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Ragini was sitting in her room reminiscing her moments with sanskaar after their confession. She was smiling ear to ear when Aarav entered in her room.

Aarav (munching cookies)- Bhabs…!!! Mom is calling you home…!!!

Ragini jerked from her thoughts and look at aarav.

Ragini(tapping at the back of his head)- Eat less Fatty..!! Otherwise you will burst one day..!!

Aarav (spatting back)- Dream about my bro less Bhabs…!! Otherwise you will become mad one day…!!

Ragini’s jaw drop and aarav smirk at her and left from there holding his cookies. He shook her head in disbelief and make her way to sanskaar’s home.

Ragini (entering in sanskaar’s home)- Mom…!!! Mom….!!!

Sanskaar (decending the stairs)- She isn’t home Chudail..!!

Ragini (confused)- But Fatty said she was calling me…!!

Sanskaar(chuckle) Their is a one word call BRIBE (smirk) and it always works on fatty..!!

Ragini look at him shocked and he laugh.

Ragini(in disbelief) – So you bribed him with a Jar of cookies ..!! That’s what I was thinking from where he get this much cookies ..!!

Sanskaar (hold her wrist and pull her to himself)- Let him eat what he loves..!! (wink)And let me eat what I love…!!

Ragini (confused)- You are hungry…!! Wait I’ll tell Maa to make something for you…!!!

Sanskaar (amused) Really…!!! Didn’t you get what I want…!!

Ragini (innocently patting her forehead)- Oopss ..I didn’t ask what you want..!! Aalu parantha..??

Sanskaar – No…!!!

Ragini – Sandwitch..??


Ragini(with twinkling eyes)- Yes…!!! Cheese Pasta..!!


Ragini(tapping her finger on her chin)- Custurd ..???


Ragini(pouting)- Then what you want Sanskaar..!! Tell me..!! I will tell Maa to make it for you…!!

Sanskaar (coming closer to her ear)- No…!!! Not Maa..!! But you can give me what I want…!!

Ragini (innocently)- But I don’t know cooking naa…!! (exasperatedly) Tell naa Sanskaar ..!! What you want..!!

Sanskaar- This….!!!

Ragini look at him confused but wide her eyes and stand there numb when he bite on her neck and then place a long lingering kiss there..!!

Ragini look at him dumbfounded when he peck softly on her lips and stepped back to see her reaction. Her body feel numb the moment his lips touch her soft skin.

Sanskaar (huskily)- I marked you mine Chudail..!!!

Ragini look at him numbly and then wide her registering his action in her mind. She staggered back and place her palm on her mouth, Her eyes become glittery. Sanskaar look at her confused to see her reaction. She gulp audiably and retreat her steps and run outside. A tear tripped down from her eyes. Sanskaar taken aback with her reaction and rush behind her. She run fast and locked her room before he enter there. Sanskaar bang on her door calling her name several times but didn’t get any response.He was not expecting this reaction from her..!! Not at all..!! A tear trolled down from his eyes thinking he did something wrong and hurt her again.

Janki (coming from behind)- What happen Sanskaar…??(narrowing her eyes) You two fought again..!!

Sanskaar (wipe her face and turn giving a weak smile)- Nothing Major Maa…!! I will handle her.

Janki shook her head and caressed his hair giving him a sweet smile.

Janki- I know you will…!!

She said and left from there. Sanskaar one more time look at the closed door and left from there.


Sanskaar jumped into her room from window and see her lying on the bed hiding her face in the pillow. He slowly walk towards her and sit beside her on bed. Ragini sense his presense but didn’t utter anything.

Sanskaar – I didn’t know you will react like this Chudail..!! I know I should have asked your permission before doing it but I thought……..!! (he left his sentence in middle not getting word what to say) I didn’t want to hurt you..!! But I am stupid enough to hurt you again and again with my action..!! Please forg……..

Ragini (not lifting her head in a muffled voice)- Don’t call my sanskaar stupid..!!

Sanskaar( smile listening her voice ) – Okay…!! I am not calling him stupid And I am sorry to bring tears in your eyes again..!! But atleast look at me…look at me for once…!!!

Ragini shake her head in no ,hiding her face more into the pillow.

Ragini – I can’t face you after what you did…!!

Sanskaar(blabbering)- Look if you want to beat me, kick me..!! You can…!! But don’t tell like this ..!! I can’t leave without seeing your face…!! If you are angry just hit me…. hit me and pour your anger upon me..!! But don’t tell me that you can’t face…………..(he pause and relize what she said) You can’t face me…!! (not sure but ask curiously ) Are you feeling shy…???

Ragini didn’t reply but nodded her head and he get his answer.

Sanskaar(standing from bed and sliding his fingers in his hair smiling)- O God Baby…!!! You scared me…!! I thought you are angry upon me…!!!

Ragini(turned towards him immediately)- Don’t call me baby….!!!!

Sanskaar look at her face and smile ear to ear to see her cheeks with a shade of bright red. Her lashes were touching her cheeks because of her bending eyes. She was pretending to look angry but a betraying shy smile was playing on her lips. He immediately sit beside her and lift her face placing his index finger below her chin to make her look at him.

Sanskaar (in a musky voice)- Look at me …!!!

Ragini bite her lower lip in between her teeths and nodded in no. Her breathing was heavy. Her hands were clutching bedsheet in her fist.Sanskaar gulped seeing her action.

Sanskaar – Don’t do that…!!!

Ragini (look at him innocently and ask confused) – Do what….???

He bend towards her face focusing his eyes on her lips.

Sanskaar (muttered under his breath)- This….!!!

He tilt his face and softly bite on her lower lip causing her shiver and moan in pleasure. He cup her face with his palms and brush his lips from hers, nibbling her upper petal with his lips. Ragini shut her eyes and her hands slide in his hair messing them unknowingly. The kiss was soft and full of love in starting. He was givining her pleasure to feel his love through this kiss. He hold her from waist from one hand and pull her towards him. She kiss him back showing her wait , her longing, her trust and her unconditional love for him. He smile in between her lips to feel her kissing him back. The soft and sweet kiss turn into a passionate and wanting one. Both break the kiss when they were out of breath. He joined their forehead smiling in content. Their rugged heavy breating was mixing making the environment of the room little hotter.

Sanskaar (panting for breath)- That was awesome…!!

Ragini blushed hard listening him and hide her face in his chest. He smile and caresses her hair lovingly.

Sanskaar (confess)- I wanted to do this from a long time…!!!

Ragini parted immediately and look at him shocked. She didn’t expect saying him this. He wanted to kiss HER from a long time. Her heart was beating frantically ready to jump out of it’s cage. Butterflies are fluttering in her stomach. She just wanted to stop this moment then n there only. She look at sanskaar lovingly and he smile back pecking her lips again. Her cheeks were paining due to continuous smiling and blushing. She smile warmly and hug sanskaar tightly.

Ragini – I love you Sanskaar…!! I love so very much…!!

Sanskaar – I love you too would be wifey.

He stand immediately and hold her wrist.

Sanskaar – Let’s go…!!!

Ragini (confused)- Where…???

Sanskaar (excited)- To tell everyone that we love eachother…!! I can’t wait more..!!

Ragini (chuckle) But you wanted it to tell everyone after some time. You wanted us to be independent..!! What happend to all those serious dialogues…!!

Sanskaar – Aaahhan…!! Don’t make it difficult for me…!! We will convince them for not pressuring us for marriage now..!! But I want to hold your hand in front of everone. I want to embrace you in my arms without anyone’s fear.I want to tell this world that you are mine and I am yours…!! I want to kiss you in fro…………..

Ragini (blushed and hit on his chest) – Sanskaarrrrr…..!!!!(tugging her strands behind her ear) You can’t kiss me in front of everyone…even though you tell everyone about us…!!

Sanskaar (raising his eyebrow)- O you are challenging me…!! Ofcourse I can…!! Don’t underestimate me Haan…!!!

Ragini (crossing her arms across her chest)- Really….!! Okay so think I am challenging you surely…!!! We are going to tell everyone ….NO ….Actually YOU are going to tell everyone about us..!! And after that you have a full day to complete your challenge….!!!

Sanskaar (raising one eyebrow) – What will I get If I win…??

Ragini (smirking)- Whatever you want…!! But if you loose then you will have to do what I’ll tell you to do…!!

Sanskaar (smirking back)- Then be ready to loose would be wifey…!!!

Ragini – We will see who is going to win…!! But rememember all should have to present there..!! BABA too…!!! (she smirk and he gulped) (in mind) I know you can never do this would be husband, especially not infront of my BABA.You surely don’t want to make him angry again . So ready to loose , there is so much I want to make you do for me sanskaar …(give her hysteric laugh in mind ) Hehehahaah …!! (to Sanskaar forwarding her hand) So…..DEAL…!!

Sanskaar (peck her lips and wink at her) – DEAL….!!!

He left from there opening her door and ragini look into his direction gulping audiably.

Ragini(to herself biting her nails)- Have I done any mistake by challenging him…!! O God…!! He was not afraid..!! If he really kiss me in front of everyone..!! What will I do…!!! Shit….!! What had you done ragini….!!!!


Finally their first kiss happen…!!

So whom you think will win the challenge..?? Or whom you want to win..;-)

Till then
Be happy n keep smiling.. 🙂

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