Khatti Meethi (RAGSAN)Episode 05

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Sanskaar ( holding tara) – Mom…You want to meet tara..??

Sujata (confused) – huh…what.!!!(making faces) Why do I need to meet this stupid teddy..!!!

He glare at her annoyed .Ragini who came behind sanskaar bite her tongue.Sujata look at her raising eyebrow n she wink at her.

Sujata (understanding n fumbled ) – Wohh..haan.. Haan..!! I want to take tara with me… As I..I haan…am going to meet ur nani.

Sanskaar (came towards her and place his hand on his forehead) – Mom…Are you alright naa??? it’s been 17 years nani had left us.

Sujata (bite her tongue murmured) – Sorry maa..!! (to sanskaar laughing nervously )  Wo I mean… to my friend house.. Hehe…her name.. is nani.(with a deep sigh )Yaa her name is nani.

Sanskaar (making faces) – weird name. But why tara……

Ragini (interrupted him)- Can’t you give ur tara for ur mom..!!! (provoking him) I can give my all things for mom..and you even can’t give this stupid teddy.. (he glare n she fumbled)  I…I mean tara.

Sanskaar (glaring rag and come to sujata )-  Ok mom..take her. But do take care haan..!!

Sujata nodded.He leaves from there.

Ragini (immitating) – Mom…do take care haann!! Sujata nodded again n then both brust out laughing.

Ragini (giving hi-fi to sujata) – Plan one accomplish mom. Now plan no. 2. Sujata join her and both smile mischievously.

At college

Laksh (coming towards sanskaar) – hey dude… Where were you from yesterday..?? (faking anger) You came college bt didn’t even meet me.

Sanskaar (mocking ) – Why..??..Are you some celebrity !!!  That to meet you is compulsory.

Laksh pouted whereas a girl giggled listening him. Laksh glare at her and she place a finger on her lips. The girl face is shown revealing it to be Swara.

Laksh (sitting beside him) – I want to tell you something yaar…no actually I want ur help.

Sanskaar look at him questionly and nodded.

Laksh (rubbing his hand nervously) – Woh I love someone and she too loves me alot. ( Sanskaar’s back get straighten listening him) But her family had fixed her alliance (temper started rising up in his body) So we are planning to elope and get married.
(he turned towards him shocked… No no..shocked was understatement for describing his emotions. He felt like punching on his best friend’s idiotic face to think about eloping with his ragini.   His ragini..seriously… !!!!!  He jerked his thoughts )
And I need you as a witness as I got my first witness already.(completed laksh smiling)

Sanskaar look at him angrily punch on his stomach tightly. He winched in pain and look at him shocked. Sanskaar glare at him pointing a finger and about to say something but huff in anger and left from there. Laksh mouth shaped a big ‘O’. Swara came running to him worriedly. He make faces in the direction of sanskaar left and hold swara’s hand and left from there to canteen.

Sanskaar (angrily)  – What the hell..!!! Here our marriage talks are going on and she is ready to elope with him. Didn’t she think once about our families…about mom…about Me.(He pause for a second realizing what he said) Why the hell I am getting angry…!! Haaahh..sanskaar.. It is good naa that she want to marry him and will leave ur life for forever. (The thought of her going away from his life make his eyes watery. He remembered all her moments with him. A curve appear on his lips.) Stop thinking about her sanskaar. She isn’t worth of it. All the time she keep on saying that she wants to marry me. And here she is making plans for eloping. (frustrated) And laksh how dare he to think about her…and asking only me to be witness of their marriage. I will broke his bones if he come again in front of me.

He took a deep breath and left it out closing his eyes to calm his mind. He have to think about something else rather than thinking about the person and her decision whom he hate  from childhood. (Hate….Really..!!!  His heart laugh loudly listening him)

Ragini came towards laksh asking about sanskaar when she don’t find him anywhere after college. Swara explain her what happened and ragini chuckled looking at laksh who was making weird faces. She knows very well when he is angry where he will go. She smile widely thinking something and left from there.


Sanskaar’s home
He was sitting on his terrace’s wall hanging his legs in air closing his eyes feeling the cool breeze calming his burning face. It was evening and the atmosphere in month of february is quite chilly…And it will going more n more cold as the night come. Ragini came there smiling with a shawl in her hand.

Ragini (tapping his shoulder) – Thinking about me.

Sanskaar jerked and look at her for a second then turn seeing nowhere at a point. Ragini place shawl on wall and hold his shoulder climbing on the wall and sit beside him. He didn’t turn towards her but look at her with corner of his eyes. She look at him confused as she don’t know the reason of his anger.

Ragini ( placing her head on his shoulder teasingly to divert his mood) – I know you are thinking about me…thinking about our future…marriage is so near and we even didn’t start our shopping till now.

He closed his fist tight n shut his eyes with a deep breath not wanting to brust out his anger on her. He himself don’t know why he was feeling so…but all he know is that he was burning inside listening her when he knows all she was saying is a big lie.She is planning to elope with someone else. Not someone else.. but his best friend. He didn’t listen after that what she was saying. She keep on blabbering something. He open his eyes and look at her who was holding his arm placing her head on his shoulder.

Ragini sat looking at him when she doesn’t get any response to her teasing session only to find he was looking at her with questioning eyes. She look at him confused. This was the first time she is seeing something different in his eyes. This was not annoyance or what he said…yaa hatred which he always have for her. It was a complaint..and lots of questions ..She was getting more and more confused that what she does that he was looking at her like she did some crime. He was looking like he is controlling his emotions. His eyes were red..he was sweating in this cold weather. Something is wrong with him.

Ragini (cupping his face worried with all the love she has for him) –  Sanskaar.

Sanskaar (whispered only a single word slowly) – WHY..??

He can’t control his emotion more and a tear skipped from his eyes shocking both of them. He came into sense and jerked her hands angrily. She staggered and about to fall but he hold her immediately before it’s too late. He shut his eyes again calming his raise heartbeat after seeing below realizing that they are sitting on three story house’s terrace. Ragini look at him with wide eyes and place her hand on her heart and gulp thinking what could have been happen If she would fall. He hold her hand tightly and help her to get down from wall. She keep looking at their join hands.

Ragini (says in her heart) – I want you to hold my hand like this always.

She keep on looking at him.He too look into her eyes and both share a eyelock.

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