khatti meethi love story pt 5

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 5 sorry for keeping you guys waiting I was really busy and telly updates wasn’t accepting any submissions for a few days but now I’m back so let’s get started
Recap: purab and purvi’s new found friendship…
Precap: other intros to their classmates….

@3rd grade class
A girl walks in carrying her school backpack with two braid on each side she is walking in a girly way and finds an empty seat by a guy and sits next to him
The guy next to her has so many bracelets on his hands and so many rings he looks so rich but he has attitude and says to the girl next to him
Guy: ahhhhh a girl is sitting next to me now I have cooties ewwww
Everyone in class laugh while the girl shows him some tashan
Girl: excuse me I have cooties huh then what about you wearing so many cheap like bracelets
Guy: aye missy don’t talk about my accessories like that look at you wearing two braids on each side with spectacles
Girl: boy watch your mouth and my name is pragya for your information pragya arora do you understand (it was none other than pragya)
Guy: ohhhh pragya huh well my name is abhi, abhi Thakur and I don’t care what your name is I only said my name because you introduced yourself first (it was none other than abhi)
Pragya: like I give a damn ugh (in her mind) why did I choose this seat?
Abhi: (sees her expressions) yeah Miss Pragya why did you sit here
Pragya shocked says in her mind (did I just say that aloud)
Abhi: (understands again) no I read your face and laughs
Pragya in her mind (shut up pragya or he will know everything I say) and says to abhi whatever
Abhi says: you should be quiet you said right and laughs so hard
Pragya sees him and laughs with him
(Guys their 8 and 9 years old which is why they talk like this)

Teacher comes and abhi and pragya sit quietly to listen to the teachers
Hi class my name is mr.mishra and the people you guys are sitting next to are your yearlong partners for any partner activities we do
Abhigya shocked and scream WHAT!!
Pragya: gulps and says
Abhi: all year long (gulps)
Pragya: for anything we do
Abhi: all year long (keeps saying the same thing)
Pragya tells him to shut up stop saying all year long constantly
Mr.mishra: yes all year any problem
Abhigya: YESSS!!!
Mr, Mishra gives them the deadly stare
Abhigya: I mean sir and sit down but still shocked

Scene shifts to 1st grade class
Two handsome boys walk in class at the same time and bump into each other
Boy 1: sorry I didn’t see
Boy 2: its fine I was just looking down
Boy 1: are you going to Mrs. Sharma’s class (first name that popped into my head lol)
Boy 2: yeah you too?
Boy 1: yup come let’s go
Boy 2: by the way your name?
Boy 1: yuvraj I am yuvraj khan and you?
Boy 2: Nikhil, Nikhil Agarwal
Yuvraj: great! Now we can be classmates and buddies and of course friends right
Nikhil: yes why not
Yuvraj: look Nikhil (pointing to the bench by 2 girls) there is 2 empty seats by them lets go
They leave and sit next to them

(The classroom is set this way there are 12 tables and 4 people could sit on one table so it was yuvraj, Nikhil, and the two girls)
Nikhil: hi (to the girls)
Girl 1: hi I’m Aliya Aliya arora
Girl 2: hey I’m suhani suhani desai and you
Nikhil: Nikhil Agarwal and this is my friend yuvraj khan
All 4 greet each other and talk and get along really fast
Teacher walks in (Mrs. Sharma)
Mrs. Sharma: hello class I’m Mrs. Sharma and the seats you guys are sitting in now are going to be your permanent seats until the end of the school year
Nikhil, yuvraj, Aliya, and suhani are excited because they got good people and are now friends

Scene shifts to ishani, swara, ragini, laksh, ranveer, and sanskar’s class
Teacher walks into class and says hi guys I am your new teacher mr.jain
Ranveer is still a little angry on ishani for yelling at him
Swaragini are listening closely to mr.jain as he talks about math
Sanlak are out of the world and mr.jain notices this and asks them both sanskar! Laksh! What did I just say and they say….
Sanskar: DONUTSSS!!!
Laksh: NUTELLA!!!
Everyone in class laugh and sanlak come back to reality and notice everyone laughing while mr.jain says quiet and asks sanlak to stand outside class
Ishani is laughing hard and ranveer and swaragini feel bad for sanlak
Ranveer notices ishani and says: why are you laughing so much! (Angry a little)
Ishani: they said the funniest things (still laughing)
Ranveer shouts: stop it they are my friends do you understand if someone did this to your friends would you be laughing about it no right then you shouldn’t do it either and leaves while ishani gets scared and looks at swaragini who have the faces saying (why’d you have to laugh so much)
Ishani through eyes: sorry
Swaragini through eyes: it’s okay now go apologize
Ishani nods yes and leaves
Ranveer to sanlak: guys why were you both day dreaming again
Sanlak with tears: sorry man I don’t know what we were thinking about and tears start falling out because they were embarrassed in front of everyone
Ishani comes and sees ranveer consoling sanlak and in her mind says “ranveer isn’t as bad as I thought him to be….”
Ransanlak hug and ishani comes there and says to them sorry and ranveer says it’s okay but don’t laugh so much the next time and ishani laughs and says okay mister and ranveer apologizes also to ishani for speaking in a loud voice and ishani says no I will not forgive you
Ransanlak shocked ask what!

Ishani: (serious) on one condition
Ransanlak confused but ask what condition?
Ishani smiles and says you have to make friendship with me
Ransanlak take a sigh of relief and say that’s it omg I thought it was something big haha and then say sure friends
Ishani says one more thing and ransanlak ask now what ishani
Ishani: laughs and says now that you guys are friends with me then you guys have to meet my two other friends and she takes them inside and introduces them to swaragini sanlak and swaragini have a handshake and then ranveer handshakes with them
Ranveer to ishani: what are their names?
Ishani: pointing to swara says this is swara and then pointing to ragini says this is ragini together they are swaragini says ishani
Ransanlak in unison: wow swaragini together they would have so much power na (sister wise)
Ishani laughs and says good joke and then all 6 laugh and enjoy their new found friendship…

Precap: leap of 15 years….:)

Guys I know this is a bit short but I will try posting a longer one next time and I am sorry if this episode was boring I will try making it better next time and tell me your feedback do you want me to make a leap now or wait for a while show some kid fights and jokes and then leap I need you guys to tell me what I should do I will continue my fanfiction as per you guys wishes so leap or no leap?

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    1. I thought about that too prince but they would all be in college they won’t be that old the highest age will probably be 23 it won’t be that old and thanks!


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