khatti meethi love story pt 9


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 9 from now on I will try posting one everyday but sometimes I won’t be able to but I hope you guys will keep loving my fanfiction and give me amazing ideas I would love to hear them and yes I know a lot of you want ishveer to unite soon but it will take some time and a few episodes sorry about that but soon everyone will be together with their twists and turns in their lives…now let’s get started
Recap: yuvraj, aahil, and ranveer car accident
Precap: revelation time…..

@sanlak and abhi’s room
Abhi is sitting on his bed with a sad and angry face
Sanlak are crying literary tears are coming out of their eyes
Laksh: abhi bhai I have never seen maa this mad before and today she yelled at us
Sanskar: yeah laksh you are saying right maa has never yelled at us this much like she did today
Abhi sees sanlak crying which he cannot see so he wipes their tears and tells them
Sanlak I think something is fishy
Sanskar confused: what do you mean
Abhi: I mean we know our maa she doesn’t get so angry quickly even if we do shararat (mischiefs) she doesn’t yell at us she politely tells us not to do it but today right when we said Mumbai she got mad and her face seemed like she was scared about something
Laksh: I think you are right bhai because even dadi was supporting maa
Abhi and sanskar in unison: haan I think that’s true
Abhi and sanlak get thinking what it must be that maa and dadi are hiding from us….

@dadi’s room
Ap: saasu maa we cannot let sanlak and abhi go back to Mumbai we left everything and came here for their betterment
Dadi: I know beta but I think kismat (destiny) is playing some game with us we left everything and came here 15 years ago after all that happened
Ap and dadi flashback of what happened
Fb starts
A little boy is shown around 4 years old and says papa come let’s play with this ball
Papa (Shiva): okay abhi beta come lets go
They start playing when police comes with a woman
Shiva (abhi’s dad) gets scared seeing the women and tells abhi to go inside home
The woman (Monica) comes and slaps Shiva the whole colony looks at them and ap comes out seeing the crowd
The woman: Shiva I told you to not do anything or I will file police complainant but no you didn’t listen to me
Ap: what’s happening and Shiva ji who is this woman
Shiva: I don’t know ap she just came and slapped me
The woman: oh so you don’t know me let me remind you and tells everything
The woman to ap: Shiva blackmailed my father if he doesn’t let him sleep with me then he would send my father to jail
Ap shocked but doesn’t believe the woman
Ap: how can I trust you
The woman: I knew you wouldn’t trust me which is why I brought proofs she shows ap pictures of Shiva coming to her house and doing everything
Shiva: ap don’t believe her she is lying
The woman: I’m lying and what about the time when you raped me huh
Ap shocked

Shiva: no ap this woman is lying I didn’t rape her
The woman: I also have proofs of him raping me and now I’m pregnant with his child
Ap is shell shocked and tells the woman to prove she is pregnant
The woman shows her pregnancy reports that says positive
Shiva is shell shocked too that he made the woman pregnant
Ap slaps Shiva and says how could you betray me so much
Shiva hits ap back and says fine I did so but I had a reason and the reason was that you wouldn’t ever let me touch you after abhi was born and I wanted to feel the love and feelings between two people again which is why I wanted to sleep with her
Ap is shell shocked and disgusted that Shiva is such a characterless person
Ap: disgusting Shiva ji I thought you were a simple man who would keep me and my child happy but you turned out like this disgusting
Shiva: yes I am disgusting and a characterless man but if you would’ve let me spend some time with you then I would’ve never done this it was all your fault as well
Ap slaps Shiva again and tells the police to take him
Police takes Shiva away and ap cries hard
The woman comes and says to her at least Shiva will be punished now
Ap thanks the woman for bringing out his truth and the woman leaves

9 months later
The woman comes to ap’s home because she called her for dinner
Dadi: arrey beta you here come sit
Ap: hi Monica (the woman) I’ll serve food in a bit
Few minutes later Monica starts having labor pain ap and dadi take her to the hospital
After a while doctor comes out and says the babies are fine
Ap and dadi in unison say babies?
Doctor says yes babies she gave birth to twins two baby boys
Ap and dadi get happy
Ap and dadi in unison: how’s Monica (the woman)
Doctor: ms Patel (ap’s name with her husband’s last name but now it’s Thakur which I’ll explain in a bit) I am sorry to say the woman had some complications while delivering the babies she died
Ap and dadi shocked
Ap: then what about her babies
Doctor: I will drop them at the orphanage
Ap and dadi shocked but then decided to adopt them
Ap: doctor if you don’t mind can we adopt the two little boys
Doctor: sure at least they will have a mom
Ap: great then can you give me the forms to sign please
Doctor: sure and leaves
Ap: saasu maa I did right na
Dadi: of course beta the kids have Shiva’s blood in them you did the right thing
Ap: can we name then sanskar and laksh?
Dadi: wow beta those are really nice names did you already have them planned if you had more kids after abhi
Ap: haan saasu ma
The doctor comes and gives ap the forms to sign
Ap signs all the formalities and tells dadi I’ll be back soon take care of those two babies I’ll be back
Dadi says okay
Ap goes to jail and asks inspector if she can meet Shiva
Inspector takes her

Shiva: ap I knew you would come to free me
Ap: you are right Shiva ji I have come here to free you
Shiva: thank you
Ap: I wasn’t done talking I was saying that I have come here to free you from this marriage from today I am not your wife neither are you my husband do you understand
Shiva shocked and says what
Ap: you heard me I will send divorce papers by tomorrow
Shiva: you will regret this so much ap because of me you have all the luxury
Ap: wrong from now on I am not ap Patel I am ap Thakur (actual name of ap) and I will work and bring myself back to the top
Shiva smirks and says we’ll see
Ap leaves
Shiva stops ap again and asks what about Monica
Ap: if I told you then you wouldn’t care but since you asked I’ll tell you because of you she died but before leaving she has gave birth to your kids and I ap Thakur will raise them and give them good values
Shiva shocked but smirks at the same time
Fb ends
Ap: saasu maa I feel like if we go back to Mumbai my kids will meet Shiva and I don’t want that it’s been so long and I don’t want them to see Shiva
Dadi: I know beta but if our kids want to go we will let them go
Ap: but saasu maa
Dadi: no beta if we don’t let them then they will ask us questions as to why we’re not letting them go and we won’t have anything to say
Ap: okay saasu maa they’ll go but we’ll go with them
Dadi: okay beta

@sanlak and abhi’s room
Abhi: sanlak come let’s go ask maa and dadi why there not letting us go
Sanlak: okay bhai lets go
They go downstairs and see ap setting the table and they go to her
Abhi: maa we want to ask you something
Ap: okay beta but I have something to say
Sanlak and abhi curious ask what
Ap: you said na you have something to say so you guys say first
Sanlak and abhi: no maa we’ll say later you first
Ap: no you first beta
Abhi: no you first
Ap: accha accha I will say
Me and dadi decided to send you guys to Mumbai
Sanlak and abhi very happy say really
Ap says yes but on one condition
Abhi and sanlak sad again but say what
Ap and dadi in unison: WE’RE COMING WITH YOU TO MUMBAI!!!
Abhi and sanlak super happy and say yay
They all hug but then abhi says why you guys were saying no before
Ap and dadi loss of words but then dadi handles the situation and says we thought about you guys happiness and we decided to let you finish your studies in Mumbai
Ap and dadi: now happy
Abhi and sanlak: very happy thank you so much they all hug and then go to eat
Screen freezes on their happy faces

Precap: the Thakurs reach Mumbai…….

Guys I know there were only sanlak and abhi scenes I will try doing others in my next fanfiction and please tell me how this episode was good or bad and please give any suggestions please please please thank you!:)

Credit to: zoya

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