Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with principal in the class who is going to announce the marks and those who have passed and those who have failed. She tells the class teacher to announce the marks. The teacher tells the marks that hetal(ami’s friend) has got 58 marks and then she is going to tell ami’s marks. Ami has got 37 marks and she has passed and everyone cheer for her. she gets very happy and everyone go to take their answer papers. When ami comes the principal congratulates her and tells her that she has done good but she needs to do more hard work for the boards exam. She says that she will work hard then before. Then her teacher goes and then she also goes with her in the staff room and tells her teacher that she wants to call her

mother and tell her that she has passed as they will be worrying at home. Her teacher mrs. Kakkad allows her to call and she calls. At home shruti gets a call. Ami tells her that she has passed and shruti gets happy and then kakkad mam tells that she wants to talk. She takes the phone and ami goes and kakkad tells that shruti has to give the fees for ami’s term. Shruti says yes and keeps the phone. Dadi and everyone are happy. Dadi sees that shruti is sad she asks what happened, shruti says that she has to give the fees. Then dadi tells her that she had a job and still has the offer but she has to decide. Then shruti thinks a little.

Scene 2:

Sanjay is in his office having a meeting and he is very irritated and he tells the employees that he will conduct the meeting tomorrow. They all go. Then shruti calls him and tells that ami has got 37 marks. Sanjay is happy that shruti has called him. She tells him sorry and tells that ami has passed. Then he tells her that he knows that she wants a job and she has to come in his office. She smiles and tells that she needs a job and she will come from today. She goes to his office. He tells her that he wants a job for a personal secretary and he knows that she is capable of that as she has been financially qualified and has many experienced works. She accepts the work and he shows her the cabin. She gets happy and he explains her the work and they both are happy and doing it joyfully. He goes from there and then opens the door and sees that shruti is resting on her chair and gets happy and shruti sees him and she tells that she wants coffee. Bhavna comes for the job and sanjay goes and tells her sorry and he has given the job to someone else. He tells her that she is good but that woman is good than her so he needs her for that job.

Scene 3:

Ami is eating panipuri and she sees that there is khama there her favourite. She goes to take but remembers that she had promised khushboo that she will not eat khama if she passes in the exam. her friends tells that promises are made to be broken. Then a girl tells that her mom is giving her chaniya-choli to wear for the dandiya. Others also tell what they are wearing. They tell that they are go to bollywood dandiya and aks ami where she goes. Ami says that in her building they play dandiya. They insist her to come for the bollywood dandiya and tell that they enjoy a lot there and love going there and go since 3 years. Then she tells that she ahs to asks her mother. They tell she is not a amll child to ask and insist her a lot to come and she finally says yes.

Scene 4:

Sanjay is at house and bhavna tells his mother about the job thing. Mom asks sanjay that why he did not give bhavna job. He says that she is not that capable to have that job. She says that he should not have said like this to bhavna and how she must have felt. He says that he could not do anything and that shruti is capable than her. she says that what is shruti having that bhavna does not have. He tells that bhavna just has a degree. Shruti has all business qualifications and that she has also done client handling for 2yrs. She tells that shruti and her daughters have surrounded sanjay from alls sides and why he is doing all this. She also aks that what is his and shruti’s relationship? He gets angry and says his mom to stop.

Precap : sanjay tells his mom that shruti is his dead friends wife and she is his best friend and he will help her.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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