Khudgarz (Part-2)


Sanskar – are you OK

Swara looked at him with questioning eyes

Ragini – he is sanskar

Her gaze shifted from sanskar to ragini making her all shock and numb she is not able to react. It took her few min to come out from shock. She quickly stood up narchng towards ragini

Swara shock – you are alive??

She cups her face in both hand making sure it was not just her mere dream but reality

Swara happily exclaimed – omg you are alive I am not able to believe you know how much we searched for you we were……….. Her words were left incomplete as ragini jerked her hands

Ragini in warning tone – stay away from me I don’t need your sympathy

Sanskar and arjun looked at ragini in amusement as it’s first time that are seeing her talking to someone like this while swara was not able to believe her ears

Swara – sympathy??? Ragini seriously you think like this

Ragini in cold tone – I don’t need to answer anyone

Swara – you have changed ragini you have changed (composing herself)Anyways I think your work is done you all can go

Sanskar – but

Ragini – no one is going anywhere till we don’t see laksh is fine (she said glaring at swara)

Swara ignored her moved from there to attend a call

As soon as she left sanskar arjun started firing there question to ragini

Arjun – how do you know her name???

Sanskar – since when do you know her??

Arjun – how were you both talking as if you both have known each other since long

Sanskar frustrated – tell me damit why are you quite

Ragini – we both studied in same college thats it

Sanskar calmly – if you don’t want to tell then say no we will not force you but please don’t say lie

Arjun – but what if she is only the don

Sanskar – no how us it possible from which angle does she look like a don

Ragini lost in thought – don’t go on her face she can do anything

Arjun – stop making puzzles tell us clearly

Ragini shrugging – its just that we can’t come on solution so early without investigating

Sanskar was Keenly observing ragini face he knew she is definitely hiding something very big but he don’t want to force her instead let her come and tell herself

Trio was busy in there own world but were disturbed by doctor who just now came out from ICU

Doc – who is swara ??

Sanskar looked around – actually doc she is not here you tell us what do you need

Doc – patient wants to meet her

Ragini irritated – she is not here can’t you understand

Doc – but

Swara who just now came back she heard there talks without paying heed to anyone of them she moved inside ICU while ragini looked at with hatred filled eyes and others in amusement

Inside ICU

Laksh was sitting on bed taking support of pillow
His head and hands were covered with bandage

Swara silently moved towards him and sat in front of him holding his left hand in her carefully

Swara – how are you??

Laksh said with smile – how am I looking -pointed to the bandage in his right leg-

Swara sighed – actually laksh vo ….

Laksh – swara come to point directly

Swara -taking deep breath she knew what she is going to say now to him it will hurt him in the worst way possible but still he has the right to know – laksh ragini is alive

Pain hurt betrayl was clearly visible on his face

He was about to say something but was intrupted by door opening sound

Sanskar and arjun came in followed by ragini

Sanskar – how are you feeling now ?

Laksh just nodded his head

That’s when he noticed ragini looking at him he just stared her back reflecting betrayal

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