khatti meethi love story pt 8


Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 8 I know I promised you guys I will post on Monday but I broke my promise I am so sorry guys I got really busy and I know I am dragging the couples and all I am so sorry but I will try patching up the couples as soon as I can and don’t worry guys all my characters will come in but it will take some time but let’s get started
Recap: college admissions
Precap: someone’s car accident and someone’s past revelation….
Just to refresh your memory the episode ended with sanlak and abhi’s principal telling them they can’t get admitted into this college so they have to either move to Mumbai or wait another year and sanlak and abhi are scared how to break this to their mom and dadi…

@principal’s cabin
Principal: abhi I think it will be better if you move to Mumbai with your little brothers
Abhi: but sir I don’t know if my mom and dadi will get ready to come
Sanskar: yes sir we don’t want to move to Mumbai we want to stay here in America and complete our studies
Principal: then I guess you guys will have to wait another year
Laksh: but sir it’s not fair we’ve been coming to this college for the past year and abhi bhai has just one more year left
Principal: sorry guys you guys reached college late
(He leaves the cabin while sanlak and abhi are sitting confused)
They also leave for home

@Thakur mansion
Sanlak and abhi come in
Ap: arrey beta you guys here? You left for college na
Abhi: w..w..woh maa
Laksh: maa actually kya huwa na ki hum gaye thay lekin wapas aagay kyun ki (what happened that we went but came back because…)
Sanskar: kyun ki hum log kisi ko madad karne gaye thay unka accident ho gaya tha (because we met someone on the way who met with an accident)
Abhi: h..h..haan maa sanlak saach bol raha hai (yes mom they both are saying right

@yuvraj, aahil, and ranveer’s college
Ranveer: guys come let’s leave now everyone left
Aahil: yeah wait a minute let me get my books then we’ll go
And they leave
Yuvraj to aahil: bhai I told ranveer he can drive on the way back
Aahil: what? Why? You know na maasi strictly said no
Yuvraj: I know but he’s still a kid c’mon na let him
Aahil: (scared) okay
Ranveer gets happy and says thank you bhai I love you both
They start driving

Ranveer: see aahil bhai I drive so good na
Aahil: (sarcastically) of course ranveer no one can drive better then you haha
Yuvraj: ranveer but don’t speed the car
Ranveer: chill bhai I know what to do
Few minutes later a women is coming with a stroller which has a baby inside it
Ranveer speeds the car (doesn’t know she is coming)
Aahil: ranveer yuvraj said na to not increase the speed then why are you
Ranveer: turns around and says chill aahil bhai I got this
Yuvraj sees the women and says to ranveer slow down the car
Ranveer thinks he’s saying this because of the speed so ranveer says chill bhai I said na I got this and ranveer turns around and sees the women
He gets scared and doesn’t know what to do
Aahil: RANVEER PRESS THE BRAKE! PRESS THE BRAKE RANVEER PRESS THE BRAKE! Ranveer is too scared he doesn’t press the brake and he turns the steering wheel and their car crashes into the tree near some cliff

Ranveer falls out the car down the cliff and yuvraj and aahil are hurt a little and run to ranveer
Aahil and yuvraj in unison: RANVEER! RANVEER! RANVEER!
Ranveer is seen hanging from the cliff and aahil sees him and tells yuvraj
They run to that side and forward their hand for ranveer to hold onto
(Ranveer is half conscious)
Yuvraj: ranveer give me your hand
Aahil: yes ranveer hold yuvraj’s hand
Ranveer goes to and he almost catches it but slips
Ranveer holds onto the side of the cliff and tries catching yuvraj’s hand again he tries several times and finally holds it
Aahil: good now come up while aahil pulls yuvraj and yuvraj pulls up ranveer
They finally make it to the top and yuvraj and aahil both hug ranveer and say thank god you’re saved
Aahil and yuvraj sense that ranveer is not making a sound so they gesture each other what’s wrong they don’t know so they break the hug and see ranveer unconscious
Aahil and yuvraj scream RANVEER!
Aahil: yuvraj go get water from the car
He brings it and they sprinkle water but he doesn’t open his eyes
Aahil goes towards the road to stop a car but no car stops
Yuvraj comes and tries but no one stops
Yuvraj and aahil both stand in front of a car and it finally stops they tell him the whole thing and the driver agrees to take them to a hospital
They drive and finally reach the hospital
Yuvraj: doctor my little brother met with an accident he is serious can you please help us
Doctor: nurse bring the stretcher

They put ranveer on the bed and take him
Varsha maa calls
Aahil: yuvraj its maasi what do we say
(Yuvraj tells aahil to tell maasi we’re in the library and will come back soon)
Aahil picks the phone
Varsha maa: aahil beta where are you guys and where is ranveer I called him so many times but he’s not picking up
Aahil: maasi we’re in the library we’ll come soon
Varsha maa: library? But you guys are chors (thief’s) of libraries when you guys hear the name library you guys run away
Aahil: I know maasi but we had project that’s why
Background doctor talks to yuvraj and varsha maa hears them
Varsha maa: aahil beta tell me the truth are you in the library
Aahil: yes why do you think we’re not?
Varsha maa: because I just heard a doctor speaking about someone needing blood
Aahil: maasi nothing like that
Varsha maa: now I know you are lying tell me the truth
Aahil: actually we’re in the hospital
Varsha maa shocked and says hospital but why
Aahil: maasi we met with an accident and ranveer got hurt very much
Varsha maa shocked and says: KYA! (What) tell me which hospital I’m coming
Aahil: Sanjeev hospital
Varsha maa: okay I’m coming
After a while she gets to the hospital and sees aahil and yuvraj she asks how this all happened and they explain everything
Varsha maa: see this is why I told you guys not to let ranveer drive
Aahil and yuvraj in unison: sorry maasi
Doctor comes out of the operation theater

@Thakur mansion
Ap: no beta I feel like you three are hiding something from me can you tell me I’m feeling scared now
Abhi: okay I’ll tell you
Abhi says how they got late to college and now there is no space left for them and says they have to shift to Mumbai
Sanlak says yes maa nervously
When ap hears the word Mumbai she starts feeling scared
Ap screams a little and says: Mumbai! Why Mumbai
Abhi: maa calm down we had no other choice
Dadi comes down and says what’s happening beta
Abhi tells her everything and dadi too is shocked hearing Mumbai
Dadi: beta why Mumbai you can go to other places too na
Abhi: I know dadi but Mumbai has the biggest colleges
Sanlak: yeah and why are you two sounding so scared hearing Mumbai
Ap angry: you don’t need to know
This scares sanlak and abhi

Abhi: maa why are you screaming it’s not a big deal
Ap: yes it is a big deal and I don’t want you guys to go to Mumbai
Abhi: but maa then we’ll have to wait another year dadi please explain to maa
Dadi: no beta I think your maa is saying right this time
Sanlak: but dadi
Ap is at the peak of her anger now and yells I SAID NA YOU THREE ARE NOT GOING TO MUMBAI AND ITS FINAL!!!!
Sanlak and abhi scared and tell ap in kind of anger tone: fine we’ll just wait another year ugh
They three storm upstairs
Dadi to ap: beta you shouldn’t have yelled
Ap: mother-in-law I know but you know why we can’t go back to Mumbai
Dadi: yes I do
They two get thinking about the past and screen freezes on ap and dadi scared faces and sanlak and abhi crying faces

Precap: revelation time…..

Guys I know it’s the same precap I am sorry and I know there weren’t that many scenes of other characters but I hope you enjoyed this episode and please leave your feedbacks and give any suggestions and some of you guys wanted me to show less characters at a time so I tried doing that I hope I met your expectations

Credit to: zoya

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