Khatti Meethi (RAGSAN) Character Sketch+Epiosde 01

Hey guys… It’s Ragika.First I am really sorry for not updating my ffs Hey guys… It’s Ragika.First I am really sorry for not updating my ffs…as my exams are going on. So thought to update this one till I have already updated its some part on wattpad.
So hope you guys will enjoy their Khatti Meethi Journey.
Happy reading.. πŸ™‚

Character Sketch –

Sanskaar Kapoor – A handsome n happy go lucky guy but hate Ragini from childhood.

Aarav Kapoor – Little brother of Sanskaar. Loves food to the core.

Ragini Agnihotri – A very naughty girl. Always irritate sanskaar..but love him from childhood.

Sujata n Ram parents of Sanskaar and Aarav.

Shekhar n Janki parents of Ragini.
Both families are neighbors since ragsan’s childhood and from their itself ragsan’s marriage is also fixed.
A boy is seen doing push-ups in his room’s balcony. Sweat was dripping from his body.

Aarav(making faces) – 97, 98,…99,…100…stop naa bhai..I am tired counting it.. But you aren’t.. doing these push-ups.

He wipe his face with towel n hit on his head- You didn’t get tired while eating…fatty.

Aarav pouted and started eating his burger.Suddenly a stone hit the person and he screamed “Chudaiiiiilllllll”. That person is our Sanskaar.
Aarav chuckled and continue with his eating nonchalantly.
Sanskaar jumped on the other roof and the girl standing their bite her tongue and run towards door. He run fast and hold her wrist and hold it tightly behind her back making her front hit his chest. The face of the girl shown revealing it to be Ragini.

Ragini while screaming – Aaaaahhhhh….leave me..leave me you idiot… Aauchhh… Its hurting me.

Sanskaar(smirking) – Is it..???Β  than I am really enjoying this. He said and make his grip more tight.

Ragini (pleading) – aahhh…Oye leave naa its paining so much…but suddenly she smirk …(coming little closer to him) so you are not going to leave me.
He look at her confused seeing her smirking face.

Ragini (teasingly) – don’t blame me after that… You only asked for it.. said she and kiss him on his cheek tightly. He wide his eyes and his grip on her hand losses. She pushed him and he fell on the floor. She smirk looking at his shocked face n run from there laughing loudly.

Sanskaar while shouting – Youuuuuuuuu….I will not going to leave you easily.

Ragini shouting back – Even I don’t want you leave me for my whole life.

Sanskaar huffed and left towards his roof.

At breakfast table
Sanskaar (irritated) – Maa serve naa..I have to go to college too.

Sujata (glaring) – Wait for sometime… even she goes to the same college naa.

Sanskaar (making faces) – So what…she can eat whenever she come..why u r making me hungry for that chudail…. And why she always does her breakfast here… didn’t janki auntie give her food early morning.

Aarav( chuckling)Β  – Bhai…this much love for her isn’t good for ur health.

Sanskaar glare at him n he shut his mouth.

Sujata( glaring him) – This is her house too..n she have full right to eat here…n if you don’t like go to your college … You can eat from canteen too.

Sanskaar opened his mouth wide whereas ram-arav chuckled.

Ragini (entering in the house) – Maaaa….My aalu paratha…give me fast… I am really hungry.

Sujata hurried towards her placing paratha in her plate n pouring juice in her glass And sit beside her caressing her hair.

Sujata (worried) – Why you are late ragu…?? And what is this..?? asked she pointing at her hand which was red till now due to sanskaar’s strong grip.

Sanskaar (diverting her)- Maa..pass that casserole… even we are hungry.

Sujata(glaring him) – You shut up..ragu you tell how this happened.

Ragini (dramatically)Β  – Maa you know.. I was throwing stone at crow..but mistakenly it hit him…and he did this…Maa its paining soo much. said she and act like sobbing.

Rarav giggled slightly seeing her acting while sanskaar look at her fuming.

Sujata turned and look at sanskaarΒ  smiling – You were hungry naa.Β  He nodded innocently. Ragini look at ram nΒ  give him a virtual hi-fi knowing what was coming next.

Sujata (Angrily) -Keep your pocket money on table n go to ur college.. you are not going to get food for full day.

Sanskaar (pleading) – But mom..she did…

Sujata (forwarding her hand sternly ) – your pocket money.

He huffed knowing his mother not going to listen anything against her so called bahu. He placed all money in her hand and left from there giving ragini a deadly glare.

Ragini(pouting) – Maa….atleast you should have give him money for buying food. Now he will be hungry for full day naaa!!

Sujata (chuckling) – I know he will not. Bcz I know your love better than him… Don’t even try to sacrifice your food for that duffer like last time. I will pack extra..You just give him.

Ragini( while wiping her fake sweat from her forehead) – You don’t even know maa…how much acting I had to do to make him eat my food.

Aarav (while eating) – What kind of love is this.. to give own food to someone… I toh..never going to love someone in my life.

Ragini (hitting at the back of his head) – Yaa….bcz you only can love ur food.. nothing else.. Fatty.

Aarav pouted and everyone laugh at him. She bid bye to everyone taking their packed lunch and left from there to college.

At G & I Management College

Sanskaar (Angrily) – I hate her..I so damn hate that chudail. He was continuously making cross on her name which he wrote to let his frustration go.

Laksh (his best friend…placing a hand on his shoulder ) – What she did now???

Sanskaar (irritated) – She sit in my life like snake…(ran hand through his hair) Everybody love her so much. Even mom…she didn’t even listen to me when it concerned with that chudail. All wanted her to be my wife… But I promise… I am gonna kill her or myself If we will get married unfortunately.

Laksh ( relaxing him)- Wohhaa…cool down man…she isn’t that bad.

Sanskaar (giving him ‘are you kidding ‘ look) – O really…. ( with a mocking tone)Β  then why don’t you marry her…atleast I will live my life peacefully then.

Ragini (come n stand in front of him with a meaningful wink ) – No one is meant for me except you.

Sanskaar (glaring) – Can’t you had enough for today… that you came again in front of me.

Ragini ( coming closer to him and whispered in his ear ) – I just wanted to tell you that… (He turned his face towards her irritated …and their lips were now just an inch away from eachother)

Sanskaar ( look into her deep eyes and jerked away immediately) – I don’t want to listen anything. (with anger filled eyes)Β  And dare you again come in front of me. I hate the moment when you’re around me. Let’s go lucky.

Her eyes moist listening so harsh word from him…but now she is used to it…he always does that not even realizing how much she got hurt with his words .Laksh who well aware of ragini’s feelings look at her with pity eyes. She shook her head smiling at him meekly.

Ragini (composing herself n with a naughty smile) – I just wanted to tell you that… Aalu paratha was soooooo yummmm..(licking her lips) When maa added butter on it….ummmhh…it’s just out of the world.

Sanskaar (forgetting his anger n lick his lips controlling himself not drooling over their only) – So what…just go to hell.

He left from their with laksh whereas she saw him going lovingly.

In class
Sanskaar (folding his palm in namstey) – Spare me for today.. I beg you.

Ragini (innocently) – But sir only told me to sit with you from first day naa.

Sanskaar (exasperatedly)- What you want Ragini????

Ragini (smiling widely) -“YOU”

Laksh coughed sitting behind them..and ragini realized what she said whereas sanskaar give her a annoyed glare.

So how’s it guys.
Do tell me with ur comments.
And my exams are till the end of the month. So I’ll be back soon with AIF.
Till then
Be happy n keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

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