Khatti Meethi (RAGSAN)Episode 04

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He was looking at her with mixed emotions and she was looking at him with love n only love. There trance broke with ringing sound of ragini’s phone.She extend her hand towards the dining table and pick the call.

Ragini (on call) – Haan laksh

Listening laksh name his body stiffened.. The emotion from which he was staring her turned into anger.

Ragini (on call) – Ok…I will be there tomorrow.. Yaa…Chl talk to you later.

Sanskaar (in mind) – Not even caring that I am standing here in pain.. And planning to meet him tomorrow..huh.

Ragini (holding him)- Sorry, wo laksh was saying…..

Sanskaar (jerked her hand angrily ) – I don’t need to know what was he saying…keep ur talk with you only.

He went from there with difficulty wincing placing his hand on his back.Ragini too rushed behind him to see him worriedly.

Sujata (coming in sanskaar’s room worried) – What happened sanskaar..????

Ragini (turn with teary eyes) – Mom he got hurt in his back because of me.

Sanskaar look at her shocked.

Sanskaar (in mind) – She was enjoying my situation outside and now infornt of mom…she is doing drama of being guilty.Then he remembered her conversation with laksh..He look at her angrily.

Sanskaar (to ragini rudely)- Stop ur acting ragini.!! No need to show ur fake concern here…Mom can believe you seeing ur crocodile’s tears but I will not.

Sujata (shouted) – Sanskaar…!!!

Tears trolled down her cheeks.
He gave her a nonchalant look and turn to sujata.

Sanskaar – Mom I need rest… Can you please leave me alone..(rudely) And take this unwanted person too. I am in no mood to talk right now.

Ragini put her hand on her mouth to hold her cry and run from there. He shut his eyes tightly seeing her tears.Sujata look at him angrily and leave from there.

Sujata (coming fastly) – raguu…

Ragini (wiping her tears smiling weakly) – I am fine mom..will meet you tomorrow.

She rushed towards her home whereas sujata look at her worriedly.

In sanskaar’s room

Sanskaar (angrily) – Why…why..why did I behave this way with her. I know.. She cares for me… Not from today but from long back…but laksh… She said she loves me…but was with laksh today..and going to meet him tomorrow also…(confused) but why do I care..??Am I jealous..???(shaking his head vigorously)…why will I be jealous…?? (frustrated) Agghhhh sanskaar stop thinking about her.Khud to pagal h hi…mujhe bhi pagal kr degi chudail. (She herself is mad…will make me mad also.. chudail)

He turn off his room’s light and pull blanket over him..trying to drift in sleep.

Ragini’s Home

Ragini run into her room crying. Janki see this and rushed behind her.She entered in her room and see her daughter sitting on her bed crossing her legs wiping her nose at the back of her hand and crying. She smile and goes towards her.

Janki (sitting beside her) – Now what did he said???

Ragini (twisting her nose)- What did he think of himself..!! Stupid… Idiot..!!  He called me chudail naaa…He is only chudail… Chudailaaa..

Janki (chuckling) – Chudailaa isn’t a word ragu.

Ragini (pouting )- Mom..understand my emotions. I was repenting on my decision when he didn’t talk to me whole day…but now..(smrik)
he called me unwanted naaa…so he only have to bear this unwanted person in his whole life. (smile widely) You just wait n see mom.

Janki (hitting her forehead) – You are mad.

Ragini (grinning) – Yupp….only for him.
She cover herself in blanket and sleep thinking naughtily something in her mind.

Next morning

Sanskaar was sleeping hugging tara tightly. Ragini entered in his room without making noise.She hold tara from ear carefully and tried to take away from him. Sanskaar hold tara tightly again which gave a jerk to ragini and she landed on sanskaar.

Sanskaar (scream without opening his eyes ) – Aaaaahhhhh… Help.. Help…somebody help…chor.. Chor.

Ragini (shouted in his ear)- Phattu….Phattu…sanskaar is a phattu..!!!

Sanskaar (open his eyes with jerk and look at her shocked) – What the hell….what are you doing in my room again… that too upon me.

Ragini (smile sheepishly) – I am here to take tara with me.

Sanskaar (wide his eyes and roll over her.. Pin her to bed)- What did you just said..????  (angrily) Don’t ever think about my tara…!!! She is only mine not urs.

Ragini (chuckling at his anger) – Why are you so possessive about that stupid.. (he glare at her and she gulped)  I mean for sweetest tara…(Now smiling)  Actually I too wanted to know what’s special in her.. So after our marriage I can take care her like you do.

Sanskaar (bending towards her face little more) – Dare you touch her..!! (irritated) And stop dreaming about marriage.. Coz it’s never going to happen.

Ragini breath heavily feeling him so close but composed herself. She smrik in her mind and place her both arm across his neck.

Ragini (wink naughtily) – If maa see us like this naaa…then she will do our marriage next day only… (pretending to shy)and  I don’t want anything happen between us before marriage…toh wait till marriage haan.

Sanskaar wide his eyes listening her and immediately stand jerking her arms.

Sanskaar (picked tara from bed..hugging her)- You didn’t have a little bit shame naaa..!! What will maa thought if she saw us like that.

Ragini (laying on bed comfortably) – What…!! It’s going to be my room and my husband. What will maa think..!!(winking) Infact she will be the happiest person seeing our romance.

Sanskaar mouth shaped a big ‘O’..he look at her with wide eyes and little bend towards her mouth.

Sanskaar (sniffing his nose)- Tune pii h kyaa subh subh??(Have you drink alcohol early morning..??)

Ragini chuckled and hold his collar and dragged him beside her on bed.Sanskaar wide his eyes.

Ragini (placing her head on her palm resting her elbow on bed)- Maa… told me to bring tara down.

Sanskaar (Confused ) – Why..????

Ragini (murmured) – She wants to see… Ki iss tara me aisa kyaa h… Jo unki hone wali bahu me nhi h.

Sanskaar (irritated) – say clearly. I didn’t understand what are you saying..??

Ragini (give a wide fake smile) – She only know… What she want to do with this stupid bear.

Sanskaar glare her and remove her hand from beneath her head suddenly. Her head jerked and hit with the bed.She sit on bed rubbing her head pouting. A curve appear on his lips seeing her pout but he composed himself.

Sanskaar (smirking ) – This is the punishment for touching my tara…with ur dirty hands.

He hold tara and rushed down to see why his maa wanted to meet tara today.

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