Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 4th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with sanjay’s mom telling him that how much more will he help shruti? She tells that what is his and shruti’s relation. He gets angry and tells her to keep quiet says that shruti is his college friend and is his dead friend’s wife and she is his best friend. Then he tells that he is doing everything that he can for his friend and she is like shouting him. He goes from there angry.

Scene 2:

Shruti comes home from office e\very happy. She goes and tells ami that she has brought surprise for her and khushboo. They ask what and start guessing. Then shruti shows them the gift, there are chocolates and both get happy and pick up all of them. Shruti tells happily that she has got 2 good news, 1 is ami

has passed in exams and other is she has got job in sanjay’s office. Ami gets happy and congratulates her and dadi and nani come and tell her that it is good and they congratulate shruti. Their servant comes and gives money to ami tells that study like this and pass in all exams. Then ami tells shruti that she wants a gift for her exam. Shruti asks what, she tells that she does not want anything but just wants permission. She says ask, ami tells that she wants to play dandiya with her friends. Shruti says yes and says that what is there to ask in it she can call her friends here and play in the chowk, dadi says she will make tasty food, nani says that that all is olden times food, she will make pizzas for them. Then ami says that she does not want to play there but wants to play at disco dandiya. Everyone get shocked except nani. Shruti tells that ami will not go at disco dandiya. Ami says that all her friends go and go even before her. Shruti tells that she is just 14yrs and she will not go in that party. Nani says that its ok and it is the modern world and children should be allowed. Shruti goes at her and tells that she does not know what happens in such parties, boys drink beer and force girls to drink. Then nani says sorry and tells that they should not allow ami and then shruti and nani tell that ami will not go in that party and she does not want anymore argument. Ami goes from there angry and sad.

Scene 3:

Shruti goes to office and enters sanjay’s cabin. There she sees that sanjay is worried. She asks what happened? He says that his mom wants him to marry bhavna and he does not want to because she is not that type of girl he wants and his mom is forcing him. Shruti says that’s right and he should marry fast, he says that not so early. She says that ami will marry before him and he will stay like that. He says that it would be better cuz they would give his mom to find a boy for ami and till then she would not focus on him. read full updates daily only at Sanjay’s main boss comes and asks for a file which he had to submit the day before. He says that he got the information last night late and today morning he could not complete so he will give it in the evening. Shruti then gives the file and says that she had completed it already last night and she did not know that it had to be submitted the day before, if it was that then she would have given it the day before. Then the boss takes the file and says sorry and goes. Sanjay says that it was cool and she did that work and he says that, that man never says sorry to anyone and how did he tell her and did she do a magic and she says that it was her magic which made him tell sorry and she goes.

Scene 4:

Ami is in school and she and her friends come running up and sit on stairs. They tell about their preperations for dandiya. 1 friend shows the steps with the dandiya. They ask ami that is she coming. She says that no cuz mom is not allowing. They say that they will take her with them. She says yes and then they get happy. Then 1 friend shows that she has coloured some hair, ami says that she is full pass. Then they ask the meaning , she says that it means that if one is good then full pass and if bad then full fail. Then they ask about kakkad miss she says full fail teacher, then the teacher is coming and they say that kakkad is coming. They come and sit. Kakkad sees them asks that what they are doing her leaving the assembly, they say that how can they stay at 2 places at 1 time, kakkad asks that she is asking what they are doing there. Ami acts of stomach ache and kakkad says that take her to nurse and they say that that’s why they were there. Kakkad goes. a\they all laugh and go to the canteen. There they talk and then keep their groups name “timepass”.

Scene 5:

At home sanjay comes with shruti and tells that he has brought surprise for khushboo and ami. He gives to them. Then he sees that ami and shruti are not talking and khushboo tells him about disco dandiya thing and he tells that he was going to take them for dinner but how will he take as ami and shruti are not talking. Then he tells that if ami promises then he will take them. Ami promises. Then they get ready and sit in the car and go. Pravin’s wife sees them and tells jasuben that something is going in between shruti and sanjay. Jasuben tells that they both are best friends and how can there be something in them. She tells that just understand and see that there is something in between them. At home dadi is watching serial and pravin’s wife comes there(nisha), she gives besan laddoo to dadi and tells her that she has seen that sanjay and shruti went like a happy family and looks like they are having something between them. Dadi gets angry and tells that shruti is not like that and she will never do this and she tells her to go from there. Nisha tells that she is blind and tells her to go out from the house. she goes.

Precap: dadi tells shruti that people like nisha and jasuben are making rumours that there is something between shruti and sanjay. Ami listens and is angry.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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