Khoon ki holi “love has its own tragedies”epi 1

Is he gone ?

Guys plse note that its the time while there was a melodrama on the marriage of Bihaan and thapki while they were going to marry second time . And seriously note that I’m not the actual author it vinne the pooh .

BIHAAAAAAN!” Thapki’s scream pierces their ears. Vasundhara’s gasp and tears were heard. “Thapki..”Bihaan lets out weakly. He clutches his chest with one hand, and grabs her hand with another. Dhruv’s angertook hold of him. He pushes Bihaan near the bridge. His head was hit before anyone could do anything, and he fell unconscious. “DHRUV! STAY AWAY. DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Thapki shouts. She collapses and holds Bihaan’s lifelessbody in her arms. “Bihaan…..” Dhruv goes to pull Thapki away, but she grabs his arm before he could do anything.”Go to hell, Dhruv Pandey. I don’t want to see your face ever again.” Vasundhara’s cries are getting harder and harder as the moment passes. She prays. “Hai Bhagvan ji. What did I do?!” Dhruv realizes what happened. Bihaan had saved him……. The family arrives soon enough.”Call the ambulance! What have you been doing!” Bauji shouts. Thapki wipes her tears and lifts Bihaan up. Shraddha calls the ambulance, and they arrive late. Thapki lifts Bihaan up into the bed, while Dhruv watches. She takes a seat next to him, stroking his hair. She mumbles something incoherently, again and again. Shraddha notices. “Thapki? Are you okay?” She knew the obvious answer. No. But she knew somethingwas weird. “Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey.” Shraddha heard Thapki murmur. “B phor Bihaan Pandey. Chuk Chuk Gadi. Mera Bihaan.” Her voice broke at the end, hurting Shraddha in a way she hadn’t been before. She felt sympathy for the first time.”Mera Bihaan ko kuch nahi hoga, B phor Bihaan. B phor Bindass. Mera Bihaan. Mera Bihaan.” Thapki cried.”Mera Bihaan…” Her hand stroked his soft hair in a rhythm. Shraddha couldn’t help but cry at this sight. These two had been through hell andback. Dhruv harrasing her; it might scar her for life. “If Bihaan doesn’t come back, Thapki might never be the same Thapki anymore.” Shraddha mumbles. She puts a handon her shoulder.Thapki lays her head on Shraddha.”Is he gone?” She asks, her voice quivering. “No, Thapki. And you knowwhen I mean it.”

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  1. amazing fantastic try to upload long next time and update sooN

    1. Joylin

      thanks any I’ll tell vinne how u all felt and thanks for the support

  2. Sulbi

    Good one dear

    1. Joylin

      from Vinnie’s side thanks a lot

  3. Nice one.keep writing

    1. Joylin

      thanks dear the real author would be really happy

  4. Vinni7

    Amazing ???
    The way it is written ??
    Update next part asap ??

    1. Joylin

      hey thanks vinni7 ur ffs are really to great I love them plse continue

  5. Hello joyli di
    How r u ?
    Thanx for ff
    Mindblowing episode di
    Waiting for next…
    Plz try to update sokn
    Plz plz please
    Plz take care

  6. Vinolin.d

    hai joylin dear.. how are you??? its nice episode. keep writing

    1. Joylin

      vinolin.d I’m fine dear and thanks for ur valuable comment it means a lot to the author

  7. nice epi ….keep wriyting bcoz now a days only ff is the relief instead of tpk…

  8. Wow … It is so awesome …. ? … Mind blowing … The way Shraddha feels bad for Thapki …. Amazingly written ?? Plz update the next soon … Waiting for it ..??

  9. hy joylin well done it it awesome episode.

  10. Alm.Abi

    hi joylin.. so happy to see ff on this forum… regular reader at wattpad…

  11. Joylin

    thanks sadia,naiTan, garima ,and alm.abi for ur wonderful comments and alm.abi I’ve posted a ff in wattpad plse read it

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