Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th October 2013 Written Update

the episode starts with sanjay’s mom telling him that she is giving him 15 days time and he should select a girl of his choice in 15 days or she will get him married to bhavna. he then leaves from there and prabha is very much angry and sanjay’s father says to prabha that she shouldnt loose her son by forcing her decision on him. she is shown a bit thinking and angry.

shruti in her room is talking to harsh’s photo and says that today she won the competetion and is very happy and today she is missing him a lot. then khushboo also comes and talks to harsh and says that shruti won only 50% and sanjay won 50% and then says that if sanjay and shruti would have danced together they they would have won. Khushboo says that now ami has gone at

nani’s house and tells her that she will not take ami’s name. shruti tells that ok and tomorrow will be her day and they will all say the word “khushboo” only. shruti tells her that tomorrow will be khushboo day and khusboo asks that what will they do tomorrow. shruti says that they will go out and have lunch then they will go to mall and then they will have ice-cream. khushboo gets happy and tells her to promise and shruti promises her.

Then at sanjay’s home in his room he is thinking about what his mother said and is about to call shruti but doesnt and says that whenever he has any problem he calls her but now he cant as the problem is related to his liking towards shruti. then he is thinking and shruti calls him.

He receives her call and then she thanks him and says that today cause of him everyone is happy and then she says that now even she feels that it is necessary to take khushboo and ami outside to keep them happy. she then senses that sanjay is quiet and not responding and asks him to tell her what is it that its irritating him. she then says that is it cause of aunty and then supports prabha on which he gets angry. then they have a talk regarding this and then shruti bids him bye.
Its morning and shruti is combing khushboo’s hair and then again shruti baa and veni kaka are talking about ami and then khusboo pins shruti and says ami ami. then shruti tells baa and veni kaka that it’s khusboo day.

in the office bhavna is sitting and sanjay enters his cabin and sees bhavna’s and his photo of dandiya and then sees bhavna and asks her whats this and then she tells him that he gets bored in the office so its for him so that whenever he gets bored he can see her and his pic. he then tells her to go out with that photo and then ashish comes in and he tels bhavna to excuse him as he has an important meeting with ashish and she then leaves. then sanjay asks ashish about the case and ashish tells him that till by the investigation he has come to a point that its a suicide. then sanjay gets angry and ashish asks him that whats up with his behavior. then sanjay tells him everything about the conversation and fight with his mom. then ashish tells him that he should marry shruti and he shouldnt take time to confess his feelings or it would be too late by then and he would loose this relation. the screen freezes on sanjay’s face.

Precap:- Sanjay tells shruti that he is taking a very important decison of his life now and shruti tells him that she will get coffee for him but the he stops her and says that he….then says i…….then shruti asks him to speak up.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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