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Both were standing embracing eachother in a comforting silence. Sanskaar break the hug and cup her face with his one palm looking into her eyes intently. Ragini lower her eyes blushing feeling his intense gaze upon her. He place his index finger below her chin and make her to look into his eyes again.

Sanskaar (amused)- This is something new…!!!

Ragini (confused)- Huh…??

Sanskaar (smirking)- This blushing chudail..!! Definitely It is something new to see..!!

Ragini glare him hitting on his chest lightly and he laugh dragging her back into his chest. She struggle in his embrace and he tighten his grip around her waist more.

Sanskaar (annoyed)- Stop doing that…!!!

Ragini(still struggling) – Doing what..??

Sanskaar- This..!!! Stop struggling..!!(nuzzling his nose in side of her hair near her ear ) Because I am not going to let you go any time sooner now…!!!

Ragini turned crimson red feeling his hot breath on her soft skin. She instantly push him lightly making him stumble and rushed outside. Sanskaar rushed behind her making himself stop right on his track seeing his little brother standing there crossing his arm across his chest.

Aarav (with suspicious look)- What’s going on here…???

Sanskaar (rubbing the back of his head)- Nothing…!!! (giving a stern look to him) What are you doing here Fatty…??

Aarav (giving pointed look)- Mom said to keep an eye on you…!! You are behaving little weird from the time you come back..!!

Sanskaar (looking at him in disbelief)- Really…!! (little nervous) From how much time you are keeping an eye on me…??

Aarav – I came when you were blabbering something to yourself..!! How can I..!!! How can I ..!! And don’t know what else…!!

Sanskaar (wide his eyes) Whaaaaatttt…!!! So you listened everything ..??

Aarav – No…!! I thought you gone Mad..!! So I left to tell mom..That we needed to take you to the doctor..!!! But then I felt hungry so I left to kitchen without telling Mom anything..!!

Sanskaar (took a sigh of relief murmered)- Thank God..!! First time I feel happy that you love food this much..!! Otherwise mom will shoot thousands on question upon me…!!

Aarav (narrowing his eyes) But why was bhabs running out of here looking like a tomato…??

Sanskaar (cough little but compose)- Nothing of your concern…!! Go and sleep it’s late ..!!

Aarav still look suspicious but shrug his shoulder and left to his room.

Sanskaar (falling on his bed with wide hands and a wide smile)- I can’t wait to see you again chudail..!!!

He turn on his stomach and pull his phone from the side table and message ragini.

Sanskaar – Are you missing me…??

Ragini’s phone buzz and she pull her face out of her fluffy pillow and pick her cell. A wide smile appeared on her lips seeing the name of the person on the screen. She open the message and a blush crept on her cheeks making her dark shade of pink. She compose herself and reply.

Ragini – Why will I miss you..??

Sanskaar look at the message and frown. He type immediately.

Sanskaar – Because I am your boyfriend now..!!

The smile on her lips not leaving for a second when she replied back.

Ragini- And when did it happen..??

Sanskaar sat on his bed with furrowing eyebrows. He remembered his confession and her reciprocating at the same time.

Sanskaar (murmered to himself)- That was not dream..!! I confessed it..!! Right..!! Why is she behaving like that..!!

He look at her message and press the reply button.

Sanskaar – Why are you behaving like nothing happen..??

Ragini- Really..!! something happen ..!! What..!! I don’t remember anything…!!

He was getting more n more confused with her replies.

Sanskaar – So you don’t remember what I said to you few mintues ago…!!

Ragini bite her lower lip to control herself blushing remembering his confession.

Ragini- O about college n exam..!! Yaa I do remember…!!

Sanskaar read her message and a curve appear on his lips realizing she is doing it on purpose.

Sanskaar – And after that..??

Ragini- After that nothing …!! I came back and was going to sleep..!! But you are distrubing me continuously…!!

No matter what how blunt she was. But the moment he saw her with those intense eyes…She was not able to face him. Not even to bring up the confession too. She just want to absorb this thing in her heart first that after these many years he is reaciprocating her feelings. She still can’t believe that all of this was real. She scroll all his messages and read them again and again to make herself belive that it was real not her dream which she was seeing from don’t know how many years.

Sanskaar look at her reply and laugh. He type a quick reply smirking and put his phone back.

Sanskaar- Okay..!! Good night Chudail..!!! Sleep well…!!!

Ragini look at the message with frown. Ofcourse she wanted a little time may be this night but she don’t want to stop chatting him. She thought he will try to do something to make her say that she remember . But he just said Good Night..!! She made a pout and reply a quick GOOD NIGHT with a angry smiley.

Sanskaar’s phone buzz and he laugh seeing her reply.

Ragini was laying on her bed looking at ceiling remembering his words. She heard a knock on her window. She look at the clock which was showing 1:30. She heard the knock again and pick a bat and headed to the window nervously. She again listen the bang and with trembling hand open the window. She is about to hit the bat to the person but wide her eyes looking at sanskaar standing their with wide smile. She blink her eyes several times then rub them. He chuckle and push her little and enters in her room. Ragini realized what happen and wide eye eyes.

Ragini (bewildered)- What are you doing here…???

Sanskaar (hold her hand and dragged her to himself )- I came here to make you remember what I said to you…!!

Ragini blushed and lower her head . He tug her strands behind her ear and place a soft kiss on her forhead. Ragini instantly look at him finding him looking back at her with the same intensity.

Ragini (sttured)- You…I mean…this late…!! Sanskaar …Its late you shouldn’t have come here..!!

Sanskaar- Why are you behaving like this…??

Ragin(confused)- Huh…??

Sanskaar (chuckled)- You are behaving like we are first time together in a room..!! Did you forget..Everytime you barged into my room anytime…!! Whether it is early morning or late night…!!!

Ragini (immediately)- That time it was different..!! But now……….

Sanskaar (cocked his head little)- Now….!!! What changed now…???

Ragini – Now you….me….I mean you said …..(whined little embarrass) Sanskaaaaaarrrrr….!!

Sanskaar laugh and make her turn and hug her from back placing his chin on her shoulder.

Sanskaar (whined like her)- Ragiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….!!!

She laugh and place her hands on his hands on her belly. Both stand in a comfortable silence when he broke the ice.

Sanskaar (in a soft voice)- When did you start loving me …??

Ragini (smile warmly)- From the day I didn’t even understand the meaning of love…!!

Sanskaar (naughtily)- That’s too cheesy …!!

Ragini’s jaw dropped and she turn and smacked on his chest immediately.

Ragini – You are making fun of me…!!

Sanskaar (laugh and dragged her again to him)- No….!!! (suppressing his laugh) Btw from where you copied that line….!!

Ragini hit on his chest again and pouted.

Ragini (with angry pout)- GO….!!! I am feeling sleepy…!!!

Sanskaar (smirking)- So , What are you waiting for…!! Come …!! Let’s sleep…!!

He immediatly scoop her in his arms and place her on bed. He too slide beside her and dragged her on his chest. This all happen in a couple of moment that ragini didn’t even realize what happened with her. She raise her head from his chest and look at sanskaar who had closed his eyes like he was sleeping from months. She jerked and scooted away from him.

Ragini (with thumping heart and wide eyes)- What are you doing…???

Sanskaar (wink)- Sleeping….!!!

Ragini – No…!! You can’t sleep here….!!!

Sanskaar (coming towards her)- And why so….????

Ragini (shifting back on her bed)- Bec…because…this is my room…!! Go and sleep in your room…!!!

Sanskaar (making her fall on him again)- O C’mon …!! Now nothing is your’s and mine…!!! It’s our’s…!!!

Ragini look at him amused. She wanted just little time to compose herself and he is not helping a little. Infact he is making more difficult for her. How much she wanted to let herself fall on his embrace but she is not sure she will be able to survive in his closeness. All those steamy dreams are coming back to her head making her feel flushed. She was trying to make herself cool infront of him but it was getting more n more difficult. She bite her bottom lip and look at sanskaar who was looking at her now smirking as if reading her face.

Sanskaar (kissing on her hair)- Chudail….!!

Ragini smile listening the word.. No matter how many time he said that word.It brings a pleasure to her.. feeling that he is the same sanskaar with whom she was falling in love years ago. ..Who used to call her chudail.

Ragini – Hmmm…!!

Sanskaar – Why didn’t you tell me that you want to be a fashion designer…!!

Ragini (bluntly)- You never had interest listening about me..!! So when should I tell..??

A deep guilt cross on his face and she realises what she said.

Ragini(immediately cup his face)- I didn’t mean that sanskaar..!! I am sorry…!!

Sanskaar (with a sad smile)- No…!! I am sorry..!! That I kept you away from me all these years…!!

Ragini (try to lighten his mood said with a wink)- But you couldn’t remain successful keeping me away from you..!!

Sanskaar (hugging her with a smile)- And I am happy about that…!!!

She too smile seeing his smile. They chatted whole night, talking on useless topic to talking about their final exam….. from hitting eachother to giving kisses on the cheeks……Like best friends to like lovers.

Both feeing sleepy what seems like 6 in the morning.

Sanskaar look at ragini who was all sleepy resting her head on his shoulder .He place her head on pillow and gave a soft kiss on her forhead.

Sanskaar – I love you Chudail…!!!

Ragini (smile in her sleep mumble) – I love you Sanskaar….!!!

He smile in content and left to his home.


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