Khatti Meethi (RAGSAN)Episode 06

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Ragini (says in her heart) – I want you to hold my hand like this always.

She keep on looking at him.He too look into her eyes and both share a eyelock.He was holding her hand so tight in fear of loosing her just a moment before. Ragini was still lost looking in his black orbs which held a different emotion today. The ringtone of ragini’s phone jerked them and they came into sense.

Ragini (without looking pick call)- Who..??

Laksh (from other side..said in a breath )- Ragini… Is Sanskaar with you..???  He wasn’t lifting my call from long back.(worried) Is he angry till now..??? And Why that stupid is angry in first place..?? Is he angry because I told him about my love this late..?? Or…….

He was about to say more when ragini interrupted him.

Ragini (little irritated) -Laksh..!!! Calm down laksh..!! Yaa he is with me…and will talk about this tomorrow. (assuring him)You be relax.. Don’t take tension.. Everything is fine.

His grip on her hand loosened and his  face expression change from soft to hard as soon as he listened laksh’s name from her mouth. And the thing that more annoyed him is that she was avoiding talking to laksh in front of him. He wasn’t getting why he was burning inside seeing her care in her last words for laksh. She disconnect the call and look back into his eyes which shows hurt now. Now she is feeling worried to see him like that.

Ragini (about to hold his hand concerned) – Sanska……

Before she could complete he jerked her hand and look at her fuming. He dragged her holding her shoulders tight jerking her to the core seeing his bleeding red eyes.

Sanskaar (Angrily shaking her)- What..!!! Haaan…!!! What did you think of yourself !! If you want to do this marriage you could have told us..told mom…but no you were planning to elope. Wow..!! Just Wow…!!! (she look at him confused blinking her eyes ) Now why are you faking all this… showing ur blo*dy concern that you care… Care for me…which you didn’t do all your life (A layer of water form in her eyes listening him).(he painfully) Didn’t you think about mom..for a second…. Didn’t you think about Me…!!! ( She look at him shocked when he mentioned himself) (he jerked her and smile sarcastically) Actually you are thinking right..!! Laksh is better for you.. Atleast you will spare me with your faking rants that you love me and want to marry me…. But you don’t need to elope with him. (She wide her eyes realising what he just said). I will talk to everyone and make sure that all will be agree for your marriage.

Ragini was just so shocked listening his misunderstanding then she remembered his anger,his complaining and questioning eyes, the hurt in his face…”Didn’t you think about Me..!! ” his words repeated in her mind and she finally smile widely realizing that he was jealous…her’s being with someone else effects him. He didn’t hate her the thing is just he was keep on denying his feelings to himself. A happy tear tripped over her cheek when she blinked her eyes looking at sanskaar with her most gorgeous smile. He look at her face and misunderstood the reason behind her smile. He felt like he is loosing her…But why this feeling… He slide his hand in his hair frustrated ..” Because You love her” his heart beamed shouting. He jerked at his inner voice and gulped shaking his head in vigorous no. Ragini look at him confused. He gave a last look to ragini and left from there.


Ragini came down smiling ear to ear when sujata stopped her in mid way.

Ragini (taking sujata in a bone crushing hug) – Mom…Mom…Mom…!!!! I am so so soooo happy today.

Sujata (breaking the hug and smile widely seeing her glowing face) – What happened… Why are you so happy..??? (grinning)  Even I too have a good news for you.

Ragini (with twinkling eyes) – Really…!!  But first listen to me. ( Sujata nodded and she narrated her what all happened.) Sujata first smile but then hit on her forehead.

Ragini (rub her forehead )- Ouch Mom..!!(twist her lips and then pout) Why is that for..??

Sujata – Pagal Ladki..!! Why didn’t you clear his misunderstanding there itself. (Ragini bite her tongue and murmured sorry) Go and clear now only. (little worried) My sanskaar will be getting angry without any reason.Go and cool him.

Ragini (placing her hand around her neck) – Are Mom…Why fear…When your Ragu is here. But first tell me about the good news about which you were telling.

Sujata (excited ) – Tara will be out from this house for today.

Ragini (first look at her confused then shocked ) – Did he know about that…?? (Sujata nodded grinning and ragini wide her eyes)  And he didn’t said anything..??? (Sujata shakes her hand in no still grinning)  Omg…I can’t believe Mom…!!!

Sujata (giggled and wink ) – So you have all the night to cool the anger of my son.

Ragini (smirking) – Not so soon Mom. He made me roam behind him these many years and made me jealous of that stupid tara. Now It’s My turn. You just wait n watch..(wink) he will only confess his feelings to me.

Sujata (understanding her point) – Ok…do whatever you want to. (pointing a finger at her faking anger) But don’t trouble him so much. I am on my Son’s side this time.

Ragini( giggled n fold her hand in Namstey) – As your wish…Sassu Mom…!!

Both laugh and hug eachother and ragini headed towards sanskaar’s room giving a wink towards sujata’s direction.

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