Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 20th September 2013 Written Update

Ami and Khushboo are in their room. Khusbhoo asks Ami if everything is okay as this is 2nd time Shruti praised her. Baa comes and tells Ami that when Shruti left house to search her, she was so upset, and when they returned, she was so happy. She says she doesn’t know what Ami did, but tells her to always support Shruti like this. She gives some money to Ami. Khushboo takes it and puts it in their piggy bank and tells Ami that she will help her to change.

Shruti and Sanjay meet outside Sanjay’s office. Shruti gives him the insurance company’s rejection letter and asks him to talk to his lawyer. Sanjay asks about Ami and Shruti seems very happy. She says Ami didn’t get angry at all this time, and in fact she trusted

Harsh more than Shruti did. Shruti says she had a doubt for a moment, but Ami didn’t even have a little doubt and now she wants to fight and win this case for Ami. Now they discuss next issue with Ami. Shruti says she needs to pass maths exam this time, and. Sanjay continues, and Shruti doesn’t have any money to afford a tuition teacher. Sanjay says he will teach maths to Ami. They both are shaking their hands and Bhavna, whom Sanjay is dating, comes there. At first, she looks at them angrily, but gets happy when she finds out that Shruti is married. Bhavna now starts going on and on. She asks Sanjay when they are meeting next now as last time their date stopped on interval. Sanjay jokes with her saying after next earthquake. Shruti tells her that she just checked and Sanjay is free today. She tells them to have a good time together and leaves. Sanjay then receives a call and he pretends as if he forgot about a meeting and he goes to office.

In their room, Khusbhoo adds some more money in their piggy bank, but says what’s the point? As Ami will spend them all in one day. Ami remembers insurance policy rejection letter and says she won’t spend this time. She will only use in emergency. Khushboo is surprised to hear that. Nani comes there with Harsh-Shruti’s photo which she found from her house. Ami takes it and says they look so beautiful in that. She puts it on a table there. She asks Nani to tell how Harsh-Shruti got married once again. Khusbhoo says she will say it. They all praise Harsh.

Ami and Khushboo come to a book shop to purchase maths book for Ami. They get the same book which Ami gave to Kanta ben as Shruti promised to her. The shop guy says Kanta ben’s son doesn’t go to school anymore, that is why she sold all books here. Ami’s friends are there. They laugh and say this is why Ami fails in math. She is paying for her own book. They tease her even more saying they will tell this to Jassuben so Jassuben will get happy.

Sanjay is with his mother. His mother is not happy with Sanjay’s behavior with Bhavna. She asks him what’s wrong in her that you avoid her? Sanjay first jokes with her and then becomes serious. He says Harsh was his best friend and right now Shruti needs his help. His mother says there is a limit for a friendship and one can’t waste his own life for a friendship. She leaves from there.

In kitchen, Ami asks Shruti why insurance company lied about Harsh. Shruti says they have appointed a lawyer and they will fight. She then asks Ami to concentrate on studies now as if she fails maths exam again, then she will have to repeat 9th standard. She also tells Ami that Sanjay will teach her now and asks her to go to office from tomorrow. Ami laughs. Shruti says he does maths all day so he can teach you. Ami says, but not better than her father.

Next morning, Ami comes to Sanjay’s office. She is about to enter Sanjay’s cabin, but stops and hears Sanjay’s conversation with a lawyer. Sanjay tells the lawyer that the insurance company is lying. They made reports based on information that they got from Harsh’s colleagues, and as Harsh’s colleagues were doing wrong stuff, Harsh was usually against them and they didn’t get along well. Ami realizes that Shruti works at the same place as Harsh and decides to tell this to Shruti.

Precap: Shruti’s boss is shouting at Shruti in front of everyone. He tells her that they don’t need her if she can’t follow company’s rules and regulations. Hearing this, Ami gets angry. She takes a blood bottle from a nurse and throws it on Shruti’s boss face.

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