Khudgarz (Part-3)


A painful eye lock took place between raglak which was finally broken by Sanskar voice

Sanskar – I think now we should leave

Arjun nodded in agreement while they both started to move ragini was just standing there gazing swalak

Sensing ragini not coming behind Sanskar arjun turned and left left looked in her direction

Arjun sighed and went towards her holding her hand he moved more there

On other hand sanskar for last time glance at swalak before moving from there

Swalak looked at them till they completely disappeared
As soon as they were out of there sight a smirked played on swalak face

Swara while smirking – how did you feel after meeting your lost love

Laksh mocking back – the way you felt after seeing your love

Swara turned her face towards him being confused while laksh was giving her naughty smile

Laksh – what do you thought you can hide it from me I knew that from past 4 years you are keeping an eye on sanskar or can say following him like a lost puppy

Swara frowned at him – how do you know ??

Laksh – baby don’t underestimate me (he pulled her cheeks) and if you have forgotten than let me remind you I am also one of you

Swara sighed and stood up – if you know this much then you might also be knowing who is he

Laksh – yaa !! A threat to us

Swara smiled a little- soon going to be our prey (in serious tone) he didn’t do good by using you what they thought I will not get to know that they are the reason of your such condition (while shouting) they did very bad by crossing my way

Saying this she went from there furiously

Laksh looked at her retreating figure – save those poor souls

Same day
Laksh was discharged and is back home resting in his room when swara came there to see him

Laksh was sitting on bed in half lying position taking support of headboard

Swara slowly moved towards him grabbing a stool from nearby she sat in front of him

Laksh – may I know the reason behind this beautiful lady disturbing her legs in midnight

Swara glaring him – shut up you idiot stop flirting with me when you are already having a WIFE (she stretched last word)

Laksh angrily holds her shoulder making her close to him in dangerous tone – she is not my wife

Swara smirked – why you lost her to someone else

Laksh pushed her back harshly – stop right now before I do something for which you and I will regret in future

Swara shrugged her shoulders – I don’t care

Laksh – you ……. They were disturbed by door opening sounds

Kabir came inside looking tensed

Laksh – what the hell can’t you knock before coming

Kabir looking down – sorry sir but it is imp

Swara calmly – what it is ??

Kabir worried – mam someone has attacked our umang (orphanage which provide shelter to poor children’s its heart for both swalak)

Swalak – what???

Kabir – mam we need you there

Swara hurriedly moved towards door when

Laksh – swara I will also come

Swara in cold tone – laksh we don’t have time to argue and you better know I will not allow you in this condition

Saying this she moved from there asking kabir to look after laksh as he should not move from bed

Outside umang
Swara reached there on her bike in full speed followed by two black cars of her men

She stepped down from her bike holding a gun in her hand her face was covered with cloth

There were around 50 goons sitting in front of orphanage holding guns

Swara stood in front of them boldly – who are you ???

One of the goon stepped in front dressed in black suit with s evil smirk playing on his face – your end

He ordered his goons to hold her before those men can reach her they were shot by swara men who came and stood behind her

Within no time fight started between both gang

Swara stood behind a tree and was shooting when she saw a man at a distance coming towards them
As it was dark she was not able to see his face in dim street light

Swara to herself is he gone mad in such situation roaming here freely

She immediately went towards him still shooting and stood in front him
Within sec she caught hold of his hand and dragged him to some isolate place

Swara shouting – are you gone mad ?? Did you got only this place to do suicide
That’s when she noticed man face

Swara angrily – you

Man confused – how do you know me

Swara – what the f**k are you doing here you blo*dy moron

Man smile at her and extend it to her – hi I am Sanskar what about you

Swara looked at him in shock
Thus man is standing between life and death and doing introduction is he kidding

Swara glared him when she she saw few goons approaching them
She holds his hand quickly and started running on road

Sorry guys for ending it here
And friends if you have problem with any part or you feel like I am not giving importance to any character you are free to tell me I will try my best to fulfill in next part

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