Khatti Meethi (RAGSAN)Episode 02

Hey guys… Let’s start another Khatti Meethi update…Hope you guys like it.


Sanskaar (exasperatedly)- What you want Ragini????

Ragini (smiling widely) -“YOU”

Laksh coughed sitting behind them..and ragini realized what she said whereas sanskaar give her a annoyed glare.

Ragini( composing herself) – Vo..I… Yaa…I mean…how sweet my name looks when you call me (dreamily)  say that again naa.

Sanskaar (making weird face) – Impossible

She winked at laksh who was suppressing his laugh seeing sanskaar’s annoyed face.

After some time
Ragini ( poking his arm) – What he said…I can not write.. show me naa.

Sanskaar ( irritated)  – Can’t you even listen teacher carefully.

Mr. Arora (teacher – pointing at them ) – Yaa.. Any doubts??

Sanskaar shook his head in no but ragini immediately stand at her place nodding yes.

Mr. Arora (raising his brow) Ms. Agnihotri??  You have some doubt… really..!!

Ragini (look at her watch n smrik)- Sir….(innocently)  I am not getting this ROI profit margin exactly. Can you please explain it again.

The bell ring and a wide smile appeared on her face but she instantly change her expression when Mr. Arora see towards her.

Mr. Arora ( sighing) – Oh..lecture is over…ok…sanskaar… You explain her in lunch break.

Sanskaar ( stumbled while standing listening his name..with wide eyes) – Meeee

Mr. Arora ( nod)- Yaa….being a topper.. You should help weak student like her.

Laksh giggled as ragini pouted. Sanskaar nodded his head uninterested and Mr. Arora left from there.

In library
Sanskaar (writing on notebook) -… Net profit by net worth…. (look at ragini who was staring at him lost) And then India won the match..Yippee…!!!

Ragini (jerked n stumbled from her chair) – What… Why are you screaming. (Librarian sees them and gave them a glare… Pointing a finger on her lips)

Sanskaar ( hold her hand and dragged her out of the library said angrily) – When you don’t want to study…Why are you wasting ur n mine time.

Ragini (smiling widely) – Who said my time got wasted..?? I toh enjoyed fully.

Sanskaar (frustrated) – Don’t you get tired doing these silly things.

Ragini nodded her head in no vigorously and he huffed knowing there’s no use talking to her about this.

Ragini (taking a sigh)- Enough of study now… (stretching her hands and yawning) I am too tired. (he wide his eyes listening her) Now I am hungry…so going bye.

Sanskaar (murmured forgetting his anger) – Subh -subh itne paranthe thoose the…abhi bhi bhookhi h..chudail kahi ki..mujhse ek bar poocha bhi nhi.(In morning itself she gorged so much paranthe..still she is hungry… Chudail…didn’t even ask me once)

Ragini ( pretending talking in phone.. little loudly)  –  Haan maa…I’ll eat maa…O you added butter also..(pout) but it will melt naa…(making faces looking at sanskaar) No maa..I am not going to give him a single bite too….ok bye.

Sanskaar (fuming in anger) – How dare you… She is my mom..n what she made is only for me..not anyone else. He snatch the tiffin from her hand and left from there glaring her.
Ragini laugh looking at him.

Ragini (smiling looking at his retreating figure) – Still a kid.

She went towards canteen where he was sitting eating food like he didn’t had food from many days. She look at him lovingly n went behind him open her tiffin n place it there silently. He without realizing pick paratha from her tiffin and starts eating. Her smile got wide when he close his eyes being ecstatic caressing his stomach with his hand after finishing the food. She pick her tiffin and left from there smiling.

At night

Janki (coming in ragini’s room with a glass of milk) – Ragu it’s 1’O clock in the night.. Sleep bachha… You have to go to college too in the morning.

Ragini (looking into her laptop)- Bas maa..half n hour more. Its almost done. Next week I have to give them presentation. It’s my dream maa.

Janki (sitting beside her) – When you love your dream to become a fashion designer this much….why you join business management ragu.

Ragini ( smiling) – You know the reason maa..!!

Janki ( caressing her hair) – I wish that the reason will understand you…and love you back like you do.

She smiled at her and janki left from there leaving ragini to complete her remaining work.

In sanskaar’s room early morning

Sanskaar ( sleepily) – How you became so hard tara..?? (hugging tightly)  today you giving me feeling like that chudail…so rough.

Ragini (struggling in his tight embrace) – Coz I am ur chudail only duffer… not your stupid tara..(hitting on his chest)  leave me you idiot.. I will die out of suffocation.

Sanskaar jerked n open his eyes.. but after seeing ragini in his bed his eyes became wide. He immediately stood jerking her  n snatch his bedsheet from beneath her to cover himself. Ragini blushed realizing that he was in his Boxers till now.

Sanskaar (angrily ) – What the hell you are doing here… That too in my bed.

Ragini (bluntly) – I just came here to wake you up as maa said.. It was you who dragged me in your embrace. And waise bhi I don’t have any interest to be with you in your bed without marriage.

Sanskaar wide his eyes and she realized what she said. She turned n hit her head with her palm blushing hardly.

Ragini ( without turning) – Maa was calling you… She said she want to talk to you something. Come soon.

He hummed n she left immediately.

Sanskaar (shaking his head in disbelief) – Mad girl

In kitchen
Ragini (excited) – You know maa…today he hug me instead of that stupid his sleep.

Sujata (Happily) – really..!!! (ragini nodded)  I don’t know what he find in that stupid teddy bear…that he can’t sleep without that. (making faces) I mean which boy sleep with a teddy in his embrace.

Ragini(immitating sanskaar)- Maa.. Don’t call her teddy… Her name is her that only.

Both look at eachother n brust out laughing. Sanskaar come into the kitchen n both composed themselves.

Ragini (whispered) – Maa… Talk him about that today please..(pleading) for my sake.

Sujata nodded n sanskaar look at them suspicious. Ragini give him a bright smile n left from there. He look at sujata confused.

So how’s it..??
Please do comment.. and let me know how did you find the story going..!!

Till then
Be happy n keep smiling

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