Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 27th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with shruti entering sanjays office. Sanjay shows her the maths formulas for ami’s exam and tells her that if ami learns even 5 formulas everyday then till the 6th day she will complete learning 30 formulas and that will make 70 % portion complete and if ami give her 60% then she can pass. Then he tells her that if they count ami’s mistakes in the paper then it eill make 10% mistakes and counting that she will get 50% and she will pass. Shruti gets hapy and tells him thanks for that and then she starts making song and sanjay tells her that it cant be done by songs but still he will try. Then shruti gives him the papers signed for the case. Sanjay tells that’s good and shruti goes.

Scene 2:


goes at home. She removes her books and starts studying and removes the digest and looks at it. Then she starts doing the homework. Shruti comes at home. Khushboo tells them that ami is studying and shruti and dadi get amazed and they go creeping there and see her. Then they ask her that from when has she becoming serious in maths. Ami tells that she wants to pass. Shruti tells that ami must have realized that she has to pass and so she is studying hard. Then shruti tells that lets go as she is studying. Khushboo tries to do all types of disturbances to distract ami but she does not get distracted and she finally shouts at her and tells shruti to tell her to go and do her work. Shruti tells her and dadi tells that she is doing this for cable and let her work hard. They go. Ami then removes the digest and copies from that.

Scene 3:

Next day ami goes to school and meets her friends. She tells them that she used the digest. Then they tell her that have made chits. She asks why. They tell that it is because they will copy by cheating with that paper. They then explain that her that for copying they should be expert and very careful. They then tell her that for copying the chit should make as small chits as possible and write as many as answers they can. Then they should hide at such places where the teacher cant doubt like wearing double socks and hiding it between the two socks and hiding the chits in the skirts. She listens to it.

Scene 4:

At shruti’s mom’s house. She has brought some items for which she need to give money to the delivery boy. She has less money so she asks her son to give 2000rs but he says he had taken only 1000rs. She tells that she knows as she need to give to delivery boy. Shruti comes and is standing outside. He tells ok and gives his mom all money he has. He has only 90rs. He then tells the delivery boy to take the money tomorrow the delivery boy tells that then he will bring the items tomorrow. Then shruti comes and gives the money to the delivery boy and he goes. Mom tells why she gave the money? Then moms son tells mom that all the profit she gives to shruti then what is the problem if she gives some money. He goes to office. Shruti asks that why she gives her all the profit. Mom tells that it is ok. Shruti tells that she will find some other job and not work there. Mom tells that there is no problem she can work. Shruti denies. Mom tells that ok and tells her that till she does not get the job she will work there. Shruti says yes.

Scene 5:

Shruti is gone for an interview at a call center. They see her qualifications and tells her that she is more than qualified for this job and they are giving her the job. She gets happy and says yes and asks them the salary. They tell that they will give 15000 and then slowly the salary will increase. She gets happy. They tell her rules that they will give her night shift. She gets sad and tells she has 2 small children and she cant come for night shift and she denies the job and goes.

Scene 6:

Ami goes at sanjays office to learn maths. He tells her that he will teach her the formula. Then he writes a formula on the board and ami quietly writes it on her hand.he rubs it and tells her to say it. She then looks at her hand and tells the formula. She cheats. Then bhavna comes and a receptionist tells that she wants to meet sanjay. He tells tell her that I am not there. Then she tells that I have already told her that u are teaching ami. He tells her to let her in. she comes and sees that ami and sanjay have worn a goggle. She ask why he tells he is having conjunctivitis and even ami and if she wants interview then he ahs to remove goggles and then she will also get infected. Ami tells sanjay that it is ok as if conjunctivitis happens then nothing will happen just eyes will pain and become red and lots of water will come and eyes will pain a lot. She gets scared and goes. They then remove goggles and laugh and sanjay thanks ami.

Scene 7:

At home sanjay is having evening breakfast with joshipura family and while having he asks that when will shruti come. Ami remembers that she does not have to tell about her job gone so she tells him that shruti is having late shift. Then he tells that ami did good today and she will study and pass. Then khushboo tells that she doubts ami says that even she can study and not only her. Then he tells that he has to go and when he gets up shruti come talking on phone with her mother and telling that she rejected the job because of night shift for the interview she had gone. Sanjay listens and the screen freezes.

Precap: ami is taking some chits to school where the formulas are written. Khushboo comes in and ami hides it under pillow. Khushboo sees for a pillow and picks that one and sees that formulas are written on it and she doubts and tells her that isn’t she trying to go and copy for the exam.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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