Khushi-its my life (Episode 1)


Episode 1:

Scene 1:

Khushi’s home:

A beautiful girl in netted blue colour dress with long loose hair,golden colour hangings n same colour round bhindhi.

Khushi,r u ready to perform pooja?

Khushi:Yes mom.I am ready.

Neeraja (khushi’s mom): ok I will call everyone.

Khushi,her mom n dad,her sisters Vidya n Varsha gathered there.

Khushi done pooja.She took blessings from her parents.

Khushi:Dad,I am leaving to hospital.Bye.

Vignesh: Ok beti,tc.

She left to hospital.She is a reputed cardiologist in famous superspeciality hospital “Rakshak Superspeciality Hospital”.

Scene 2:

Rakshak palace:

A man coming from stairs in chocolate colour suit with gagools.

Everyone stood there in 2 rows.They are his servants.3 cooks,2 gardeners and other servants in total 12.

Servants:Good morning sir.

Rakshak:I hate people who wastes time.Just go n do ur duty n stop standing idle here.Get last.

Everyone left except one young lady servant.

Servant:Sir,my mom is in hospital in serious condition.Pls sanction me leave for just 2 days as there is no one to tc of my mom.pls sir.

Rakshak:Don’t u know I nvr do any favour without any benefit.

Servant:Sir,I am not that that type of girl.(in tears)

Rakshak:Acha,I know abt u girls very well.Stop talking nonsense n go to work


Rakshak:U r fired n for wasting my time till now,Ur salary will b deducted.Get last now.

Precap:Rakshak arrested coz of Khushi.

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  1. Ralshak nahi rakshas

    1. Yes he is rakshas..but will change as rakshak of Khushi later on..

  2. He is so arrogant but as u said khushi will change him.

    1. Yes dear Lakshmi..

  3. hey..loved your ff,update next soon

    1. Thank u Sona..

  4. interesting

    1. Thank u swara..

  5. Interesting story

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u..

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