herself n tried to go to kitchen.

Rakshak: Don’t u know u shouldn’t leave like dat without completion of guests lunch?

Khushi saw him n he saw her seriously n sighed not to move. Guests went off aft having lunch.

Rakshak went to his room n remembered his behaviour towards Khushi, her concern for him even now n her tears. He felt restless. He went to Khushi.

Rakshak: Khushi, Till now I hav a habit of listening to my mind. But today I want to listen to my heart. I am giving u a chance to prove urselves. But u shouldn’t go anywhere alone n I will b accompanying u. Prove it within a week. If u can’t prove it, lifelong u will face the same torture n insults from me. But, If u accept ur mistake now then I will stop all this n forgive u.

Khushi: I can’t accept without committing any mistake. I will prove the truth.

Rakshak:Till then stay in our room n u will b treated as my wife, but only for a week. Failing to prove makes ur situation worst.

Precap: Khushi fails to prove her innocense but gains Rakshak’s trust.

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  1. really sad for kushi

    1. Yes dear..

  2. Poor khushi ..rakshak is torturing too much yaar..let he know the truth fast yaar

    1. Yes dear..he became so rude now…

  3. amazing episode….plz update soon

    1. Thank u dear..

  4. super epi dear thanks fr next epi soon dear I think or tamil

    1. Thank u maya dear.. I am not tamil dear, I am telugu girl…

  5. Nic episode. At last rakshak gave khushi a chance to prove herself.. I am happy for that… Update nxt part soon… Real soon
    I am addicted to ur stories..

    1. Thank u Ananya..Thank u so much for ur love on my stories…

  6. Oh god rakshak se bahut darr lag raha hein yaar

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  7. Ahhhh, rakshak it’s the peak of your violence n torture on khushi, I literally cried when he burnt her hand with cigar…ufff…i hope soon khushi prove her innocence…precap is very interesting…keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Yes dear.. he is more cruel now..Thank u n love u dear sis .

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