The khidkitod jodies-ff by ayushi (Chapter 4)

Hi guyzzz.I m really upset coz i m getting vry less comments on this ff.If u like it plzzz comment.Here toh sisis (singhaniya sisters )ki OH MY MAATA!ho jayrgi
Shivomru come to singhaniya sisters
A-Dkho the darpoks aa gye
S-Bhut has rhi h
O-abhi inki hasi
R-rone mei badlegi
A-aap log ko tez bolne mei koi dikkat h.
S-Nhi.BTW teachers wha bula rhi hain
A-C’mon ladies follow me
Shivomru smirk.They tiptoe bhind the girls.The girls reach there and hust as anika is about to say kahan?The trio push the girls into a train.
Shivaay shouts.
S-And the game begins.
The train starts.Shivomru take the seat bhind the girls without their knowledge.
A-Inlogo ne humara khidkitod waala pappu bna diya
G-Itna harharaike dhakka maara ki hum kuch smjh hi naahi paaye.Hey sankar ji
They look where saumya was pointing. The train led to a haunted house.
G-Hey sankar ji.Hum jinda lautenge ki naahi
A-Mujhe toh shak h ki iss train mei koi bhi
Sa (crying)-Nahi h
Sa-Koi nhi h
They enter the haunted house
A skeleton falls in front of anika
A beheaded man starts running with a knife beside gauri
G-Aaaahhhh!!!!Hey sankar ji imee aadmi toh hume maar daalega.
A weird doll falls in saumya’s lap
Sa-Eeeeeee!!!!!Aaahhhhh!!!she throws it
There r screaming noises all over not of the ghosts but the girlls.In all the commotion the girls did not see that the boys behind them were laughing like maniacs.
S-O goddd
O-mai mar jaaunga haste haste
R-sach mei oo
They saw that the haunted house was about to end
S-Time to play our last move.
Now the girls looked relieved as the exit came nearer.Shivomru wore skeleton masks and took a knife each.
Shivomru (tapping the girls shoulder)Excuse me
A chill ran through the girls’ spine as they had seen that there was nobody in the train.They looked back only to see three skeletons smirking and holding bloodshed knives as ridra had applied a little red paint on them
They closed their eyes and when they opened it was the most shocking scenario.The obros were laughing uncontrollably.
R-Crybaby haa?
O-Deewar mei sata denge haa?
The girls were red with embarrassment
A-dekho mr.!!
S-Dekhne laayak tum rh nhi gyi.
G-Aapko toh hum.
O-Chu bhi nhi skti.
Sa-Hey u..
R-Tameez se baat kro
A(whispering)-Inhone toh humari band bja di.
S-Wo toh bja hi di
A-Aapne sun liya?
S-Ab loudspeaker ki trh bologi toh sun hi lunga.
O-Chalo ab humare pairon pr girkar
R-Maafi mango
Anika winks at sauri and they understand.They make a bechari waala face and go to touch their feet.And
THUUDDDDD!!!!They had pulled the boys’ feet and runaway, laughing.
S-Fhat the wuck
O-In logon ka kuch nhi ho skta
R-I just hate themm!!!!
They hit their fists on the ground.

PRECAP-Not yet decided

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