Khudgarz (Part-1)


Sanskar and arjun entered a flat it was not big but Sufficient for three people to live

They were about to move in when a firm voice came

Voice – stooppp

Sanskar and arjun looked at each other with horrified expression

Suddenly from no where a shoe came flying towards them sanskar who saw it bent a little and it directly hit arjun on his head

Arjun – ouch!!!!! He held his his head and sat on floor itself

Sanskar keeping a hand on his heart – that was so close

Arjun – you are very bad dude for saving yourself you made me prey

Sanskar – ary listen…… He was intrupted again

Voice – you both stop right there
word from your mouth and then you better watch out

Sanskar sweetly – what did we do ragini

Ragini angrily – what did you do you both idiot can’t do one thing properly Again just because of you that don slipped from our hand

Sanskar moved towards her and make her sit on couch

Sanskar by forwarding a glass of water – we were so close to her but we never thought in our wildest dream that she will take bride place in mundap

Ragini while sipping water – I must say she is clever

Arjun came there rubbing his head – clever my foot she might have left behind some proof just we need to search it properly
Laksh harshly dragged swara to Hall n threw her on ground

Laksh shouting – what does you think of yourself

Swara getting up from ground – chill laksh look nothing happened to me

Laksh holds her as tightly from arms – were you waiting for something to happen

They were disturbed by someone

Person – mam

Swara quickly pushed laksh slightly while he was still looking at her in anger

Swara – what?

Person – mam there were no drugs or banned medicines found there

Swara – how is this possible kabir

Laksh – because it was a trap they wanted to trap you I told you don’t go there let me handle it

Kabir – yes mam they leaked fake information that they are going to do drug dealing behind the face of marriage

Swara smirked hearing it while laksh and kabir looked at her in shock
Sanskar – we need to find out soon who is this don

Arjun worried – yes only one month is left with us otherwise We have to loose our jobs

Ragini – I have one idea only if you agree

Sanskar – what ???

Ragini say something to them

Arjun – I’m in it

Sanskar – its a bit risky

Arjun – then why you joined this job

Sanskar making faces – fine

Ragini – don’t make those faces you look joker saying this she ran from there while sanskar started chasing her
Swara – I know this before hand

Laksh – then why the hell you went there

Swara smiling – just to have some fun saying so she left from there
It was night time
Lonely road

Laksh was driving his car in full speed
His eyes turned red in anger grip of his hands on wheel gets tighten with each passing second

He remembered something

A beach is shown
A girl was running while a boy was chasing her

Boy – wait princess I will show you how is this angry bird

Girl while running – first catch me lsksh

Hearing it laksh increased his speed

And with in no time he holds the girl from her waist and twirls her round

Girl laughing – love you laksh

Laksh – love you too princess

A tear escape from his eyes rembering it

Laksh – why you did this with me I loved you from all my heart but you left me as if you never loved me you broke my heart in so many pieces but still each part loves you the same

He was bussy in his thoughts when a trolly came in front of his car before he could react it hit his car with great force and everything went black

A man came out from trolly dialing someone

Man – sir the work is done he fell unconscious

Ragsan who were hiding behind a tree came out

Sanskar – finally first step done

Ragini – arjun did he see you in trolly

Arjun – no

Sanskar – OK come on guys we have to take the man inside the car to hospital before he dies

Trio moved towards laksh car sanskar and arjun took out laksh who was fully covered with blood

Ragini was shocked seeing him – laksh

Sanskar and arjun Looked at her in confusion

Sanskar – you know him??

Ragini composing herself – ya..yes…we studied in same college

Swara was sitting in hall drinking when her phone rang

After receiving the call she immoderately left from there worried


swara reached the reception

Swara – where is laksh admited

Receptionist – sorry mam there is no such patient

Swara – just now his accident happened he is been brought to this place only

Precep – yes mam he is been taken to ICU first floor

Swara without wasting anytime ran from there

Outside ICU
Swara reached there breathing heavily

She directly went to the small glass window present on the door

Her breath get caught in her lungs seeing laksh covered in blood

Seeing it she staggered a little when at nick of time sanskar holds her and make her sit on chair

Sanskar – are you OK

Swara looked at him with questioning eyes

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