khatti meethi love story pt 6

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 6 if you guys remember I asked your opinion if I should make a leap of 15 years or not and a lot of you said yes so I will make a leap and if I continued the kids part then the story would be dragging so I ended up making a leap please bear with me and I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for your feedbacks guys I truly am inspired by you all and I love you all now let’s get started
Okay guys before I start I will tell you all the ages of them so there are no confusions regarding age
Swaragini: 18
Pragya: 23
Aliya: 19
Purvi: 21
Ishani: 18
Suhani: 20
Sanam: 22
Sanlak: 19
Abhi: 24
Nikhil: 20
Purab: 22
Ranveer: 19
Aahil: 23
Yuvraj: 21
They were all in the same school as kids but they all got separated because swaragini, pragya, Aliya, and purvi moved to Mumbai
Ishani, sanam, and suhani moved to Kolkata
Sanlak and abhi moved to America
Nikhil and purab moved to London
Ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj moved to Bhopal

Recap: everyone made friends in their respective classes
Precap: 15 years leap….

It was a beautiful morning and a girl was seen making breakfast for her sisters
2 girls come out of their room saying di is breakfast ready they were none other than Aliya and purvi
Yes my sweet sisters I made breakfast for you guys now go wake up swara and ragini the girl was none other than pragya
Aliya: pragya di you know that those two swaragini sisters don’t ever listen to us and purvi agrees with Aliya and says Aliya is saying right di
@swaragini room
Swara and ragini are sleeping when pragya comes in to wake them up she tries so many times to wake them up but their sleeping like bears so pragya gets an idea
She goes out the room and walks into the kitchen smiling devilishly and purvi and Aliya watch her and tell each other
Together: oh no cover your ears purvi/Aliya
Pragya takes a steel bowl with a spoon and starts hitting the spoon against the steel bowl making a loud noise (drum like noise)
She keeps hitting it and wakes swaragini up
Swara wakes up with a jerk and says pragya di! I was sleeping so peacefully and you came and disturbed me
Ragini is still sleeping (heavy sleeper)
Swara thinks of something mischievous and says something to pragya she nods no but swara is adamant so she does it she kicks ragini off the bed with her feet and ragini lets out a loud scream “ahhhhh” swara ki bachi you again woke me up the annoying way now you see what I do and ragini runs behind swara but swara runs into the bathroom and locks it
Ragini from outside: you just come out then see what I do
Pragya is laughing so hard and runs out the room

@breakfast area
Purvi: pragya di can you quickly serve me breakfast I need to get to college
Aliya: yeah purvi di is right hurry up
Pragya: I’m not mom to hurry up
Aliya and purvi get sad
Pragya hits her head and says to herself “why did I say that”
Pragya: I mean yes I will give you breakfast
Aliya: pragya di why did maa leave us
Purvi with tears says yes pragya di I miss maa so much
Pragya controls her tears and says its god’s wish na
Purvi, Aliya and pragya remember the incident that happened 5 years ago
Fb starts:
It was raining heavily and Sarla maa was coming home with baggage’s and pragya, purvi, Aliya, and swaragini were with her a car was rushing towards Sarla maa and it kept honking but because of the rain they didn’t hear finally when the car came closer to Sarla maa she saw its headlights and dropped her bags and turned around but the car was way too close and it hit Sarla maa pragya was with Sarla maa while Aliya, purvi, and swaragini were a little behind pragya yelled maaaaaa!!! Purvi, Aliya, and swaragini heard pragya’s scream and ran towards her where they found out Sarla maa met with an accident people on the sides came and helped them take Sarla maa to the hospital and after a few hours doctors came and told the man that she is no more the man thought how to say this to the kids but he gathered courage and told pragya since she was the oldest pragya broke down but then she saw her little siblings and decided to live for them and be their mother and sister she took care of them since now and still does she has done a huge sisterly care towards them and they all love each other
Fb ends

Pragya: don’t worry you two maa is in a good place
Swaragini were there the whole time and heard pragya
(Pragya never told swaragini because they were too young)
Swaragini come to pragya, Aliya, and purvi
Ragini: pragya di is this why whenever swara and I asked you about maasi you would ignore the question
Pragya had no words to say
Swara: wow pragya di you didn’t think we would be able to handle the situation if you once told us then we would’ve all stayed strong
Pragya apologizes and says I wanted to but you guys were too young and I didn’t want to keep you both in tension please forgive your pragya di
Swaragini agree but tell her to promise not to hide anything from us and all of them hug
Pragya: now come have breakfast and they all start eating
Scene shifts to desai family
Ishani, suhani, and sanam are already awake (not lazy like they were when I introduced them as kids)
They are ready to go to college but then their mom comes and says
Beta you guys are ready na I’ll tell your father to drop you guys to college
Suhani: okay maa
Sanam: no maa can we go on our scooties please
Ishani: haan maa sanam di is saying right please maa please
Suhani doesn’t like the idea and says no way guys what if someone does anything wrong with us seeing we are alone girls and tries scaring her mom
Sanam and ishani tell her to stop scaring maa and we’re going in our scooter and it’s final
Suhani with a pout says okay
Scene shifts to Thakur family
A big house is shown with pictures of 3 boys all around the house (mansion)

3 lazy boys are seen still sleeping when they have college to go to
Abhi and sanlak of course
Ap from downstairs shouts
Ap: SANLAK BETA! ABHI BETA! Wake up you guys have college today I know you both are still sleeping one of you needs to wake up first so then everyone starts waking up

@inside of the room
Sanlak and abhi hear their mom and murmur
Sanskar: laksh you go
Laksh: abhi you go
Abhi: sanskar you go
When no one wakes up laksh hits abhi (laksh is in between abhi and sanskar) and says abhi bhai jaana (go now)
Abhi hits laksh back and says tu jaa mein kyun jao (you go why should I)
Laksh: kyun ki mein tere se chota hoon (because I am younger then you)
Abhi: toh kya mein bhi tere se bhara hoon toh tu meri baat sune ga samjha (so what I’m older then you so you will listen to me)
Laksh is sleepy and when someone disturbs him a lot pisses him off so he starts screaming
Abhi bhai jaana please mujhe nahi jaana!!! (Abhi go na I don’t want to)
Sanskar gets super mad at their fights because now he’s wide awake and says you know what I’ll go
Abhi and laksh in their sleepy tone: thank you sanskar! And in their sleep they start singing
Sanskar wala Kabooter ja ja ja (just that part over and over again)
Sanskar gets so pissed that he thinks of something in his head and leaves smiling evilly
After a while he comes back and sees laksh and abhi still sleeping so he grabs a bucket of water and throws it on their faces
Laksh and abhi wake up with a jerk and say what the hell sanskar I was sleeping so well
Sanskar laughs hard and says “ab bol kabooter ja ja ja (mimics abhi and laksh’s voices and pisses them off so much)
Abhi and laksh get up and are now wide awake and laksh goes to the bathroom now and then he comes back and then abhi goes they then get ready and go downstairs
Abhi: good morning maa where is dadi
Ap: beta she went to temple she’ll be back soon you guys come have breakfast
They 3 sit down to eat

Scene shifts to Agarwal family
Purab and Nikhil are always ready on time they wave bye to their dad and leave in their BMW for college
Scene shifts to ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj’s home
Ranveer and aahil are not lazy anymore like they were as kids but yuvraj has become more mature
Aahil: ranveer and yuvraj we have college to attend and it’s the first day it’ll be so much fun na we’ll see so many hot girls and of course they will be waiting for such a hot boy to make an entry right
Ranveer and yuvraj laugh and say aahil bhai boy hahaha more like flop boy
Aahil gets annoyed and says you called me flop right now see what I do and runs after them but then varsha maa sees them fighting like kids and says aahil beta stop fighting now
Aahil: maasi they started it
Varsha: but your older then these two ghades (donkies)
Yuvraj and ranveer hear her and ranveer says maa did you call me and yuvraj bhai ghades….
Varsha maa says I did any problem
Yuvraj: but maasi why me you should’ve called just ranveer a ghada
Ranveer says yes maa yuvraj is right but then realizes what yuvraj said and tells him yuvraj I will kill you and runs after him and aahil is laughing so hard and so is varsha maa
Varsha maa: okay enough guys now come have breakfast you guys have college
They move towards the breakfast area and screen splits showing them eating breakfast and others going to college….

Precap: college admissions….

Guys I know this is really short and it isn’t that great but I will try making it more interesting next time and please tell me where you guys are confused if there are any confusions and please please please leave your feedbacks I really enjoy reading them and they truly inspire me to continue please leave your feedbacks for me thanks

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