khatti meethi love story pt 4

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 4 I am so so so sorry this is being posted so late my exams were near so I didn’t have time but I looked at everyone’s comments and feedbacks and they were good feedbacks there were some of you saying to maybe increase everyone’s age by 4 years but I am sorry to say guys I have the whole story planned out and if I change the ages then I will need to do that for everyone and if I do that than some people wouldn’t even be in school because they would be too old so I am sorry to disappoint you guys and a lot of you are saying why even older siblings are calling their younger siblings bhai and di well that’s because they are kids but when they get older I will stop making the older kids call them bhai and di it’ll just be by name but please bear with me for a few more episodes but I will quickly try to make this kids story a wrap up but don’t worry guys I will not rush the story
Recap: sanskar, laksh, abhi, Nikhil, purab, yuvraj, ranveer, and aahil’s entry with their friendship…
Precap: purab crying…

Ranveer: aahil bhai I hope everything goes fine today
Yuvraj: ranveer bhai relax
Aahil: haan ranveer bhai yuvraj bhai is saying right
@lunch room (they sit there until the bell rings for them to go to class)
Laksh to abhi: bhai what is purab going to do
Abhi: I don’t know either but purab can do the worst things when he gets mad
Sanskar hears them and says: laksh and abhi bhai just hope purab doesn’t do something really bad
(Laksh, abhi, sanskar’s tensed faces)
Pragya, Aliya, purvi are looking at books while ragini, swara, ishani, suhani, and sanam are sitting at the library tables
Pragya, purvi, and Aliya come to the table
Purvi: pragya di I really feel bad for what I said to purab
Pragya: purvi I told you na make him a sorry card or something
Purvi: I know di but I’m scared
Aliya: what happened pragya di why is purvi di looking so upset
Pragya: she said too much to a guy and now wants to apologize but is feeling scared
Ishani: relax purvi just say a normal sorry if you don’t want to make him a card
Suhani: yeah purvi ishani di is saying right

Sanam: guys I think purvi should make friendship with him she won’t even need to apologize she can just be sweet to him and later on during talks apologize to him
Pragya: that’s actually not a bad idea sanam (their kids they don’t know what their saying)
Purvi: okay di I’ll try that but after school I just hope I’m not in the same class as him
Bell rings and everyone goes to their class
(Swara, ragini, and ishani are in the same class)
They three walk in and see two empty seats and one empty seat behind them so swara and ragini sit where there are two seats and ishani sits behind them
They see three boys sitting opposite to their sides and its none other than sanskar, laksh, and ranveer
Sanskar was throwing paper balls at laksh and he was throwing them to ranveer and it kept going something like hot potatoes hot potatoes game

Laksh threw the ball to ranveer but ranveer missed the catch and it hit ishani
Laksh and ranveer put their faces in their palms while sanskar was laughing at them for not being able to throw the ball correctly and ranveer missing the catch
Ishani saw ranveer since he was next to her on the other side and told him “can’t you see I’m sitting here and your throwing balls at me if you really want to play then go outside of class or away from me
Ranveer: ayeeee how dare you talk to me like this
Ishani: then how else should I talk to you huh ugh you know what forget it I don’t want to get into a fight with you like my friend did today
Ranveer: oh so if your friend got into a fight you don’t get into a fight that same day (laughs)
Ishani: chup! (Quiet) don’t talk like that about my friend
Ranveer recalls earlier in the day purab got into a fight with a girl
Ranveer: wait wait wait you just said a girl got into a fight just curious by chance was his name purab… (With a curious face)
Ishani: yes how do you know?

Ranveer: oh that was my friend purab
Ishani: oh that was your friend no wonder he is just like you (angry men)
Ranveer: excuse me
Ishani: excused now bye
Ranveer leaves with a pouted face
Sanlak tease him by saying you got insulted by a little girl haha
Ranveer: shut up when it happens to you both then see how much I laugh
Sanlak: try to stop laughing but cant
Swaragini heard ishani fighting with him and told her ishani you should’ve calmed down
Ishani: I know but whatever guys its over
Swaragini together: okay ishani (smilingly)
(Scene shifts to the next classroom)
Purvi and sanam walk in class purvi sees someone and is shocked and the same person sees her back and is shocked too
Purvi: tum? (you) (in her head says why my class ugh)
The boy: you?
Sanam: do you two know each other already?
Purvi: sanam this is the same guy who fell on me
(It was none other than purab)

Sanam: great! Purab right?
Purab: yes….
Sanam: actually my friend purvi here wanted to apologize to you for talking a lot and not knowing what the truth was
Purab: (in his head) purvi wow what a beautiful name but then comes back to reality and says really? If she wanted to say sorry she would’ve by now why are you speaking for her?
Sanam slightly hits purvi on her arm and gestures her to say sorry
Purvi: (scared already) s…s…Sorry and goes to a seat
Purab smiles and goes to her and says it’s okay
He then goes and sits next to a guy and sanam goes to sit with purvi
Purab to the guy: hi I’m purab, purab Agarwal what’s your name
The guy: hi I’m aahil, aahil khan nice to meet you
Purab: nice to see you too I was wondering can we be friends
Aahil: sure why not
(They both shake hands and become friends)
Purab in his head says “purvi wait to see how I take my revenge I might have said its okay but I still need my revenge for you yelling at me in front of my bhai and my friends
Purab says to aahil lets go sit over there (he’s pointing to the seat behind purvi and sanam
Aahil: but why purab

Purab: (makes an excuse) actually I can’t see from this corner its better if we move to the center
Aahil: okay let’s go
Purab smiles victoriously and goes to sit there with aahil and says hi purvi
Purvi: how do you know my name?
Purab: actually when your friend said you wanted to apologize she said your name so I heard but what is your friends name purvi
Purvi: oh okay and this is sanam
Sanam: hi purab
Purab: hi sanam oh guys this is aahil my friend
Purvi and sanam in unison: hi aahil
Aahil: hi sanam hi purvi
(Teacher comes in class)
Teacher: good morning class I will be your new teacher Mr. Vinod (something random I came up with)
Class: good morning Mr. Vinod
Mr. Vinod: class get out your books please
Class: yes sir
Purab in the meanwhile takes out a glue stick (comes out if you wash it in water) and paper
Since he is right behind purvi he starts gluing papers onto purvi’s hair
Aahil sees it and says purab what are you doing
Purab hushes him and says just watch
Aahil starts laughing and mr.vinod asks him mister is something wrong
Aahil: no sir sorry

Purab is done gluing and is now taking notes
Sanam sees purvi’s hair and tells her
Purvi shocked touches her hair and it’s hard from the glue
She turns back and sees purab taking notes and aahil taking notes too so she wonders who did this
Purab suddenly starts laughing and purvi knows that he did it she gets angry again and tells him
Purvi: you did this right!
Purab: I did so what
Purvi: stands up and says how dare you first you fell on me but then I apologized and now you do this
(Everyone in class is looking at them and so is mr.vinod but he is angry)
Purab: this is my way of taking revenge from you
Purvi shocked: revenge? For what
Purab: for yelling in front of my friends and my bhai and insulting me
Purvi: well it was your fault too you should’ve seen the banana peel
Purab: excuse me it wasn’t my fault it was yours
Mr.vinod: sees this and yells stop it you two but they keep fighting
Purvi: shut up hasn’t your mom taught you any manners I thought you were a decent guy with manners but it seems your mom hasn’t taught you any manners
Purab gets at the peak of anger and shouts: how dare you bring my mom in this! He is so angry even purvi gets scared
Purab’s eyes have tears forming but he keeps saying

Purab: who gave you the rights to speak about my mom? What do you know about me and my life huh? No one gave you the rights to talk about my personal things do you understand
Purvi gets scared but still continues fighting with him
Purvi: I gave myself the rights to talk about your mom and first you should go seek help from your mom on how to behave with girls
Purab is now crying with tears falling out and says in anger
Purvi shocked and so is aahil and sanam
(He runs outside class crying)
Mr.vinod: purvi since you made him cry you will go handle him go now
Purvi: feeling so bad runs outside and sees him sitting on a bench and says p…p…Purab sorry
Purab: how many times will you say sorry you should first think and then speak (kind of angry)
Purvi: I know purab but I really am sorry
Purab crying still says all I did was a prank on you but I didn’t think you would talk about my mom and my sanskars (values)
Purvi: I know purab I’m such a dumbo,idiot,stupid, a big fool to talk without thinking but I’m sorry

Purab laughs hearing her say all this and purvi sees him and says sorry again
Purab: it’s okay purvi and I’m sorry I think I did too much too
Purvi: it’s okay purab so friends and brings her hand forward for a handshake
Purab smiles and shakes hands with her and says friends and they both give a friendly hug and go back to class smilingly holding hands
(Bell rings to leave and sanam cones and says)
Sanam teasingly to purvi: oho someone made a new friend hmmmm
Purvi smiles and says be quiet sanam
Aahil: purab I think sanam said right hmmmm
Purab slaps him slowly on his shoulder and tells him to hush
Sanam: so aahil I was thinking since my fried purvi and your friend purab are friends can we become friends and make a group with us four
Aahil: sure sanam
Purab and purvi together: yeah let’s do this so friends forever
Aahil and sanam together: friends forever and all four hug
They leave for lunch and screen freezes on their happy faces
Let’s see what destiny has in store for these two as they get older…..

Precap: other people’s intro to their classmates…..

Guys I hope you enjoyed this episode I know there were less ishveer scenes sorry about that and also the prank purab did on purvi I’m writing that from experience because when I was small I had a kid do that to me in school and I also got mad at him so I recalled my childhood and wrote the same prank but me and him are cool now but I am sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting sorry and I know it will take a while to intro all the characters correctly and the story to move one but guys then the story will become interesting and fun to read I am sorry if this episode bored you but let me first get all the classmates and their friendships and all together and then I will start showing scenes between them and other couples too please don’t forget to give me your feedbacks I honestly read them and I would love to see your feedbacks!:)

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