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Next day , 11:00 AM

Sujata came to ragini’s house little worried.

Sujata – Where is Ragu…???

Janki – Sleepling till now…!! From last 2 hours I am trying to make her open the door.But she said she doesn’t want to go to college today.

Sujata – Sanskaar too wasn’t opening his room…telling me that he wanted to sleep. Did something happen again..??

Janki – I don’t know..!! She was happy when she came back from your house yesterday…!!

Sujata (sitting on nearby sofa)- Strange…!! Should I talk to her..??

Janki – Let it be..!! May be they are tired because of yesterday’s outing.

Sujata remembered ragini telling her full day’s story. She finally smile in content.

Sujata- May be you are right…!! But tell her to come n meet me whenever she wake up.

Janki nodded smiling. They sat their and chatted about random stuff.


Ragini’s phone buzz. She slide her hand on her bed to find her cell and took it near her face half sleepy. A smile spread on her lips seeing sanskaar’s name.

Sanskaar – Get up and meet me on terrace in 15 mintues …!! I want to talk something important…!!!

Ragini yawn and then made a pout face. She reply OK with a angry smiley and rushed towards her bathroom.

After 20 mintues, On terrace

Ragini came and look at sanskaar who was sitting on their joined boundary. She come and sit beside him looking grumpy. Sanskaar smile looking at her but make a serious face.

Sanskaar – You are 5 mintue late…!!!

Ragini (making faces)- Why did you call me here..??

Sanskaar hold her shoulders her make her look at him.

Sanskaar – Why are you making faces …??

Ragini (giving him glare)- Because of you…!! No good morning… nothing…!! Just gave me order to(immitate him) meet me on terrace in 15 mintues…!!

Sanskaar (laugh)- I didn’t said like that..!! I messaged you …!!

Ragini- So what…!! If you would said you would said like this only…!! (crossing her hands across her chest) Who order his girlfriend like this just after their confession…!!

Sanskaar(raising his brow teasing)- So…!! You are my girlfriend…!! But you said that you didn’t remember anything like that..!!

Ragini(Not looking at him)- You are really unromantic Sanskaar ..!! You don’t even know that I was teasing you so that you made me to tell you ..!! (making faces again) But you just said good night..!!

Sanskaar (shift closer to her)- But I came to you in night naa..!!! ( huskily in her ear) Still You are saying I am unromantic..!!

She shivered and close her eyes tightly. Sanskaar smirk seeing his effect on her.

Sanskaar (in same tone) Let me show you how romantic I am..!!

He hold her both arms and dragged her to him making her sit on his lap. Ragini jerked and wide her eyes seeing their position. She try to push him but he tighten his grip around her.

Ragini (stutter)- San..sanskaar…leave me…!! what are you doing…!! Someone will see us like this…!!

Sanskaar (naughtily)- So you will allowed me to hold you like this if no one will see us..!!

Ragini turned crimson red and hit on his chest. He laugh and loose his grip. She immediately scooted down from his lap and glare him.

Ragini (hiding her blushing face and pretending angry )- You said you want to talk something important..!! What is it..??Tell me fast..!! I don’t have full day for you..!!

Sanskaar (raise his single eyebrow)- Really..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ragini (huff) – Sanskaar…!! Stop it all this and tell me what is it..??

Sanskaar (coming towards her)- So you don’t have full day for me..!! (hold her from waist and dragged her to his chest) You want to leave me..!!!

Ragini (looking straight in his eyes )- I have my full life for you sanskaar..!! Never in my dreams I can leave you..!!

Sanskaar smile listening her. He was just teasing her but she just made him overwhelm with her words. He press a soft kiss on her forehead.

Ragini smile and hug him tightly.

Ragini – Sanskaar, let’s go down..!! I didn’t even tell Maa about all this..!! Did you tell about us to Mom..!! They will be really happy..!! (excited) Come let’s go..!!

She hold his hand to drag him but he hold her back.

Sanskaar – We can’t tell them chudail..!! About that I want to talk to you here…!!

Ragini (confused)- But why sanskaar..?? All will be really happy..Especially Mom..!! You don’t even know how much she want to see as husband and wife..!!

Sanskaar – That’s why I am telling you to not to tell them..!! They will force us to marry immediately..!!

A sudden fear crept in her heart. She look in his eyes with now her glassy eyes.

Ragini (in a cracked voice look at him innocently)- You…You don’t want to marry me..??

Sanskaar (cup her face and wipe her tears) – I didn’t mean that..!! I just don’t want to marry you now..!! I need some time but if mom get to know about all this then she will make me marry by her emotional blackmailing..!!

Ragini (broken voice)- If you don’t want to marry me after some time also..!! Will you lea…leave me..??

Sanskaar (hug her immediately)- I love you chudail..!! I was really stupid to deny that but I always loved you. And never in my dreams I can think of leaving you…!! It’s just that, we are still studying..!! I want us to settle in our life. I want to become capable to secure our future. We will tell them I promise but not now…!! (break their hug and kiss on her nosetip) And I will marry you only….!! Because It’s only me who can handle one else..!!

Ragini pout and hit him lightly but hug him again.

Ragini (threatening him )- Hey..!! Don’t call my sanskaar stupid..!! (he laugh and she continued) And if you will not marry naa..!! Then I will scare you to your whole life because I am chudail naa..!! I will not leave you in your dreams also..!!

Sanskaar (laugh)- Yes..!! yes..!! I know you are chudail..!! My chudail..!!

Ragini(too laugh)- Only yours…!!

Sujata rushed towards her when she entered in their home.

Sujata – Ragu…!! You are okay naa..!! I was worried that you two again locked yourselves in rooms.

Ragini (smile)- I am okay mom and he too..!! We are just tired because of yesterday..!! (in heart) Sorry Mom…!! But he want to keep it secret for somedays otherwise you are the first person I will tell that finally he confessed to me..!! That we are together…!!

Sujata (smile back in relief)- Thank God..!! I thought he did something again…!!

Sanskaar came there and wink looking at ragini without sujata’s notice. She blushed and bend her head.He came in front of sujata and place his hand across ragini’s shoulder.

Sanskaar – Mom…!! Did you see my Blue T-shirt..!! I didn’t find it anywhere..!!

Ragini wide her eyes and look at sujata who was looking at ragini teasingly. She jerked his hand from her shoulder and smile looking at sujata nervously.

Ragini (rushed outside)- Mom..I have some work ..!! I will come later..!!

Sujata laugh and narrow her eyes looking at sanskaar.

Sanskaar (shrugging his shoulder)- What…!! We are friends now Mom…!!

Sujata (wiggle her brows) – But I didn’t ask something…!!

Sanskaar- Ok..!!! Let it be Mom..!! Please find my Tee…this is the 3rd one which is lost..!!!

Sujata- Because you never let me to manage your room or cupboard..!! Don’t know what is there in your room which I can’t see…!!

Sanskaar (immediately)- Nothing is there mom…!! It’s just that I don’t want to bother you ..!! That’s it..!!

Sujata raise her eyebrow and he made an innocent face. She smile and ruffle his hair and left to see his tee. Sanskaar whine like a child and settle his hair again.

Sanskaar was in his room when he get a message from ragini.

Ragini- What was that in front of mom..!! You said you don’t want to tell her..!!!

Sanskaar smile and reply.

Sanskaar – I just put my hand like a friend..!!! You are telling like I kissed you in front of mom…!!

Ragini read his message and hide her face in pillow.

Ragini- And you are telling like It’s no big deal to kiss me in front of mom..!!

Sanskaar – Ofcourse it’s not..!!

Ragini – O Really..!!

Sanskaar – So you think I can’t do it …??

Ragini- you can…!! Just don’t came behind me crying that she is telling you to marry me after she saw you kissing me..!!

Sanskaar laugh seeing her reply and immediately call her. Ragini jump on her bed with sudden ringtone but lift when see it is sanskaar’s call.

Sanskaar- Chudail…!!

Ragini- Hmmm…!!

Sanskaar – You remember yesterday you were telling me about your dream…!!(ragini wide her eyes and he countinued huskily) So..What you saw in your steamy dreams..!! Don’t you tell me now…!!

Ragini blushed hard but manage to say.

Ragini – San..sanskaar…!! It’s night..!! I am going to sleep..!! Bye..!!

Sanskaar – Why see some more steamy dreams..!!

Ragini (turned red)- Shut up Sanskaar..!! Good night ..!!!

Sanskaar laugh and fall on his bed.

Sanskaar – Good night chudail…!!!

Next day, In college

Sanskaar (coming behind ragini)- Are tell naaa…!!! What you saw…!!!

He hold her wrist and dragged her back.

Ragini- Sanskaar…!!! What are you doing…!! It’s college…!!

He look around and see that some students are seeing them and some are busy in their life.

He hold her hand and dragged her in backyard.

Sanskaar – Now tell me…!! What you saw…!!

Ragini (plead) Sanskaar…let me go naa…!! It’s nothing..!!! Don’t you know I just keep blabbering without thinking..!!

Sanskaar- Then why are you shy now…!! From the time I said I love you… just keep shying…!! Where is my bullet train who keep talking non stop..!! I miss her …!!

Ragini look at him composing herself.

Ragini- I am not shy..!! I am just….!! Okay you want to listen what I saw…!!

Sanskaar look at her with wide smile and nodded.

Ragini – Not here…!! Be ready at 8:00..!! We will go somewhere…!! There I will tell you..!!

Sanskaar – Really…!! Where are we going…!!

Ragini(wink) – It’s a surprise…!!

Sanskaar – I don’t like surprise..!! (impatiently) tell me…!!

Ragini (chuckle)- No..!! It’s a surprise…!! Now let’s go to class my would be husband…!!!

Sanskaar (wink)- As you wish my would be wifey…!!

Ragini look at him shocked and then amused.

Ragini – I can’t tell you what I am feeling to listen this from you..!!

Sanskaar (kissing her cheek)- Make it a habit Baby…!!

Ragini (jerked and stepped back)- Ewwww….!! Don’t call me that…!!

Sanskaar (confused)- What..??

Ragini(making faces) – Don’t call me baby and all…!!

Sanskaar (hold her from waist and pull her to his chest and smirk)- And why so sweetheart…????

Ragini – I am not any sweetheart..!!You forgot I am chudail..!! Call me that only..!! Don’t call me with these tacky names…!!

Sanskaar laugh and rub her nose with his nose.

Sanskaar – You are really different..!!! Let’s go would be wifey..!!

Ragini (smile widely) – That’s better..!! No…no…best…!! Let’s go..!!!

When Mr. Patel ,their teacher,  turned towards the board. Sanskaar hold ragini’s hand and entangle their fingers.Ragini smile and make her grip tight. Laksh who was sitting behind them look at their hands and smile widely.

Laksh (whisper excitedly)- When did it happen….????

Ragsan jerked and ragini parted her hand immediately. Sanskaar glare at laksh and hold her hand again.

Sanskaar (smile)- Yesterday…!!

Laksh- Really…!! How did you proposed her…?? And when..?? After you left from restaurant or before only..!! You didn’t tell  me..!! I am your best friend yaar…!! (to ragini) And you…!! You betrayed me..!! (dramatically) I was thinking over your proposal when you said about our marriage..!! I thought you are over him..!! I told you naa..!! You will find someone better than him..!!

Ragini laugh and sanskaar give a punch on his arm. He make hurt face and chuckle.

Mr. Patel(glaring at trio)- What is so funny Ms. Agnihotri…?? If you don’t want to study then atleast let them be ..!! Why are you making them like you …!!! You can leave the class if you are not intersted to listen what I am teaching..!!

Sanskaar (standing up)- It’s not her fault sir…!! It’s my fault…!! It will not repeat sir…I am sorry…!!

Mr. Patel – Sanskaar ..You are a brilliant student..!! Don’t let effect your studies because of people like her…!! She never got good grades and she is distracting to you too…!!!

Her eyes become moist. His words repeated in her mind. She is distracting him..!! He is going Italy because of her leaving his studies. She don’t want to come between him and his dream..!! Sanskaar look at her and nodded in no.

Sanskaar- She will get good grades this time sir…!! and you will be so proud of her…!! And she is not affecting my studies ….Infact this time for her only I want to study hard to pay her back for what she did for me .. letting her dream on hold and be my side to let me complete my dream..!!

Ragini look at him shocked.

Mr.Patel(confused)- What do you mean sanskaar…???

Sanskaar – Nothing Sir…!!! Sorry for distrubing your class…!! (hold ragini’s hand) Let’s go ragini…!!

He pick their bags and santured out of the class holding her hand.

Ragini (softly)- Sanskaar….!!

Sanskaar (turned and cup her face )- When mom told me that you are going to Italy…then she told me why you stayed back doing this management course. I don’t know I will be able to love you to the extent you love me..!! But I promise you that I will love with all I have…!! I can never change those days when I was not with you..!! But I promise you that from today I will be by your side always like you remain by my side..!!(hug her) I am sorry  ragini..I am sorry to realize it this late.

Ragini (rub his back warmly)- You don’t need to say sorry ..!! I understand sanskaar…!! And never feel guilt that I subsided my dream because of you…!!  I did it all beause I am selfish…!! I stayed back to complete ‘my’ dream..!! You are my dream sanskaar…!! My life dream!!! And I prefer my life dream over my other one .!! If you are with me…I don’t want anything sanskaar…!!

Sanskaar (smile and kiss her forehead)- And I will be always with you..!!Always..!! I love you Ms. Agnihotri…!! I love you to the moon and back…!!

Ragini(joining their forehead) – And I love you more…!!

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