Khoon ki holi “love has its own tragedies” epi 3

“Rab ne bana di jodi…”

2 Years Later12:30 p.m
Pandey Nivas

“Thapki! Thapki! Come down. He’s here!” The two bhabis squealed.”And he’s sooo hot!” Thapki looked at them, annoyed. “I don’t want to go anywhere.” She said, clutching Bihaan’s jacket even harder. They looked at each other and sighed. “Thapki, it’s been 2 years. Wedidn’t want to lose him. But everyonehas to move on.” Thapki tears built up. “Move on like this?” Suman bhabiignored her and pulled her downstairs. Preeti bhabi lit up. “Look at your handsome to be husband! Your fiance is aweosme!” Thapki stood like a statue. Her ‘fiance’ smiled at her. He liked her looks, obviously. Thapki wished that he would reject after hearing hervoice. She had never wanted that to happen, yet now the situation had completely changed. When she finally came downstairs, he stood up. “Hi. I’m Akash. A NRI. But that doesn’t change anything, does it?” Thapki shakes her head form side to side.”H-h-hi. I’m T-t-thapki.” She had purposely stammered a lot, so that he would change his mind. His smilefaltered, but he kept a calm composure. She sat down next to him, but far away. Bauji smiled. “Our wedding planner will be here in a short amount of time. He’s coming from Mumbai, so his flight must have reached by now.” Thapki looks down. Bihaan would have just wanted a simple marriage. Why are they forcing me into a marriage I don’t want? Even my own family? DING DONG. Dadima stands up.”There. He’s here! Thapki, go get the door.” Thapki nods and walks up to the door. She pulls on it. It won’t open. “Dadima, it won’t open!” She tugs on it even harder. She notices it opened a little. “Sorry! The door isn’t opening.” She shouts. “No problem.” She hears. That sounded like Bihaan! No, it’s just your mind again. One last tug and it sends her flying forward. The door opens, and she lands on the wedding planner. He catches her, resulting in a RK pose. The flowers from his basket shower them. She hears the family gasp.When she opens her eyes, she sees him. “Sorry about that.” He says.”Bihaan?!” She shouts. “How’d you know my name? Are you psychic?” She’s gone. Those eyes. When she makes contact with his brown orbs, she almost faints. She doesn’t let go.Infact, she digs her hands into his shoulders, never wanting to let go. She slides her hand through his hair.”Bihaan… I missed you.” He laughs. “Imissed you too Thapki.” Just as theyare about to kiss, she is brought back to her senses. “Do you want to get up, or….” He saysawkwardly. She sighs, disappointed. He doesn’t remember anything. He lifts her up. Dadima whispers something in Bauji’s ear, and he nods. “Ok, Manohar, give our planner some tea. Thapki, Suman, Preeti, Shraddha, Vasundhara, Ashwin, and Sanjay. Come with me.” He shouts. Manohar nods hesitantly. He dissapears into the kitchen. The rest follow Bauji andDadima.When they are behind closed doors, Bauji starts to talk. “How did Bihaan…….” Shraddha groans.”Because no one even bothered to check who our wedding planner was.” “No,” Thapki says. “He did. It wasn’t Bihaan. It was someone else.” Dadima squeals. “See? Even fate wants Bihaan to come back!” Vasundhara takes a deep breath. “Is this safe? At all?” Dadima’s annoyance is clearly shown as she slaps her forehead. “This is the perfect time! Bhagvan ji hai na? Pareshan kyun ho?” Suman bhabi smirks. “Par……. Thapki?” They all look at her. “Are you okay with this?” Vasundhara asks.Thapki trembles under their stare. Okay? She thinks. Of course! I love Bihaan to pieces. I was going to get married to a stranger until he came back. He came back for me! Oh, I’m definitely okay with this! Okay isn’t even enough for how I’m feeling. I’m feeling speechless, in love, excited, so much more! God has finally listened to my prayers. Oh, yes, yes, yes, I’m okay with this!All she does is nod. Preeti and Suman bhabi laugh. You know when we were talking about how hot your new fiance is? Don’t worry. He isn’t nearly as hot as Devarji!” Preeti giggles. “Arey, you can see the happiness in Thapki’s face!” “This is the happiest I’ve seen her in two years.” “Rab ne bana di jodi..””Mashallah…” The entire group started chattering excitedly except Thapki. My Bihaan is back…. Mera Bihaan…..

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  1. wow… 2 years leap and bihaan is back.. totally different and super shocking twist. and the way thapki’s feeling describe is great. love it.
    keep writing. tc

  2. Sulbi

    Amazing dear… 2 years leap… intrstng… waiting for nxt one dear… tc…

  3. Vinni7

    Oh my God ? so interesting ?? the leap n then entry of bihaan?? brilliant… Waiting for next ?

  4. nice….

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