Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 15th October 2013 Written Update

The Epi begins with Sanjay Shruti near entrance of Dandiya Dance .. Shruti starts to go inside .. Sanjay calls her out … She stops n turns .. Sanjay goes near her .. A yellow flower piece is in her hair which she doesn’t know .. Sanjay goes near her n blows her hair .. Yellow piece of flower blows away .. n Shruti smiles .. n tells him to come inside .. n She starts to leave .. but Sanjay calls out her name & she stops n asks what ..? Sanjay tels voh mein .. n then tells nothing. Shruti tells him to come inside .. n she then asks him .. that u have kept our names in couples dance na .. Sanjay tells yes .. There Prabha ( Sanjay’s mom ) & Bhavna & Aashish ( Sanjay’s friend ) are standing together … n Prabha comes n tells Sanjay

.. Bhavna is waiting for u for so long .. till when she gave ur and her name for the couples dance contest .. Ami n Khushbu also come there .. n tells her mom to dance with Sanjay .. coz she is the best dancer .. Shruti refuses to dance n pushes Sanjay to go n dance with Bhavna … Prabha feels happy .. Aami tells her mom .. i promised Sanjay uncle that i’l get a girl for her .. n asks her mom how is the Bhavna for Sanjay? Prabha smiles to herself .. Aashish notices not so happy faces on Shruti’s children .. n asks Shruti if she doesn’t mind.. then they can dance as a couple .. Shruti still says no .. her children & Prabha tell her to go n dance … She tells ok.

All couples start dancing … Preeti & Pinky start singing Sawaar Loon song from Lootera movie. Satish ( Shruti’s good for nothing bro ) sees Shruti dancing n feels angry .. Jassu ben goes n sits in chair beisde Shruti’s mom … n she sees Shruti dancing .. n she tells WTH .. Shruti came her will someone else, is now dancing with someone else .. n i’m sure she will go back home with someone else … Shruti’s mom hears this comment .. n glares at Jassuben .. n she is shocked .. All couples are dancing dandiya with each other .. Sanjay though is dancing with Bhavna .. but all his eyes are on seeing Shruti’s dancing …

Dream Seq of Sanjay starts with jst him and Shruti dance in Dandiya dance palce with no one there at all … They dance on Full Sawaar Loon song from Lootera movie.

Dream Seq over .. n Sanjay realizes he is dancing with Bhavna .. & looking at Shruti ..Dance ends .. Prabha feels happy seeing Sanjay – Bhavna dance ..

Host in stage tells that winners are finalised .. n here are the names ..

1st prize / Best dance couple goes Sanjay Mehra ( i think i heard Sanjay’s surname as Mehra .. Someone pls correct me if i’m wrong ) & Bhavna .. ( sorry couldn’t catch her surname ) Bhavna feels happy ..Shruti congratulates Bhavna by shaking hands .. n Shruti draws out hand to shake Sanjay’s hand .. n pulls it back .. she mischievously pokes his nose .. n leaves .. Sanjay smiles n rubs his nose .. Host says .. wait wait .. what’s so much urgency .. its 1st time that tie has happened for this 1st prize / Best dance couple .. The 2nd couple who has won is Aashish .. ( sorry couldn’t catch his surname ) n Shruti Joshipura .. Shruti’s mil & mom n her childern congratulate her .. Both the couples go n stage .. n hoild the trophy togehter .. there also .. Sanjay stares at Shruti .. They all come down …

Prabha then goes on stage n tells i bring down curtains to this show .. n thanks Preeti & Pinky for their time .. They say it was their pleasure .. n they also enjoyed it .. n they won’t forget this day ever ..

Below .. Ami takes Sanjay’s mobile n gives it to Aashish .. Sanjay with Shruti n her whole family i.e mil , mom , n her children stand with smiling faces.. n Aashish takes snap .. then Ami’s takes Sanjay’s mobile .. n takes snap of both the winning couple smiling with trophy … Sanjay is standing beside Shruti .. n Bhavna & Aashish are standing beside both these ppl ..

Scene changes to Sanjay in his bed in night dress .. n him going through the snaps taken by Aashish / Ami … He stops at Ami’s snap pf them holding trophy .. n sees him & Shruti standing beside each other .. n he zooms this pic … so that only him & Shruti are visible n the pic .. n he stares at her pic ..

Shruti , her mil & her childer are at her home .. n children are unwrapping the gifts they won at dandiya dance .. Ami opens her packet containing 1 packet each of Cashew & Almond … She tells we will gift this to Kaka ( person who works at their house ) .. n Shruti’s Mil says some kind of good line / joke .. all laugh .. Khushbu opens gift containing makeup kit … n then says we will gift it to Jassuben .. Shruti’s Mil says why will that old lady Jassuben req it ..? something like that she tells .. n all laugh .. n Shruti schold’s her mil .. n stays what wrong words ur teaching to kids .. Mil then says, she is happy that Shruti brought home this silver stick / tower .. n Ami corrects her grandmom saying .. its called Trophy .. n not stick / tower .. Mil says what ever .. this navrati has been eventful with ur winning n all .. Khushbhu then tells yes .. but mom u should have danced with Sanjay uncle .. coz u both dancing .. then winning chances would have doubled .. Shruti says ok .. but still they won na .. Ami says yes .. Sanjay uncle is a good dancer … but there is no best dancer in his world than her father .. Mil sees Harsh’s pic on wall .. n a tear rolls down her eyes .. There Sanjay staring at his & Shruti’s pic in mobile says do u tell the same for me , do u also think the same way as i think abt u .. Shruti ? Shruti back hugs Ami n tells ur dad was the best .. n there is no one like him …

Prabha Mehra ( Sanjay’s mom ) enters her room .. n angrily removes her jewels .. n Mr Mehra enters n goes n sits on a chair n asks Prabha what happened ? Why angry ? She tells u always find fault with me .. if u had controlled Sanjay in his childhood .. n then he won’t be like this today .. She tells he brought Shruti & her family to Dandiya Dance .. n tells i felt so much ashamed coz of his behavior .. Mr Mehra tells tell me clearly what u want to say Prabha .. Prabha tells Shruti is a widow with two kids .. n she first used her kids to be near Sanjay .. n now she herself has starting drawing Sanjay towards her .. Sanjay enters his parents room n tells Ma ?! angrily … n says Shruti is such a gem of a person .. she has courage .. aftr her hubby death .. with her courage she has held her family together … She has self respect .. with respect she is bring up her kids and her family on her own .. if u had known abt her properly .. then u won’t say like this abt her .. Prabha tells yes yes … today i have jst told bad abt her .. tomorrow when Shruti will fully trap u .. u will not even listen to me n say i’m lashing out at her unnecessarily … Sanjay tells Mom there is nothing like that .. Prabha asks what is her relationship with her ? Mr. Mehra tells Sanjay to answer … Sanjay tells she is my best frind’s wife .. n my friend .. Prabha says ur telling a lie .., the relationship ur having with her .. its called “LOVE” .. Sanjay is shocked .. Prabha tells whole society sees like this .. n don’t u also Love her? .. Sanjay goes quit .. Prabha tells to Mr. Mehra see .. how he has become … Sanjay then tells his mom .. i don’t want to name the relationship i have with Shruti so that u can tell any nonsense abt this relationship … n then he tells … if anything happens in my life OR not .. but Shruti will remain in my life for sure .. n if u consider this as my adament nature or whatever , but don’t try to change this fact of my life Mom … Epi ends on Sanjay.

Precap :
Sanjay’s mom tells him .. this is so then listen to me Sanjay .. if u like a girl then tell me .. OR i’l get u married in next 15 days with Bhavna … Sanjay is shocked n sad ..

Update Credit to: Swetha

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