khatti meethi love story pt 7

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 7 I am so sorry I didn’t post for 4 days but I read everyone’s comments and feedbacks you know when I was reading them I had a smile on my face and your comments really inspired me to continue and be back with a great fanfiction after I end this one thank you everyone now let’s get started
Recap: 15 years leap
Precap: college admissions

@road in Mumbai
Swara: see pragya di we left so late and now there is so much traffic
Pragya: oho so now you are blaming me huh?
Ragini: pragya di swara is right (fake anger)
Pragya (fake anger): oh really… swara ki chamchi (swara’s talker)
Purvi and Aliya are just watching them and giggling
Swara: ahhh pragya di don’t say like that to ragini (pout sad face)
Pragya: okay so let me make this clear you both woke up late and then when I called you for breakfast you took forever in the bathroom and now that we left late you both are blaming me huh? (Fake anger)
Swaragini hush up because they got nothing to say
Purvi and Aliya burst out laughing

@London in college (name of college is Ram Sharma University)
Nikhil to purab: bhai thank god we got ready early we got the last classes
Purab: yeah Nikhil you are right if we would’ve been late even one second then we probably wouldn’t have gotten the class we wanted
Nikhil: I know now let’s hurry up and get to class I’ll see you after class bye
Purab: bye

@Mumbai still driving
Pragya gives a fake angry look to Aliya and purvi and says
Pragya: you two be quiet
Aliya: but why di it’s so funny watching you and swaragini
Ragini: accha tujhe toh bohot hasi arrey hai (really you are laughing too much right)
Aliya: (still laughing) of course ragini
Purvi: yeah ragini Aliya di is right
Swara: purvi di you don’t start now please
Purvi: why not? This is just too funny
Pragya: okay guys be quiet now we reached college you guys go find your classes I will go speak to the principal which class I’m supposed to teach (same as Kumkum Bhagya serial she is a professor)
Swaragini, Aliya, and purvi in unison: bye di
Pragya smiling: bye!
They all leave

@Bhopal (still home)
Varsha maa: ranveer beta now you guys should leave for college or you will be late
Ranveer: chill maa we’ll get there I’ll drive fast
Varsha maa shocked and says: no beta you will not drive your aahil bhai will drive
Ranveer’s face sulks and asks: but why maa
Varsha maa: because you’re still young
Ranveer: but I have my permit maa
Varsha maa: not ifs and buts you will not drive and it’s final
Ranveer becomes sad
Aahil: ha ranveer I get to drive (sticks his tongue at him)
Ranveer gets annoyed
Yuvraj: okay enough guys let’s leave and ranveer maasi is right (winks at ranveer)
Ranveer understands and says haa yuvraj bhai I think maa is right too now that I think about it
Varsha maa: I’m glad you guys understood now leave and bye
Aahil, yuvraj, and ranveer say bye and leave
Yuvraj tells ranveer he can drive on the way back from college and aahil agrees too

@Kolkata on the road
Sanam: yaar this scooty is so slow
Suhani: exactly sanam di this is why I said to take the car if we keep going this slow goons will come after us
Ishani: laughs and says suhani di chill you need to stop watching lots of films I bet you learn all this from those filmy movies
Sanam: yeah ishani is saying right suhani
Suhani makes an pout and says fine! I’ll be quiet but if goons come behind us then don’t tell me
Sanam and ishani look at each other and say: pagal ladki (crazy girl) and laugh

@America (still home)
Ap: beta hurry up its already 9 am you will get late
Abhi: chill maa we won’t okay we will get there on time and get enrolled in all our classes just watch
Sanlak thinking: if we don’t maa will kill us and with a fake smile say haan maa abhi bhai is right we will get there on time and laugh with a cracked voice
Ap: let’s see now leave
Abhi: okay maa we’re leaving bye
Sanlak also say bye and go with abhi

Abhi is driving and sanskar says bhai why are you going so slowly
Laksh: haan bhai he is right if you go this slowly we won’t ever get to college on time
Sanskar: exactly bhai drive faster na
Laksh: yeah and it’s also so embarrassing
Abhi confused: embarrassing? Why laksh
Laksh: because look bhai you see that old man driving next to us he was behind us and because of you he changed tracks and overtook you that old man is driving faster than you and you’re a youngster
Abhi embarrassed tries making some words to say but isn’t able to
Sanskar laughs and says bolti baand huh? (Cat got your tongue)
Abhi gets so annoyed and speeds the car and sanlak together say now this is our bhai driving and now they get to college but its 10 am
They park the car and go inside college (Ganesh University)
When they walk in the whole canteen is empty
(They think their early)
Abhi laughs: see guys I told you we won’t be late we’re the first ones haha
Laksh: no bhai we’re the last ones
Sanskar: haannnnn
Abhi confused: what do you both mean
Sanskar points to the classes and says students are already inside
Laksh points to the other side
Abhi and sanskar ask why you are pointing there. There are no classes there
Laksh tells them to turn
Sanskar and abhi turn and see the principal standing
Laksh, sanskar, and abhi are standing with their mouths open (3 idiot’s lol)
Principal is angry and says oh look who’s here the Thakur brothers who always come late
(3 of them are still standing with mouths open)
Principal tells them
Principal: okay first of all you three close your mouths and come with me to my cabin
Sanlak and abhi get scared and follow the principal
Principal tells sanlak and abhi after you
They walk in with nervousness and principal shuts the door hard
Sanlak and abhi get scared and say
Principal: shut up and sit
Sanlak and abhi feel embarrassed and scared
Principal: you three are the pride, the shaan (light/grand) of our university
Sanlak and abhi say thank you sir
Principal says shut up it was a joke
Sanlak and abhi get somewhat angry
Sanskar: sir I know we came late we are so sorry but can we get our classes so we can go immediately
Abhi: yes sir sanskar is right
Principal: sorry guys but you three cannot attend this college anymore
Sanlak and abhi shocked and say what! Buy why sir
Principal: because you three came late and spaces were limited we had a lot of new admissions today and in this year and we don’t have any more space to put you guys in college
Abhi: so what are you saying sir
Principal: what I’m saying is there is no more space left for you three
Laksh: then what about our studies sir?
Principal: about your studies sanlak and abhi you have to choose
Abhi and sanlak dumbstruck ask choose….. Choose what
Principal: you three can either wait another year to get admitted in this college or go to Mumbai
Sanskar: m..m..Mumbai but sir we live here in America we can’t suddenly move to Mumbai
Principal: I know but they have bigger universities there so there’s more space to get enrolled in
Abhi: but sir what about our family my dadi can’t travel that far
Principal: then you guys will have to wait another year
Laksh: but sir a year is too much
Sanskar: haan sir please do something
Principal: I can’t now you guys decide what you want to do shift to Mumbai or wait a year
Abhi and sanlak confused on what to do and how to tell their mom and dadi about this and screen freezes on them

Precap: someone’s car accident and someone’s past revelation……

I am so sorry this is late and I know it’s probably short sorry guys and I know I’m taking a long time to introduce the couples and make them meet each other but I’m trying to go slow so everyone understands it and I will slowly start pairing the couples but for that you guys will have to wait sorry and tell me is there any confusions today? I will clear it up for you guys and please do leave your feedbacks I really enjoy reading them!

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