Khudgarz (prologue & intro)

A betrayal…….
U can not undo what U have done. U can’t un-sing a song that’s sung, and the saddest thing, about your regret, you can’t forgive yourself, and he can’t forget
Sanskar maheshwari – age – 28 best under cover agent, kind hearted person but on other hand a very clever and strong personality His parents died when he was small leaving him behind with responsibility of two little sisters

Ragini gadodia – age – 24 – she is also a under cover agents works with sanskar ( her character will be revealed later )

Arjun gadodia – age – 28 best friend of sanskar is a reporter by profession elder brother of ragini

Swara – age 21 – don of underworld everyone fears from her name her identity is unrevealed to people only few trustworthy people have seen her. She has on one in her family so has no feat of anyone

Laksh – age 26 – he is also works with swara he has a dark past which lead him to this world of darkness he is a heartless ruthless person no emotion nothing just living as a machine

Swara is seen running in a lonely road dressed in a bridal attire her face is covered with a cloth only her eyes are visible

Around 15-20 men are running behind her

Suddenly a black Mercedes came and stood between them seeing it both goons and swara stops she turned around smirking looking at the person who just now stepped out of the car

Swara – so finally you decided to come Mr laksh said in a mocking tone

Laksh walked towards her with furiously holding her tight from her shoulders

Laksh angrily – what the hell do you think of yourself

Meanwhile the goons started marching towards them before they can reach them they all were shot brutally by laksh men who just arrived the spot

Hearing loud spunds of bullet firing swara turned her face to look at goons who were dying in pain

She smirked towards them and the turned her face looking straight in laksh eyes she jerked his hands went and sat on front seat of car

Laksh clenched his fist in anger
He also sat on driving seat while zooming off from there followed by his men cars

After a hour
Police surrounded the place investigating the people

In between the crowd a person covering his face is been keenly looking at the dead bodies covered with blood

He felt a tap on his shoulder
He turned around looking at the person in relief

Person 1 – yaar arjun man you scared me

Arjun ignoring him – you see again they kiiled these many people so brutally and we have no clue about them

Sanskar – shh yaar let’s go from here first

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    omggg!!!!superbbbbbbb storyy dear..seems to b very interestnggg….loved it…waitng eagerly for rags charecter to b revealed….m really xcieted for her ntry 😀 …keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉

  3. Raglakholic

    It’s awesome….
    Seems like so interesting
    R u going to give both couples same importance?????
    Eagerly waiting to read
    Please do continue soon

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    Interesting Sumi….

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    Nice concept….. update soon…

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    Interesting one and swara character was amazing yaar upload next part soon

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    Omg,it’s so interesting.Plz continue dear.. All the best for the further parts..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    Fab can’t wait for rags entry xx

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