Khatti Meethi (RAGSAN)Episode 03

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Ragini (whispered) – Maa… Talk him about that today please..(pleading) for my sake.

Sujata nodded n sanskaar look at them suspicious. Ragini give him a bright smile n left from there. He look at sujata confused.

Sujata (clearing her throat) – I have decided something.

Sanskaar (raising his eyebrow little) – What you decided mom..??

Sujata (in one go sternly ) – I want ur n ragu’s marriage asap. I have talked to pandit ji n he said 3rd day of next month is very auspicious.

Sanskaar look at her shocked. He imagine himself making dinner n sujju is feeding ragini. He was washing clothes n all were watching movie with popcorn. He was sleeping on floor n sujju was caressing ragu’s hair who was lying on bed placing her head in sujju’s lap.

Sanskaar (scream horrified) – Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….I am not going to marry that chudail ever.

Sujata jerked n stumbled at her place listening his scream.

Ram(coming there rubbing his ears) – Why are you screaming like this… Like your mom is going to leave me for forever. (murmured happily ) Please sanskaar tell me this is the reason .

Sanskaar(annoyed) – ‘Dad’….Here Mom is going to make me “Bali ka Bakra” and you are talking about urself only.

Sujata (gave them a glare) – I am not going to listen this time. You are going to marry her and that’s final.

She said and left from there.
Sanskaar (whined like a child) – daaaaaadddddddd.
Ram lift his hand in surrender and left from there.

Sanskaar (to himself) – I know it’s all your plan chudail…. (angrily) But now you cross the limit. I am not going to leave you this time.(determine) You want to marry me naaa…..let’s see how will this marriage happen..!!!!!

At college
Ragini (with a bright smile) – laksh…where is Sanskaar???
He shrug his shoulder.
Laksh (curious) – What happened… Why are you so glowing today..???

Ragini (excited ) – You know… I got a chance to internship in Italy under “Donatella Versace” after 2 months. Omg..can you believe I am going to live my dream. And…(blushing) That’s why our marriage is going to happen in next month. (pout) but I am worried about his reaction on this news.

Laksh (happily) – Really… (she nodded and he hugged her tightly)  Omg…I am really happy for you guys. And don’t worry about that duffer….. soon he will also say…..that I love you too Ragini.

Ragini blushed listening this.
Sanskaar came there at that moment and listen his last words. Without his knowledge his palm turned into a tight fist. He gave them a last look and left from there angrily.

Whole day sanskaar didn’t said a single word. She tried to talk to him…to irritate him…but all she got is his silence. She was worried n first time feeling guilty to impose her feelings on him.

Ragini (teary eyes) – Maa…I think we shouldn’t bring up the marriage’s topic. He didn’t reply to me whole day. Not even when I irritated him.

Sujata (wiping her tears ) – No ragu..don’t..!!

Sanskaar came out of her room and see towards them. Sujata called him, he came and halted on his place to see her teary eyes. All his anger vanished quickly to see the tear which is rollling from her cheek. She wipe her face immediately.

Ragini ( smiling weakly) – Maa… I am going.

Sanskaar ( to change her mood in a taunting way) – Thank God you get some sense… to leave mother- son together for sometime.

Her eyes twinkle listening him after a full day… And a lone tear skipped from her eyes. She smile with teary eyes.He look at her confused.

Sanskaar (chuckling) -Maaa… What happened to this chudail today.

By listening the word chudail.. she burst out crying and immediately hug him. He stood there numb not getting what happened in a fits of moment. Sujata excused and left from there smiling.

Sanskaar (holding her from shoulders said softly ) – Ragini

She shut her eyes and hugged him more tightly. Sanskaar was getting more and more confused and little worried too to feel his shirt getting wet due to her tears.

Ragini (sobbing) – Never stop talking to me… I’ll die.

He parted her immediately and look at her with anger. He definitely hate her but she is part of his life from childhood and he never going to let her go ever.

Sanskaar (angrily) – Dare you say that again.

She look at him with glassy eyes which shows immense love for him. He look into her eyes and reminisce her feelings and jerked himself.

Sanskaar ( composing himself and in a teasing way) – Coz only I have the right to kill you.. And am not going to let you die that easily.

Ragini (smile with teary eyes) – You have all the rights upon me sanskaar.. Even if it was of killing me.

And he stood there numb again at the loss of the words. “Did she really love me this she was with laksh ” thought he n glare her.

Sanskaar (Annoyed) –  You spoiled my favorite shirt chudail. Now you will only wash it.

Ragini (this time giggling) – Okay (she comes towards him..and about to open his shirt button)

Sanskaar (horrified stepping back) – What are you doing????

Ragini (innocently coming towards him) – Taking shirt only… to wash it.

Sanskaar (stepping more back) – N..nn…no.. nooo.. need to do that.I’ll do it myself.

Ragini( come forward again) – Are but..

Sanskaar move more back but stumbled. He hold her hand to support but both landed on floor.
Sanskaar (wincing in pain) – Aahhh…my back…

Ragini (kept her elbows on her chest laying on the top of him like it was her bed) – Is it paining much.

Sanskaar ( glaring her)- Chudail..If you get up… May be it pain less.

Ragini (dreamily) – From ur mouth… Chudail word too looks like Angel.

Sanskaar (pushing her from himself) – Get off me chudail. (holding his back)  it’s paining.

Ragini look at him with open mouth n then pout cutely. He look at her angrily.

Sanskaar (glaring) – It was all ur fault (wincing)  Aahhhh..

Ragini (innocently)  – What I did..????  (then twist her lips)  You were the one who dragged me. (winking at him)  but I really enjoyed it.

Sanskaar ( irritated)  – You dumb girl…help me.. it’s paining too much.

Ragini (stand n blow air on her nails) – Will you marry me..???  If your ans is yes… than only I’ll help you.

Sanskaar (gritted his teeth)- I don’t need your help. Huh.

He tried to stand but his back sting with more pain. A layer of tear form in his eyes as he still tried to get up. Ragini see him and immediately hold his hand n help him to get up from the floor.She put his hand around her shoulder placing her other hand on his waist. He look into her eyes which started welling up to see him in pain because of her. Both lost in eachother eyes n sanskaar’s heart first time beat fast when she is close to him. He was looking at her with mixed emotions n she was looking at him with love and only love.

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