Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts wid shruti telling sanjay that she cant take his charity and why doesn’t he understand. He tells that ya he cant understand and he only did a mistake giving her help. Sanjay goes from there and shruti is angry but sad also. Shruti and ami depart for home. Ami tells shruti that why she denied taking help from sanjay. She tells that she cant be dependable on someone else. Ami tells that she only told that friends always help then why she is not taking. Shruti tells that friends help but not so much that they will be so dependable on them and they go.

Scene 2:

Sanjay is in his car and is sad. He is thinking of what shruti had told him and that he is doing a charity. He goes away driving the car.



At home dadi and khushboo are talking. Khushboo tells that sanjay and shruti must have had a fight and to remove this tension lets watch tv. Dadi tells her that don’t make me emotional and they laugh. Shruti and ami come. Shruti tells ami to remove her maths book and revise. They come and revise. Dadi tells ami to do properly because the tv is tired of waiting. She then starts revising. Jasuben comes with the ration items and gives to shruti. It is 1450 cost and shruti tells ami to give her money from purse. Ami takes out all the money there is only 1500 and ami gets sad. She gives to shruti and shruti gives to jasuben. Jasuben gives change and gives 150 by mistake. Shruti returns the 100rs extra and jasuben goes. Ami tells her that why she returned her money she should have kept as jasuben acts too smart. Shruti tells that they should not cheat ever in life. Ami tells that if they cheat and if no one knows then? Shruti tells that no one will know but at least they themselves will know that they have cheated. Then shruti tells that if one copies then they will not feel proud as they have not worked hard. She tells that ami will surely pass as she and her dad knows how hard she has worked. Ami listens to this and gets a little hitched.

Scene 4:

Shruti is in her room and she thinks of how badly she said to sanjay. She messages him that she overreacted and she is sorry and maybe he understands. He sends back that he does not understand. Shruti is sad.

Scene 5:

Ami is in her room and tells her papa that she is copying for the last time but does not want to but has to cuz she wants to pass and not fail. She tells him sorry. Khushboo tells her to do properly and pass and if she is caught then she will be thrown out of school and then fail and she will not pass and khushboo continues scaring her and ami tells her to keep quiet as she is scaring her.

Scene 6:

Ami gets up in morning for the exams. She gets ready. She goes to her nani for blessings and nani tells her to give exam properly and she gives her the Prasad. Ami and khushboo go to school. Ami enters her class. The boy asks her is she prepared. The girl asks her has she made chits. She puts hand in her pocket. There are no chits. She tells that she has forgotten digest in auto in which there are chits till then the autowala comes and gives her the book she forgot. She gets calmed and goes. Teacher comes in and tells the students those who have to give exam today to go in other class for exam. Ami goes but does not take chits. They get the question paper and ami gets scared and teacher asks what happened. Ami says that the question paper is …… students laugh. Ami’s friend ahead tells to copy from her paper. She thinks of copying but then remembers shruti’s teachings. She then looks at the paper for hours and then remembers what sanjay had taught her and does only those related questions. The time is over and the paper is taken. All students go out after exam and the girl tells her other friends that ami did not copy as ami was getting scared. Khushboo comes and looks at her. Ami tells the friends that copying is wrong and she wanted pass by working hard and not cheating. Khushboo smiles and tells lets go. Her friends tells her that it is right but atleast she would pass. Ami goes.

Ami goes home and cries and tells that she will fail and stay back in 9th std. and everyone will call her failure again. She tells that she did only that what sanjay uncle had taught her. Sanjay is there. Ami hugs shruti…

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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