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Ragini look into sanskaar’s direction feeing his continuous gaze upon her.

Ragini (Chuckling)- I am very beautiful naa…!!!

Sanskaar (unknowingly )- Very….!!!!

Ragini’s cheeks heat up and she bend her head in shy.

Ragini (tuck hair behind her ear shyly )- Sanskaar…!!!!

No Response…!!!! Sanskaar…!!! No Response..!!!

Ragini (loudly)- Sanskaaaaaaarrrrr……!!!!

sanskaaar stumbled and look at her with wide eyes. Ragini giggled seeing his shocked face.

Ragini (crossing her arms across her chest and imitates)- Only teaching..!!! I don’t want any staring session…!!!

Sanskaar – Woh I was thinking something …(fumbled) I was… wasn’t staring at you…!!

Ragini (smirking)- O really….!!!!

Sanskaar look embrassed and ruffled the back of his head giving a sheepish smile. Ragini laugh looking at him.Sanskaar was again lost in her beautiful smile.

Sanskaar (jerking himself and sternly)- Stop laughing …!!! And Open your book properly…!!!

Ragini look at him and brust into laughter. Sanskaar gave her a confused look .

Sanskaar (narrowing his eyebrow)- Whatt…?????

Ragini laughing still and point towards his book. He himself was holding the book wrongly. He immediately turned the book  and look embrassed.

Ragini(coming towards him chuckling)- I think you are not well. (Sanskaar stepped back when she came more closer) Or something is affecting you today…!! (His back hit on the wall and ragini wipe little sweat which starts forming on his forhead with her index finger ) (bend and said in his ear ) May be my presence ..!!

Aarav (coming into the room shouting)- Bhaaiiii …!! Laksh bro’s call on landline..!!

Ragini stepped back listening his voice and sanskaar leave a sigh. He look at his phone and saw 5 missed call of laksh.

Sanskaar (confused)- How did it goes silent..!!

Ragini (proudly)- I did it…!!!

Sanskaar (narrowing his eyes)- Why…???

Ragini (grinning)- So that no one can distrub us in our private time ,that’s why I too left my mobile at home only..!!!

Sanskaar look at her with wide eyes.

Sanskaar (annoyed at her)- It’s not our private time…!!  It is study time..!!!

Ragini – I don’t want to upset you…So we will study some other day..!! (wink) It is our private time only…Don’t worry…!!!!

Aarav who was listening their conversation silently broke his silence.

Aarav (making innocent face) – So should I tell Laksh bro that you two are busy spending your private time..??? And he can call later…!!!

Ragsan wide their eyes realizing aarav’s presence still in the room.

Sanskaar (immediately )- Aarav…!!! You go and study I will talk to him..!! (Aarav nodded and left the room)

Sanskaar look at ragini who covered her face with book to hide her flushed face.


Ragini (Curiously)- What was he saying..???

Sanskaar – He called to remind me and you that tomorrow is his marriage .And we have to reach before 11:00 am.

Ragini – Omg…!! I have to wake up early  tomorrow..!! Bye I am going to sleep..!!

Sanskaar (confused)- He said 11:00 am not 6….!! Why you have to wake up early..??

Ragini(picking her book raphidly)- You won’t understand..!! Bye (came towards him and give a tight kiss on his cheek and wink) Gud night..and get my dreams..!!

Sanskaar wide his eyes and place his palm on his cheek and look at ragini who rushed out from his room.

Sanskaar(look at his palm and then again place it on his cheek) – What is happening with me…!! Why I am feeling like a teenager whose crush just kiss him..!! (crush…!!!! What…!!!! Where did it come from)Sanskaar don’t forget he is chudail…!! And your friend from just a day…And you are behaving like this..!! Control…control yourself..!!!


Next day ,
In front of the Registrar’s office

Laksh(looking at his watch again n again)- Sanskaar yaar …where is this ragini..??? It’s just 10 mintues left in our turn.

Sanskaar shrugged his shoulder. He too don’t know anything about her whereabouts. Laksh look at swara who was looking like a angel in red bridal dress. She look at laksh and they share a eyelock.

Swara (worried)- Laksh ..!!! Are we doing right..??? I don’t know how will maa papa react..!!!

A layer of worry came on his face too but he composed himself and hold her hands.

Laksh (Assuring her) – Everything will be fine Swara..!!

She nodded and he kiss on her forhead. Ragini came at that moment and smile looking at them.

Sanskaar – Where were you…??? Don’t you know It’s their marriage..!! How irresponsible you are…!!!

Ragini gave him a tight smile and point towards left. He wide his eyes seeing Laksh’s parents along with a couple who are almost of their parents age. Swara look at that couple and wide her eyes shocked. Laksh look at swara confused and than follow her gaze. He gulped seeing their parents there. Swara hide behind laksh and hold his shoulder shutting her eyes tightly.

Laksh (stammer)- Dad…dad woh.. I …swara..I

Dp (Laksh’s father) showed him his palm glaring him. He gulped in fear.

Raj (Swara’s father)(sternly)-Swara…!!! Come here. Swara look at laksh peeping from his back and he gave her a helpless look. Swara gets teary eyes and about to go when laksh hold her hand tightly. Swara look into his eyes which shows his pure love and a new determination. He entangled his fingers in between her fingers tightly.

Laksh(with determination)- Dad , uncle..!!!  We love eachother and want to marry eachother.

Raj (sternly)- Swara…!!!

Swara (teary eyes)- Baba ….I love him and I can’t accept anyone in his place…!!

Dp and Raj look at eachother and smile. Annpoorna and shomi came towards swalak and caressesed their head. Swalak look at them confused. They smile and tell how ragini was continuously making effort from last week to make them understand their love. They realized it long back that nothing is important than their children’s happiness. But they want them to tell about their love. And today they declare their love in front of their respective parents. So now they have no problem with their marriage. Swalak smile with happy tears and look at ragini with gratitude in their eyes and she smile back warmly. Laksh hold their join hands and kiss on swara’s hand and she smile with glassy eyes.

Ragini smiled looking at them and hold sanskaar’s hand unknowingly. Sanskaar look at their joined hand and than at her face which showing a beautiful smile which can make anyone fall for her.


Ragini (excited)- Wow…!! Now it will be fun attending their marriage..!!!(twisting lips) Court marriage have no fun at all..!!

Sanskaar (narrowing his eyes)- You are the one who told me that you love this type of marriage. It will be fun. Huh..???

Ragini(smiling sheepishly)- That time all that I said was just to tease you..!!

Sanskaar shook his head in disbelief.

Ragini(winking) – But if you want we can elope and get married. I am sure Mom won’t be much angry on us.

Sanskaar (with pointed look)- We are not going to marry ..!! Get that in your tiny brain..!!

Ragini (pouted cutely)- Why..!!! Am I not beautiful..???

Sanskaar (winking)- No , You are chudail…!!!

Ragini (mocking)- Ha Ha Ha..!!!

Ragini – Do you love someone else..??

Sanskaar – No..!!!

Ragini (worried)- Do you have some sort of disease Sanskaar..???

Sanskaar – Hell..!! No….!!!

Ragini (cutely)- Do you still hate me…???

Sanskaar – No…!!!

Ragini (pouted) – Then why can’t you marry me..???

Sanskaar open his mouth to reply but he stopped realizing that he himself don’t know the answer of this question.

Ragini (think something and said)- I got to know why can’t you marry me…!!!

Sanskaar look at her curious.

Ragini (twisted lips)- Because You like boys naa…!!!!

Sanskaar wide his eyes listening her.

Sanskaar (shout immediately)- Hell NOOOOOO…!!! I am not Gay ….!!!! I like girls only…!!!

Ragini(pointed look)- Then why don’t you have any girlfriend not only girlfriend not even a Girl as a Friend from childhood.(twisting lips) And Whenever I came close to you , you run from me. You tell…. who normal guy run.. if a beauty like me come close to them…!!!

Sanskaar – Beauty…!!! That too you…!!! Come out from your dreamworld Ms. Agnihotri..!!

Ragini (showing her palm)- O hello…!!! I am not in any dreamworld ..!!(crossing arm across her chest) Any guy can fall for me if I want..I have that aura in me !!

Sanskaar (Laughing loudly) – Have you hit your head somewhere..??? What are you blabbering … Beauty, Aura and all…!!!

Ragini (with challenging look) – I promise… within 24 hours only.. . You yourself will tell me that I am the most beautiful girl you ever know..!!

Sanskaar (smirking and patted her cheek)- In your dreams Ms. Agnihotri…!!!

Sanskaar was sitting in his room doing something in laptop when ragini rushed into his room shouting.

Ragini (cheerfully) – Sanskaaaaaarrrrrr……..!!!!!!

Sanskaar (rubbing his ears)- What the hell ..!!! Why were you shouting..??? And what are you doing here..???

Ragini (excited)- I have booked movie tickets for tonight..!! For celebrating our friendship…!!!

Sanskaar – No …!! I am not going anywhere..!! I have work ..!!

Ragini (came towards him and close his laptop)- Do it tomorrow..!!(pushing him towards washroom) Now get ready fast …We are getting late for our first date..!!

Sanskaar(turned towards her and look at her shocked)- What…!!!! Date…!!! That too with you…!!! No …!!! Never..!!!

Ragini (smirking)- I am not asking you..!! I am ordering you..!! (blowing air on her nails) Benefits of my friendship..!!

Sanskaar(curious ) – You go for date with your every friend .????

Ragini (Chuckling)- Naahh…!!! (wink)You are special one..!!! Now get ready fast all are waiting down..!!

Sanskaar (Confused)- All…???? But you said it is a date..!!!

Ragini (innocently)- How can we celebrate our friendship without our family Sanskaar ..!!!! (then naughtily) But If you want I will convince them for our tonight’s date..!!!

Sanskaar – Noooo…!!! No need of that ..!! I don’t want to go with you alone …!!! That too in night..!!! That too for a movie or date ..!! (crossing his hand across his chest in fear) I love my respect..!!! I am still Virgin..!!

Ragini (bluntly)- I know that…!!!!

Sanskaar look at her with open mouth and wide eyes. She realized what she said and bite her tounge and rushed out of the room hitting at the back of her head.

sanskaar (running his hand in his hair smiling)- Mad Girl….!!!!!


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