Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with shruti at her mom’s home and helping her. Her mom tells her that she had done wrong with sanjay and she should say sorry. She tells her that she has got such a good friend and she has done wrong with him and shruti tells that yes she has said wrong with him and she regrets. Mom says that that she should have taken sanjays help as he was offering her job. She gets angry and says that she does not want help from sanjay ashe is giving her job only because she is weak and cant find a job somewhere else. She tells that even she got a job in hospital only because of her husband. Suddenly ami calls her and tells her to come home fast. Shruti goes. Ami calls sanjay also who is with the receptionist telling to change

the timings, she tells him also to come home. Shruti comes home and then sanjay also. Ami tells them she was going to copy and had made chits also. Khushboo explains them everything that she had made chits but did not copy. Ami tells them that she had decided to copy but when shruti told her that the happiness we get from hardwork cant be brought by cheating. Shruti gets happy and tells that she is very proud of her. Ami tells that she will fail and she knew only that what sanjay had taught her and nothing else and she is crying. Shruti hugs her and tells that its ok and she will pass. She tells ami to go and rest and dadi and khushboo also go. Shruti says that she has to give him fees and sanjay says that why she is behaving like this and he gets angry and tells her that she is impossible and it is not worth talking with her and he goes away from there. Shruti is sad.

Scene 2:

Ami is with her residential friends. Khushboo tells about all the exam problem. One of them says that duffers are not sent to 10th std. khushboo shouts him and says that why he is saying like this and tells him stupid,idiot and duffer. Ami says that he is saying right and she is duffer and she will fail. Other friend says that they will get to know tomorrow at the result. They go in and shruti invites them to eat rabdi. They come and start eating. Ami is thinking and she gets up and tells shruti that she will fail tomorrow and stay back in 9th and never go in 10th and she will become a duffer. Shruti tells her that she will not fail and her heart says that she will pass.

Scene 3:

Sanjay goes to his office and sees that bhavna has come for interview. He sits and takes her interview. He asks her that how much has she scored in her exams. Then he asks her that what are shares and she gives the right answer and he goes on asking and she gives right answers and he gets thinking. he asks her how she knows today everything. She says that to get something they have to workhard. The interview is over and she asks that did she get the job. He says yes maybe and she gets up and gives congrats and says bye. she says bye and he also says bye, she again says bye then he also says she again says bye then he shouts her tells bye then she goes waving her hand.

Scene 4:

Shruti is in her room and she is talking with harsh that when he was there she could keep her head on his shoulder and cry. She says that there are people among her, like dadi, her 2 children , her mom and a friend like sanjay who is helping her in every small and big problems but she still misses him. She says that she cant expect sanjay to do that what harsh had to do and so she has to become strong and has to do everything for her family. Out in the hall khushboo tells dadi to tells shruti to say sorry to sanjay and take his help. Dadi says that she will not interfere in their fight. Khushboo tells that what does her knowledge book say? Dadi says that it says that use wrong ways to get successful. Khushboo takes shruti’s mobile and sends a sorry to sanjay. Sanjay sees the message and thinks that a sorry cant make everything right. He is at home his mom asks that who’s message? He tells that nothing and tells her to bring food. He then takes the mobile and thinks of sending back message.

Precap : ami is in school and they are having result today. Principal comes with class teacher to tell the marks of the people who gave the exams. Khushboo comes there running to see amis result. The principal announces the results. Amis friend has got 58 and she is continuing announcing. Ami’s time comes and the teacher is going to announce.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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